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  • Far too few who hold themselves to be ‘therapists,’ have little expertise or appreciation, its their client who is best equipped and only one knowledgeable enough as to what its like to walk in their shoes, and discover, embrace the freedom and responsibility that is theirs alone to discover, and can if effectively supported, trusted. <3

  • What’s a therapist? What’s an effective therapist- therapon?
    One who loves, (accepts, respects,) and walks with a client…facilitating exploring,
    self discovering, more useful options, in ‘doing oneself,’ relationally.
    Effective self stewardship can be discovered, embraced, when one trusts oneself
    to explore and embrace more useful options. 🙂

  • Sigh and hugs. What else can another do?
    or do you expect, or want another to do? to support in exploring
    and choosing to experience, relate to, with, what you’ve been given?
    ..more pleasurably? (and what if they don’t?) sincerely..

    What about a life coach, embracing each day as a new life, one step at a time?

  • Yes. Precisely Binra.

    “we are the determiner of what we give power TO – according to beliefs we accept true – for whatever reason.”

    I suggest the habit of focusing on truth, is not useful,
    as it is a subjective judgement, and advesarial.

    We are designed as belief creating creatures endowed with volitional consciousness. and responsible for how one choose to make up, what is happening, and what stimuli might represent and how one relates with it.

  • Hello? Aspergers/Autism? What if we instead of making up behavior as something to label, and instead explored respecting the fact that behavior is simply a choice? A choice greatly effected by ones choice of logic and ‘beliefs,’ as to how to best take care of oneself, given what one make believes is happening? (in otherwords respect individuals are doing their best, to take care of themselves, out of simple ignorance of knowing any better,) or believing, trusting themselves, to explore, discover, embrace and playfully consider altering or changing, replacing with possibly more useful ones? 🙂 (and the fact it is usually a logic of doing fear, that supports oneself in self limiting oneself, and explore ways of facilitating them to trust themselves more, than continue withdrawal, typical of what we refer to as Autism/Aspergers?)

  • Really Bonnie, I can’t imagine how or why anyone would want or hope to argue with the soundness of what you share,

    We are free, and responsible for the consequence, result, of the quality of make belief we choose to relate with ourselves and stimuli, and hold in order to cause ourselves to experience the flavor of whats happening at any given ‘present’ moment.

    For anyone else to pretend to know what another is holding or using, beliefwise, to self generate the quality of emotional feeling or behavior one is engaged in, is simply prepostrously ignorant and non-sense-sical. 🙂 <3

  • Pacific dawn, I do not believe Ron or truly effectively supportive therapists are at all ‘have to-ing’ or focus on approval seeking of the therapon.

    I invite you to examine the usefulness of suggesting how a person resultingly emotionalizes relationship, has nothing to do with the individual.

    The facts are, the individual is entirely responsible for the sense, and quality of beliefs, relationship, they create and hold, for themselves, in providing them to feel as they do. The role and focus of a competent therapon, is to support their client in trusting, not fearing, enough to discover more useful options for and by themselves.

  • Its only ‘not simple’ , for lack of competent therapy, in facilitating a client to experience and believe themselves safe enough, not judged, to explore, discover their freedom and accept their options of beliefs one holds and uses to operate oneself emotionally, behavorily.

    Too many so called therapists believe they are the expert and not facilitating clients to explore develope their own expertise and freedom of choices. Fearful imagenings only serve to maintain their distress. imho

  • Oh my, really? Promoting supporting a little fear as meritorious?

    Hello Ron? Isn’t Fear, like Love, trust, any quality of emotional clothing, simply a choice? What is one concerned, afraid, might result if one simplified the dynamic?

    Are note all choices of emotional clothing, simply self supported by ones free choice of beliefs? the quality and existence of, entirely an expression of ones freedom of choice, or Volitional Consciousness imho?

    What are you freely choosing to hold, belief wise, about the simplicity of the dynamic of emotionalizing and behavior? Is it not simply a natural result of the quality of beliefs by which one relies upon to participate, relate oneself to the stimuli? (Sharing on my many forums focused on facilitating awareness and embrace of this gift)

  • What are you saying? believing?
    That individuals, aware of and knowing more useful internal dialogue, or ways of relating with stimuli, less distressingly, will on purpose ignore them?

    I suggest a skilled option mentor, would effectively facilitate a client in rather simple, uncomplicated ways, regardless of age, identifying and owning their freedom over the quality of make beliefs they use, and children are generally more receptive than adults.

  • Not suggesting faking or pretending to be emotionally, something one is not. Depression can be a natural and logical result of simply ‘believing oneself,’ and relating as if, trapped in a miserable situation, as in unable to explore, consider, discover possibly more useful quality of thought, belief or relationship.

    Acceptingly you, or anyone experiencing distress, is doing so, simply out of ignorance of any more useful way of relating self with stimuli.

  • Not trite at all 🙂 simply a choice
    Do you believe emotions can be mandated?

