Sunday, June 26, 2022

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  • I am glad you are feeling better but please be very careful how you tell this story. There is a risk others will think this magic doctor and magic treatment that solved it (which is hope I interpreted it as).

    I therefore would strongly advise however you at least take down the name of this professional. I do believe it is very inappropriate to name private doctors by name in a forum such as this.

    You may also cause harm to others by posting names and tablets as those who are in deep despair will try anything and they may not pick up all the other changes and things you’ve done to help your mental wellbeing.

    I would encourage you, and anyone one else who has been in this situation, to read cathy wield story and I believe she posted here. She even had brain surgery for depression after a seven years admissions on a ward which she said cured her instantly and I think wrote a book about it (therefore there is always a risk of this shortly after a new treatment and surgery is the ultimate of placebo effects).

    However after relapsing she changed her views and now is very critical of her care which was a biomedical and medication based horror story. I believe she wrote another book about it i hope that will be of interest.

  • This ‘treatment’ in the hands of private psychiatry is not proven and you would be wise to research this more thoroughly

    – ketamine has never been trialled for long term use so taking it for 1 year it is worrying this goes on in the private scetor

    – TMS, perhaps safer, is an entire pseudoscience in itself

    – high dose thyroxine is not really an evidence based treatment and not used in NHS (you are going to spend your life in an iatrogenic hyperthyroid state… Risky)