Friday, October 15, 2021

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  • Wow…this article has certainly gotten my wheels turning; therefore, thank you for this excellent piece of writting Sera!

    The word “crazy” is such a relative term for me. While growing up, me and the rest of the rest of my neighborhood tribe used the word “crazy” to describe something as “a lot” of whatever it happened to be what we indetified said item of discussion as. For instance; “Yo, its crazy early” or “These fries are crazy good”. It’s a possibility, I guess, that my use of the word in such a fashion helped me to view the word “crazy” as either a good or bad word, according to how a person chooses to use it. Therefore, I consider myself flexible in regard to how individual people choose to use it themselves. Yet…my **emotional** response was fairly polarized in the direction of your own perspective on this Sera.

    Trump hasn’t, and likely never will, earn the right of being called “crazy”, as I alone define it in my own heart and mind. I am proud to be crazy. I’ve crumbled under the weight of many of the absolutely absurd dynamics that we (as in human beings) have perpetuated in our society, and from my own. The nature of who I am has wrestled, fought, debated, and danced with itself in my journey to figure out who I really am; yet, some of that wrestling, fighting and dancing with my own heart, mind, and soul throughout my journey to date has landed me psychiatric units. On the other hand, my “craziness” has facilited my ability to: solve complex problems with out-of-the-box thinking, create art, fully experience music, achieve academic excellence, become a better parent, and help other human beings. Just as a hammer can be used to break things, it can also be utilized to build something great: so as is being “crazy” according to my own chosen definition.

    That being said, I agree that associating Trump as being “crazy”, and presenting him in illustrations wearing a straightjacket only continues the negative stigma surrounding what it means to be crazy. When I make a genuine effort to view the matter from an opposite perspectve, I have to acknowledge that my view and definition of the word crazy may be debatable for some. Although, I believe that such definitions should be defined by those of us who have endured, and enjoyed, the challenges associated with our craziness, and not by those who wish to highjack the word and use it for political reasons, whether you hate Trump or think he’s great. Just as Friedrich Nietzsche stated “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster”, and a common quality of many “monsters” is the dehuminization of others.

    Thank you again for sharing your perspective in your well written article Sera!