    Are not emotions simple reflections of the quality of internal dialogue, beliefs one freely chooses, embraces, uses to create relationship? believing them useful?
    Isn’t all motivation, choice or flavor of emotion, ultimately self chosen?
    Little Johnny doesn’t want to bother others,
    he just doesn’t want to be distressed, unhappy.

    INSTANT GRATIFICATION? Isn’t that what this is about?
    Individuals and even doctors, insist on instant gratification, rather than facilitating therapeutic self dialogue with their clients, they dismiss them with drugs, as the pharma financed licensing colleges brainwash em that individuals can’t learn or grow their emotional maturity, chemically lobotomize the unhappy thinking habits. Patients are routinely sold on that kind of thinking, and tend to buy the snake oil from the expert dr.

  • I’m flabbergasted.
    This seems like suggesting to not be unhappy, distressed,
    but well adjusted, is something sinister?
    An abusive plot to rob one of ones right to be unhappy? Hello? LOL
    “we discuss the increasing pressure people face to be happy and think positive,
    and how this pressure serves the interests of the corporate elite and the State” …
    What? pressured? hello?

    Last time i checked I was free to put on myself
    whatever emotional clothing i wanted, believed in, is best for me.
    You want to go on worshipping being distressed? angry, unhappy?
    knock yourselves out,, fight, struggle, kill each other in horrific wars. wow.

    There is quite a difference in not being comfortable, happy , unhappy,
    and clearly disabled by distress. What do you make up is forcing or making it
    so one can’t be unhappy, if thats what one is after?

    What concern, or would happen, if one were not to choose to be unhappy?
    or not have some excuse to not enjoy, be happy with, oneself or what one has? 😉

    OMG I just split a gut reading some of the utterly ridiculous reviews.

    “This is a brilliant and lucidly written indictment of the ideology of happiness and its accompanying horrors of mindfulness and well-being. Davies convincingly shows how the happiness industry is the new front line of capitalism, which has succeeded in exposing the inner recesses of the self to techniques of measurement, surveillance and control.”

    OMG, I’m so persecuted, paranoid now, How can i protect myself from becoming happy”
    with myself, and relationships? Help me please, Emily Cutler, Will Davies

  • Is Depression Sadness or The Fight Against It?
    (Isn’t it simply a choice? A simple choice, dependent on ones choice of belief?)
    That tears are a bad thing?
    (Tears are neither good or bad, simply a natural result of ones beliefs)
    We have to model a conscious relationship to our own dark parts?
    (Why? Why have, or relate with darkness?)
    and we have to show our children what it looks like to move through these spaces?
    (Really? What about facilitating realization of freedom, choice, and responsibility?)
    Have you ever stopped yourself from crying? Why?
    (Why indeed, Why be unhappy?)
    -Is it Because you don’t want to feel out of control?
    (Does anyone want to feel out of control? helpless, trapped, without options?)
    or make someone you’re with uncomfortable?
    (? you want to contribute to others feeling helpless? uncomfortable?)
    Because you don’t have time for the arc that tears — real, deep tears — demand?
    (Huh? Isn’t everyone free? free to make up whatever beliefs, and how one relates oneself emotionally, and responsible for the flavor of how one relates oneself, with whatever?)

    Its all about beliefs. “Where do beliefs come from?”
    (We’re all belief creating organisms. Facilitating others to realize and accept this, leads to considering and embracing Ones freedom, and responsibility, for whose, or what beliefs one ‘buys’ and uses to operate oneself emotionally, and behavorily, and discerning for oneself what beliefs truly serve one, in going forward towards wants, vs not wants.)
    The greatest gift we can give to our children, and to this planet,
    is permission to feel ‘it all’? every day?
    (Arggg. Isn’t a greater gift, and usefulnes? to facilitate emotional maturity, self empowement, respect towards oneself, and the freedom/responsibility each have, for the quality of beliefs one creates, holds, uses to move oneself either to love, be happy with, or not, ie, be sad, unhappy?)

    When one finds someone has jumped into a well of depression, struggling, possibly drowning, by all means don’t ignore. Fearlessly trust, love, and support with genuine joy for the opportunity to be with, and assist with exploring, discovering ones gifts, freedom, and ability to trust oneself as being ones own best expert, and indeed having the wisdom, and inviting them to explore, and discover it for themselves. Acceptance, not judgementally attempting to get one to change, but in exploring their own belief in being sad, unhappy, is it helping? is it really facilitating useful change, or simply perpetuating sadness, as if healthy, useful, normal, or unavoidable.

  • Monica. in response to your sign off,
    and disabling dialogue with you of your latest contribution, “I love you too”

    Who was it that said, “there is nothing to fear, but fear itself?”
    How is the habit, or choice of ‘doing fear,’ useful, except in
    pretending to take care of ourselves,
    by self limiting ourselves, with such a choice/habit? 🙂

    Can I invite you to reflect and continue growing your ability to trust,
    and accept yourself, and the relative meaninglessness of what others might say, do or believe for themselves? (over you, and your ability to choose for you?)

  • Hi Matt. haven’t read your entire share, however am curious.
    How is it you stressed, enabled disruption for your entire body/ processing etc,
    symptoms common to such behavior of going 36 hrs without ‘time out,’
    Denied your system, mind, the time most use to process, sift through, file away….
    so one is better equipped, can be more balanced, able to accept stimuli of being awake, alive, more in harmony? Hey 🙂 carry on dude (y)

    OK just read it. CONGRATULATIONS, and thank you for sharing your awakening to becoming more accepting, and OK. Ok with the nuances, ideas, and dialectual narrative, you’re learning to appreciate how and where it is self created, experienced. Bravo

  • “Yet,” Not sure if above was at me.
    I wasn’t suggesting at all that one continue abusing ones self with psyc. chemical lobotomization, but on ‘authentic nourishing a sense of self,’ ‘drinking’ more useful internal dialogue, beliefs, in himself, rather than ‘buying into’ ideas of diseased, incurable, that psychiatry obsesses with… which it seems, and I can only guess, Matt succumbed to, sigh.

  • So long as individuals choose to fear,
    and sense helplessness regarding others
    engaging themselves in emotional distressfulness,
    and behaving as they might, Others will insist on believing it necessary or useful to straitjacket,
    or lobotomize in order to protect themselves,
    or believe its only responsible to ‘safeguard others’ from what they themselves fear. imho

  • How would it be useful for me, or anyone else to suggest, to pretend to know what its like to be you, or to walk in your shoes Julie? I certainly wouldn’t pretend to know, or to judge whether you were embracing, engaging in thoughts or feelings of fear or paranoia or accuse you of being paranoid. How would it be useful for me, or anyone, to pretend to know and to pretend to know someone better than they do?

    Even if I did, isn’t presentation of such a shocking ignorant presumptiveness, an opportunity to explore who’s beliefs one values most? Ones own, or someone that can’t even pretend to know you? Supportively me.

  • I believe it was me that offered to copy and paste Dee
    here is I think your first share
    “Thank you Bonnie for your perseverance. I have spent so many years writing and fighting but have fallen away over the last year or so, mostly in frustration that nothing I said or did had any real impact, that I was preaching to the choir. I have written to newspapers, the governments of 3 countries, had bitter arguments on line with proponents like the entire readership of the Psychiatric Times, argued my case in the face of abuse from David Healy and his followers, and suggested strategies to survivors that no one took up.
    In 2015, at great financial cost, and a very sympathetic GP (whose mother died following ECT), I organised an independent assessment from a neurologist to show that I did indeed have brain damage and was referred to a neurological rehab unit. My theory was that if large numbers did this we would have a case, plus that the cost to the government of a lot of taxpayer money for rehab might move a few politicians to question the psychiatrist’s claims. I spread this across the web – NOTHING.
    I ran the only Australian protest against ECT in 2015 – and had to scramble for contributors. My work for this cost me even more of my relationship with my son who never wanted to think about what happened to the mother he used to have but who is different now, because of the brain injury from 87 ECT treatments for a bad reactions to Prozac and Lexapro.
    ECT cost me my career as a novelist, a sculptor, and even eventually as a writer of fiction entirely. It did give me a long lasting disorder though, a stress disorder, which lingers, even after quite good help from a psychologist. Part of my withdrawal from the cause was a way to minimise this.
    At 75, having lost so much I felt I had to conserve what time I have left and make something else of my life, so right now I’m writing and illustrating kid’s books.
    But perhaps, Bonnie, I should keep going, but where? I am in tears as I write this, at my own grief and that of the thousands who cannot fight, whose injuries are so great that they are trapped in the apathy and disability of traumatic brain injury that was sold to them as `help’.
    My belief is still that people have to front up to the neurologists with their ECT induced Chronic Brain Syndromes, and force the medical profession to regulate their peers. If you add that to other litigation, go for compensation, force the courts to disallow the `gagging’ that the medical profession routinely applies when they settle, and push countries that have public health services to believe that their best interests lie with stopping the injuries happening. The answer eventually will be money – it’s what’s driving the push for ECT by psychiatrists, it might be what stops them. If their insurance premiums spike, if the government makes them pay for the rehab of their patients, the bulk of them may turn away.
    Just a few thoughts – thank you again Bonnie, I’ll get the book but might find it very harrowing to read. In fact one of the things that, as a friend put it, was stolen from me, was the joy of reading books. I have gone from reading 4 books a week before ECT, to 3 years reading none, to one every 3-6 months now. And I used to write them.”

  • yes, I had that happen once too. tried to re edit, and it triggered a silly spam notice

    Yes Dee the link is rather useless as it doesn’t take you to the specific comment, only to the beginning of the thread. Maybe someone can fix that and make reviewing comments, more friendly?

    Again, it is there, but as I mentioned it is well over 20 posts back now, from when I mentioned that.

    As to the suggestion of never inviting one to reflect, on what one is specifically concerned, afraid over? or experiencing what could be labelled as ‘paranoia’, to me would be ignoring the very issue, begging to be redressed, namely the choice or habit of some degree of fear(fullness)

    Fear, and the habit of involving oneself resulting in experiencing what might be termed paranoia, at any level, degree, I suggest isn’t particularly useful to make up or complicate as being more than a natural result of supportive beliefs one holds, regarding how best to take care of oneself, and being afraid to explore, consider options and changing ones operative beliefs 🙂

  • Whatever ‘reply’ button you clicked on, is where your comments go. Are you working with an actual computer, or a substitute, pretend one, ‘smartphone’? How do you get, respond to being notified of a posting? I can click on the notification of your long post of the 4th,
    and if you copy, paste that link you’ll open and see it. If you also investigate, with an actual computer, you’ll see all the contributions, and sub branches, one might post a reply to, or go to the very end, and wonder where, back in the messy tree of branches, you may have posted, and lost sight of, what you contributed. 🙂 hmmm. that doesn’t seem to take one directly there either, smh. but it is there, if you scroll through the multitude of contributions, yours is there… i’ll paste it again if you want. Its over 20 posts back…

  • Please, Tirelessly insisting and holding onto…Continuing to make choices that lead logically and naturally to feeling and behaving as one does?… is the responsibility ultimately of someone/something other than oneself? Really?

    I’m thinking, not learning to value, trust oneself enough to dare to continue exploring, discovering “freedom and responsibility,” two sides of the same currency of life, determining how one experiences oneself, relates oneself with life, embracing and owning more useful options, beliefs, or depends on others, external validation.
    (is the root of continued habits of distress)

    Recovery from the choices, habits of distressfulness is only possible, if an individual is willing to trust oneself enough to change their internal dynamic of dialogue and beliefs.

    It is my passion, to encourage and facilitate respectful discovery of freedom, and self trust to play with and discover the immense rewards of embracing personal responsibility for the incredible freedom one has.

    No one teaches, causes anothers learning, only the student,…and when student is ‘ready,’ open to it,
    lessons invariably appear, starting with choosing to trust
    …hugs and affection, moi

  • Perhaps consider giving simple, questions, rather than prejudging?
    Again, i respectfully clarify, choosing Anger, i respect is like any emotion,
    the free right of every individual. I most certainly would not presume a person is obsessed with choosing anger, is wrong, or contest her right in being angry, for her sense of logic and belief. about anything. To pretense I would engage with anyone that way, upon wanting to report abuse, in itself is i suggest, arrogant, abusive, unwarranted.

  • Wow. All i did was respectfully invite you to reflect, (if you want,) respond if you want, with how ‘being Angry’ serves you, benefits you, or whether you want to or believe you need to, or its necessary, for you…or even perhaps possibly explore what you hold, believe, it would mean about you, or happen to you, IF you no longer held onto beliefs in support of choosing to embrace being Angry, vs other choices you could make, if you wanted to, or believed served you. 🙂

    I never suggested the choice or habit was ‘wrong,’ or right, but simply a choice, made freely, for your reasons, beliefs, respectfully.

  • TirelessFighter3 I hear your anger. I accept your right to choose to blame or seemingly suggest ALL or any Therapy, Recovery, or healing, is ‘Lies’ as if is the responsibility of others to ‘make happen’

    Effective Therapy in ‘my book’ occurs easiest, when the client succeeds in discovering, embracing, and utilizes the freedom they have, in responsibly choosing to use more effective dialogue, towards creating and experiencing relationship more pleasurably, acceptably, vs distressingly.

    NO ONE can MAKE another choose to believe in, or do, what they don’t accept and believe, benefits, takes care of, or serves them, for their own sense of relationship they believe to be in.

    Recovery is not a lie. It occurs easily and naturally, with each, according to their willingness to recognize, value and appreciate the freedoms one has, along with acceptance of responsibility for that which one has ability to control vs not accepting, that which one cannot but respect is the business/responsibility of another.

    Isn’t it the responsibility of the survivor? to learn? to explore, discover (fight for) their own priorities, values, plan and execute ways and means of improving their emotional maturity? for and by themselves? vs ??? I really don’t understand how only blaming others, can succeed in resolving the dynamic of emotional distressfulness, but that is simply ignorant me 😉

  • Tirelessfighter ??? I’m really shocked and at a loss to appreciate your judgemental accusations regarding Erics contribution and attitude of respect, particularly regards referring to a childs freedom, and learn to accept responsibility over how they talk internally, or make up beliefs, as to how to take care of themselves

  • Wow Eric. What can i say? I totally relate to your adventures. I am utterly amazed by how well you’ve discovered, learned to open yourself, fearlessly, to embrace…. and to allow, resultingly, yourself to simply ‘record’ (and to speak to sharingly,) the abundance of essences and energies, (spirits,) constantly and playfully existing, perhaps in dimensions some research is increasingly exploring, accepting, appreciating and embracing, equally fearlessly.

    May that we all discover the value and intensity of benefit, of discovering ‘Love,’ (another word for ‘God’) which is for me, the only emotion, and trust. Everything else being simply some aspect of its absence, or ‘fear,’ which serves only to limit…. Hugs and smiles

  • Thank you for speaking to the notion of Freedom i might refer to from time to time. For me we tend to think of ourselves as either Free, or Victimized, limited… and either choice, we might believe in, is i accept not right or wrong, but providing different quality of experience and behavior. Wonderful your wife spurred you to explore discover, learn what perhaps you were both brought together to learn, together?

  • ‘With him,’ yes. Attentively coaching and stimulating him,
    specifically to realize, celebrate, OWN, his FREEDOM,
    more effectively for himself.

    How oftenly we only are shocked and awoken, too late,
    by clearly habits and behavior of continuing to give ones power, focus,
    to what others might believe, rather than remaining true to honoring,
    respecting the gift we have. Authentic love…. of self, life.

  • Thank you for expanding on and sharing the concern for others possibly still making up their relationship dynamics, with experiencing shock, trauma, still not fully recovered.

    Indeed, I agree how different people engage, relate with others, or their beliefs, was possibly getting away from the intended focus of, or perhaps purpose of this thread.

    It was reaching perhaps, to attempt to expand reflectively, compassionately, towards facilitating understanding, accepting more responsibility of ourselves, what it is to be human, and free as to the beliefs we create, and use, upon which we experience the beliefs and behave as one does, and the responsibility that includes, without some reacting as if such understanding, acceptance, is in some way blaming others, rather than simply accepting, understanding, and respecting ourselves, and these gifts. Hugs, smiles, and gratitude.

  • I was sure i respectfully responded to your enquiry Judi. Thankfully i gave it much consideration, in one of my files, so i can copy and repaste it.

    “Larry you are making assumptions that no one was there for Matt, including his family, friends, or the persons who had carriage of his care.”
    (No, not so) (I specifically shared a logical overview, regards ‘effectiveness,’ or the absence, .. given the fact Matt focused on, and was ultimately successful in his held belief that suicide was the most useful option for him.)

    “You have blamed Matt and appear to be using his untimely demise to further your adgenda to get people to agree that if only Matt had done it your way then he would still be here.”
    (WTF are you talking about? pretending to know about me? as if having an adjenda? or pushing anything?)
    (Blame? i choose to believe, and have shared oftenly, is for me, a useless game, most often used to avoid acceptance of personal responsibility for the choices one chooses, such as emotionally, or behavorily)

    “Larry can you please tell us what it is you know that is so special and could have saved him?”
    (Pardon? Saved him? from what?) (I accept and respect Matt simply wasn’t aware of, or willing to believe, continuing engaging with, and learning how to experience life more pleasurably, was possible or worthwhile, imho) (Matt didn’t need “saving’ it seems to me, as much as therapeutic companionship.) (Don’t most simple suicides occur by lone individuals? alone with their thoughts, beliefs, unstimulated, unmotivated, to want or see any use of looking for other options?)

    “What is it that you are studying that you want so badly for everyone “to get” but are not telling us point blank what it is? I’m sure everyone is bursting with curiousity about what you know that can save lives. Thank you.”
    (Look, i can’t begin to share the depth of my experience, or ongoing interest, study) (I’m not here to convince anyone that i know better than others, how to swim in their own river of life)

    (I simply respect, embrace believing in everyone, being free and responsible for the quality of narrative, in telling themselves what they freely ‘make believe’ about everything life presents themselves with, to grow and to learn from, represents, belief wise.

    When i have time, and ‘God’ willing, i will attempt to compile a list of the highlights of people, their words, message, beliefs, and how immensely grateful I am for the challenges, relationships, experience that i’ve chosen to grow myself from, and appreciate, value. Yes I intend on leaving some kind of meaningful legacy, particularly for my 4 Grand-children, Son and Daughter, and those that might be interested. Thank you too, for inviting me to respond)

  • dfk. the biggest need? for ‘children’ of all ages, for me
    is believing, one is loved, loveable. To also learn, accept, believe in themselves, sufficiently, and that being dependent, in any way on what others think, say, or do, has nothing to do with them, is not useful or necessary, to be a loving, happy with oneself, and relies more, according to what they believe in themselves, not others. and becoming emotionally mature, independent, loving and happy

  • Bonnie Burstow’s in the news again
    For people concerned about the horror of psychiatry and especially people concerned about the horror of electroshock, please know that an anti-ECT campaign is just kick-starting. And those of us involved could use help. If you know of anyone who has had electroshock in Canada over the last 2 years, and is interested in getting involved in a class action suit, please encourage them to get in touch with me. Also, when it comes out in a few weeks, please read my novel The Other Mrs Smith, that centres on ECT, and blog about it, write reviews about it, and bring it to other people’s attention. (I’ll let you know just as soon as it is out, which will be before the end of the month.) If in the Toronto area, you might also want to come to the book launch (Nov 3, 12th Floor OISE, 252 Bloor West, Toronto, 5:30). Please see amended flyer attached.

  • “Autism” is not a behavioral disorder;
    it’s a social disorder, a relational challenge at the core,” he said.
    The behavior, is simply symptoms, logical reactions to the distress,
    fear, one might be involved with.

    Facilitate one in exploring, discovering, ‘Options,’ Freedom from Fear of Exploring, discovering ‘choice,’ facilitates choosing to change, recover..
    ABS-CBN News

    An amazing story of transformation of Dr. Raun Kaufman who was diagnosed with autism at age 2.

  • Whats going on now?
    Of all the quality of engagement and often disrespectful attitude i’ve witnessed? What was so troubling that required ‘removing for moderation’ from Bradford?

    I’d like to suggest therapeutic open dialogue, might best help, (me anyways,) appreciate, and possibly learn from.

  • Exactly. How can a drug company educated Psychiatrist possibly facilitate informing fully, adequately, truly effective therapeutic options for their clients, who misguidedly look to them as being God like experts on how to be healthy, well, emotionally?

    Introducingly sharing Bonnie’s continued contributions:
    “For people concerned about the horror of psychiatry and especially people concerned about the horror of electroshock, please know that an anti-ECT campaign is just kick-starting. And those of us involved could use help. If you know of anyone who has had electroshock in Canada over the last 2 years, and is interested in getting involved in a class action suit, please encourage them to get in touch with me. Also, when it comes out in a few weeks, please read my novel The Other Mrs Smith, that centres on ECT, and blog about it, write reviews about it, and bring it to other people’s attention. (I’ll let you know just as soon as it is out, which will be before the end of the month.) If in the Toronto area, you might also want to come to the book launch (Nov 3, 12th Floor OISE, 252 Bloor West, Toronto, 5:30). Please see amended flyer attached.”

  • Isn’t it depreciative to refer to people as being this or that diagnosis? What if we were to honor and respect them simply as human be-ings? not dismissively as ‘being’ their symptoms? Individuals, that for their sense of reason, simply involve themselves, ‘doing’ symptoms that could be referred to as schizophrenic, bi-polarish, paranoidally. in otherwords not AS Schizophrenics etc, but simply DOING schizophrenia? referring and respecting, accepting them more as people, and less this or that form of emotional distress, or behavior?

  • ECT from my own ‘in house’ observation of over 6 months in the ’60’s and from personal intervention with crazed and ignorant hospital psychiatrists in defending others, is used because of an inability to chemically lobotomize some people, and was dreamt up to replace physical lobotomies, (which were outlawed) because ignorant psychiatry mistakenly continues to obsess that those who display evidence of distress or emotional trauma, are irrevocably brain damaged, or diseased, and the habit of distressfulness, unresolveable. ECT role? is simply a convenient tool to attempt to lobotomize, and vegetabalize ones so believed ‘diseased brain.

    Its EFFECTIVENESS in doing so varies simply because everyone is unique, Some can withstand the trauma, where or how it is directed, +intensity, as to what to incapacitate in ones brain. Some like Lineham somehow manage to escape being totally emotionally crippled, and manage, some more than others to get along with their brain crippled to some extent.

    I believe Lineham would elaborate, ect played a minor ‘therapeutic’ role, and considers herself fortunate and lucky, to have been able to survive with her brain relatively undamaged and resilient enough to still operate, as well as it seems to.

  • Is there glitch here?
    I’m getting the message my attempt to edit,
    punctution or spelling, is “SPAM’ ???
    or is my caring to respond respectfully,
    towards clarifying Judi’s misinterpretions,
    and her seeming need to speak for
    or represent others, also SPAM?
    Oh, t/u i see the post addressed publically to me has been removed,
    t/u much better, yes.

  • thanks for attempting to clarify for Judi,
    I didn’t get, or make up Jewelsfs insinuated
    that ‘everyone’ into emotional distress,
    WAS automatically a menace to their family members
    It is possible though is it not, for ‘some’?

    Regarding her suggesting more simple charity regarding those choosing to ‘practice’ ‘psychiatry’ ???
    “Some of them really want to help people.
    To claim Psychiatry is all a massive fraud is unproductive. That it’s methods are very flawed and tentative should be exposed. However, some of the people who are making “wrong” diagnosis are actually well-meaning. loving people.” … I for me don’t choose to use to flame her, but thats just me being me, from all my experiences, and of growing, being exposed to the ignorances of mainstream psychiatry.

    Gratitude can be quite useful sometimes?
    (not obligatory, naturally… however looking for silver linings, or value? even when covered in ‘shit’) …can often serve to grow something other than distressfulness, anger, discontentedness perhaps?)

    ps I’m not about ‘pushing anything’ simply more towards facilitating reflection, possibly discovering, only, and respectully, if one wants, easier ways to swim the river, than against the current. hugs and love.

  • Could not agree more. “Ignorant prentiousness” seems perhaps an common observable condition of not only those that professionalize practicing ‘doctoring’, yet never quite getting how to be effective in facilitating embracing emotional maturity? Hugs, and sighs (at me,) smiling acceptingly at my ineptitude of not being able to satisfy everyones belief in their need to react discreditingly, in pretending to know me.

  • t/u. Bradford. Useful question yes, ‘how’ indeed did he opt out? of continuing, exploring, discovering, more pleasant, less distressful emotional habits? It doesn’t really matter, but why not be open and completely forthcoming? curious yes

  • Sorry to bother to ask you to clarify who specifically you are ragging on so obsessedly Judi. The more you specify such things as “this persons only goal is to prop up a dirty dying industry and as such deserves nothing from us” clarifies thankfully your not carrying on about me.
    I do sometimes encounter people who pretend to know and prejudge me as something quite removed from what I am. All the best.

  • Anyone have any idea who Judi is referring to,
    making such a fuss about?

    Most certainly not me. Everything i write, here, and in the forums i administer is towards facilitating awareness, and respect towards individuals, and that no Dr (or their belief, DX,) can presume to know precisely what its like to walk in their clients shoes, or experience what they do,…. all they can do is guess. Also,to presume to know the extent of anothers familiarity with Matt? his life and works??? wow, such presumptive arrogance, Clearly not ranting about me. Sigh

  • Others seemed aware of this Old head, including Paris Williams, PhD September 30, 2017 at 7:44 pm “Matt actually did say that he turned to traditional psychiatric treatment out of desperation in the past few months of his life. Clearly he found little benefit there…” (naturally)

  • Bradford, love your upstanding style.
    Before others jump on you, or take you to task, (regarding your opening reminder,) some will probably ignore you clearly emphasising ‘SOME’.

    Facts, (as beliefs i embrace are), with respect towards ones independnce/freedom/responsibility of thought, People do, behave as they do, simply and logically in sync with their choice and quality of ‘dialogue’/beliefs, freely held…. and examine, discern or not, whether or not their operative beliefs actually serve or not, towards drawing the quality of experience to themselves they are wanting, or not.

    The part of the dynamic that is problematic, is the propensity of believing others, such as psychiatrists, educated with drug co. money, know how better, or anything of what its like to be their client, walk in their shoes, or even taught to care, or take interest in or respect.

  • I don’t ‘buy’ people want ‘treatment’ so much as they want to know, learn, how to not be experiencing distress, confusion, fear, resultant anger, violent behavior impulses or sense of hopelessness, ‘disempowerment’, and instead be more authentically healthy,
    happy, and self empowered.

    Questions, (exploring) can lead to discovery of a greater sense of ones inner wisdom, and self empowerment. Not referring to questions loaded with judgement, but simple questions, to oneself, in getting clear, focused, and in touch with a healthier happier relationship
    with self and lifes stimulus.

    I for me, like to think of myself, and remain focused intentionally,
    on being such a facilitator. Smiles and hugs.

    (This, and from my personal educational experience, is what motivates me to administer the numerous pro-active forums I do, focused on this attitudinal committment) If anyone wants a list, or invite, they are welcomed to pm me on FB

  • Thanks for speaking to the challenge of terminology/words we use, particularly ones relating to the quality of ones emotions, emotional maturity, or flavor. Much “diagnostic terminology”, although possibly well intended, (simply as reference to the quality of distressfulness,) its been my experience, tends instead to ‘label and limit individuals’, rather than help, to facilitate self acceptance, respect, self valuing, and/or encouraging individuals towards simply exploring and embracing the relationship of freedom and responsibility they have, and, that ultimately its up to them, what they believe about themselves, others, and whats happening, and the full extent of their options….. do continue…

  • No idea what you are making up about me, or others Judi. That I accept and respect,
    is all on you. Engaging here? so dismissively judgemental, presumptive and angry.

    ‘Callous victim blaming? lost soul? condeming or chastizing’? May that you find someone that will facilitate, inspire you in discovering more useful options, than so much of seemingly trying to enflame individuals. hugs.

  • Thank you Jewelsws for sharing and introducing us to Linehams life, bio, and her dedication to serving, in particular those experiencing serious distress and in particular suicidal ideation, as it seems Matt succumbed to.

    Many examples, responsorily how one can be led to, shown the water, and still, for their sense of reasoning, logic, freely choose not to drink, or find effective means of nourishing oneself.

  • Judi, it seems you might be confused.
    Lineham most certainly is not a shrink.
    She is a widely aclaimed groundbreaking celebrated and effective therapist, who supports listening to and respecting individuals experiences as socialogical, not ‘diseased’ imho

  • ‘oldhead’ indeed. Relating my invitation to explore, as being ‘like a psychiatrist,’ is curious.
    Since when do psychiatrists invite dialogue?
    Don’t they pretend to be experts on others,
    and that clients have little ability to improve
    the quality of their relationships with self, life?

    Whatever the article, or others said
    about anything? isn’t that just them?
    sharing their beliefs? Yes, naturally
    I suspect Matt was searching….for how to define, and what to believe about himself, his experiences. The extent or specifics of his awareness, of the quality of beliefs he inclined himself, and chose to believe, empower, was entirely and freely up to Matt, I respect.

    A psychiatrist? hardly. A useful therapeutic mentor, coach, facilitating family and friends, to open themselves to exploring discovering their freedom, .. and responsibility for ones choices, acceptingly, non-judgementally, that is my focus, intention, (accepting the freedom of others to accept that, or to make me up elsewise)

    Yes it might be interesting to see what beliefs
    of others he mighta chose to buy into.
    All i’m suggesting is its not useful to believe one can force or make another to ultimately buy into suicide however, experience emotionally, believing anything, or to stop engaging in internal dialogue choices, that do not support growing oneself, self empowered, independent, as to the quality of beliefs one holds.

  • Thank you, Thank You, Thank you, for sharing your amazing experience in discovering incredible effectiveness in ‘facilitating others’ to explore and discover more useful options in making sense of their relationship, with self, life, and emotions that logically often come with the quality of dialogue one has adopted in order to make sense of themselves.

  • What if the study, (belief of someone else,) suggested BS? which in psychiatry is quite common. How is examining the detail of BS going to prevent someone like Matt for example, in choosing to hold and use more therapeutic, self empowering beliefs?

    The content, or stimuli is not where emotional maturity lie, but in the creative freedom and responsibility of the individual, to learn how to therapeutically self dialogue, examine, the usefulness of the beliefs one might be ‘entertaining’ oneself with. Effective therapeutic mentors can facilitate one in developing healthier habits of examining and recognizing ownership of the kind of beliefs one is embracing, holding, and realizing the actual service of such choices, more responsibly 🙂

  • Sighs and <3 , coupled with desire for more,
    effective therapeutic 'Open' Dialogue, towards discovering more effective ways and means of supporting those finding themselves confused, distressed.

    May that Matts loosing himself in thoughts of hopelessness, that resulted in him believing suicide was his best choice, serve to be a lightening rod for inspiring more useful, effective and therapeutic dialogue, and how useful it can be to be a therapeutic facilitator, and effect authentic recovery dynamics.

  • Does it matter? really, what ‘the study’ said? (really?)
    I’m thinking a useful insight to appreciate the implication of, is that ultimately each of us is FREE, as well as the baggage of RESPONSIBLE, over, and for the quality of ‘make belief’ each of us chooses to ‘attach’ and hold, which facilitates our behavior and emotional experience, (focus). … regardless of what the stimuli, what others might think, say or do.

    Ultimately each of us is personally responsible for the quality of dialogue, beliefs, which dictate our behavior emotionally and physically. Blaming externals can be like chasing ones own tail, unfortunately

  • Does it matter? really, what ‘the study’ said?
    I’m thinking a useful insight to appreciate the implication of, is that ultimately each of us is FREE, as well as the baggage of RESPONSIBLE, over, and for the quality of ‘make belief’ each of us chooses to ‘attach’ and hold, which facilitates our behavior and emotional experience, (focus). 🙂 … regardless of what the stimuli, what others might think, say or do.

    Ultimately each of us is personally responsible for the quality of dialogue, beliefs, which dictate our behavior emotionally and physically. Blaming externals can be like chasing ones own tail, unfortunately 🙂

  • What else? one asks? Understanding, Acceptance. Respect.
    We respond, react, in kind with the quality of beliefs one freely holds.
    For his reasons, his choice directed his behavior.
    Unfortunately no one succeeded, intervened, intrigued him enough
    to explore the service his choices were providing him with, emotionally.

  • Ditto. Different people with more effective skills, mighta interested Matt in exploring, possibly discovering more useful ‘options’ (or dialogue, beliefs)

    For me, I accept and respect individuals are always doing their best,
    limited only by ignorance, or fear of exploring, using, more useful ones.

  • Precisely (y) T/U. The habit or choice of ‘doing’ FEAR, is at the heart of all abherent behavior choices, and which self-limits oneself from discovering, embracing, possible more useful options.

    “it doesn’t matter really. I will not wallow in misery and be shocked at this death. It is the fear of preventing deaths of these nature that creates the psychiatric coercive system. A man chose to kill himself like millions before him and millions after him. That is all there is to it.”