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  • Hello Rachel,
    I saw your post about loathing the endless isolation from the lockdown. I don’t like it either. I’m sorry you want Covid 19 to end your life. I would miss you. I rate you among the top 5 commenters on MIA. I love your anti-psychiatry stance and I am amazed that you are so articulate after all that the Psychiatric Drug Pushers have done to you.

    And to Oldhead, L E Cox, and Bradford :

    hank You very much for de-bunking the pro-vaccination propaganda on this site. It’s strange that those who promote this viewpoint don’t even seem to know that the same corrupt drug companies, with a very long and very bad track record of producing very nasty Psychiatric Drugs; also make Vaccines ! Duh ? Is 66 years a long enough track record ?

    Also, Natural and Vaccine Impact have a lot of info on vaccine dangers. If my sources are not good enough; how about the PDR ( Physicians Desk Reference ) having a lot of info. on vaccine dangers. Is the PDR scientific enough for the Pro-Vaxxers ???

  • To dalel:
    Sorry to hear about your brother. One good person who can help is Dr. Rima Laibow, a naturopathic doctor who is also a psychiatrist who has never used psychiatric drugs on a patient in 50 years of her career ! Although one on one treatment would probably be expensive; it’s free to see her website: ” Dr. Rima Truth Reports ” has a lot of useful information on all of the harmful agents of the drug companies: drugs, vaccines, genetically engineered food, etc. .

  • To oldhead: Yes, I was talking about ” psychiatric drug-induced disability “. The term “mental illness” is frequently slapped on people all the time with no medical or scientific basis. So just because I believe that mental illness is real doesn’t mean that I believe putting the label on people with no basis is O.K. It’s not. When Dr. Thomas Szaz wrote the book : ” Law, Liberty, and Psychiatry ” in 1963; he wrote that real mental illness occurs when a person has Organic Brain Damage; but that is a very rare thing. But if we fast forward to today; we now have 100 million victims of Psychiatric Assault, Worldwide, according to CCHR ( a group formed by Szaz and Scientology ) and therefore I say we have a great deal of real mental illness but for the vast majority of those 100 million; it is all psychiatric drug induced mental illness. This is THE great crime of the 20th and 21st centuries.

  • Many of us will disagree with some of David Oaks anti-psychiatry strategies; and in these comments, they already have. But I want to give credit to what David Oaks has done. In 1987 the Network Against Psychiatric Assault in Berkeley, California had died and Madness Network News was a dying newspaper in its last year of life. David Oaks took Madness Network News’s information to Eugene, Oregon and created a new newspaper: ” Dendron ” . After a few years, Dendron became Mind Freedom International, a World Wide, anti-psychiatry, e-mail newsletter; so that the International Anti-Psychiatry Network, once only a paper list of A.P. organizations in Madness Network News, now became a list available on the Internet to the whole World. And Mind Freedom International still exists to this day, 33 years later, thanks to David Oaks and others. I am also very glad to hear that David found a new director for M.F.I. , psych. survivor Ron Bassman of Colorado. I am very sorry about your accident in 2012, David. I am glad to see that M.F.I. has a new future; although the USA is now in very dire straights.
    I also liked this comment:
    Nonetheless “survivors” are not “mad” and we should not identify that way, or as any sort of “special” group. (Though we should be angry!) Nor are we “disabled.” As more and more survivors are concluding, he only movement which truly addresses the needs and issues of survivors is the ANTI-PSYCHIATRY ABOLITIONIST movement.
    First I would like to correct one part: ANTI-PSYCHIATRY ABOLITIONIST movement is actually a double negative. I think you mean the ABOLITIONISTS OF PSYCHIATRY MOVEMENT. Then, when you say we are not disabled; I wish that were true. If any of us could ever come out of a locked psychiatric prison and be perfectly free of ALL disability: physical or mental in any way, shape, or form; then what could we ever complain about; except lost time ? THE DISABILITY IS REAL. Yes, it’s hard to face; but we have to try to repair the damage and then move on. Of course we will never be all the way repaired; but the disability label shouldn’t bother us; because we, ex-prisoners of the World’s psychiatric prisons, are not to blame. We never had a choice. The responsibility for disability is 100% upon the Psychiatric Dope Pushers.
    When David Oaks asks, ” What is the path to this ” abolition ” ? I’m reminded of Charlton Heston’s statement in ” The Ten Commandments ” . ” It would take more than a man to free these people. It would take a God. But if I could; I would. ” I say it is no small task; but abolition is what we should fight for.
    In response to this section of David’s article:
    Unfortunately, I have even seen a leader of a disability Independent Living Center falsely say, repeatedly, that MindFreedom pushes people to quit psychiatric drugs. Wrong. In fact, there are many MFI members who willingly choose to take prescribed psychiatric drugs, and they have told me they feel totally comfortable and accepted.

    I liked ” anomie’s ” comment. :
    This is particularly misleading because the science of these drugs and the outcome data don’t support this narrative. While a minority of individual accounts may report benefits, the overall statistics show massive amounts of disability and even death with these drugs. This is similar to people stating that not everyone gets cancer from cigarettes, therefore we shouldn’t advocate against smoking.
    And my response is that we in this abolitionist movement, should be proud to pressure, or rather encourage, people to go off their psychiatric drugs. Of course, psych. drug victims need support too, to come off drugs.
    David made this comment.:
    A while back, someone lamented that we did not seem to be accomplishing much. I recalled an individual who was spared forced shock because our movement swung into action. Certainly for that single individual, our movement helped so much.

    And I want to add that I do believe that in the last half century; the anti-psychiatry movement hasn’t accomplished nearly what it should have. But David Oak’s Mind Freedom Shield program freed some people who were in very great danger from the Psychiatric System. And I say that what we get out of the Movement totally depends upon the energy we put into the Movement.
    Lastly, I say that I am very happy to see all these anti-psychiatry activists on this site. But, I have wanted for years to see a greater presence of all ex-prisoner anti-psych. groups on the Internet. But, alas the whole movement has fallen on hard times. Drug company Trolls are all over the Internet; trying to destroy us. And now the new Plandemic ( Search for ” Event 201 featuring Johns Hopkins School of Public Health ? ” ) followed by the real Outbreak threatens our whole World. I just hope our movement can survive.
    yours truly,
    Roger Fuller , member of the Network Against Psychiatric Assault from
    1978 to 1984

  • Hip, hip, hooray for ” Pacific Dawn ” . Best comment all week !
    In the first sentence of this article:
    A new report from the United Nations Special Rapporteur, Dainius Pūras, emphasizes that structural conditions such as poverty, discrimination, and violence are the root causes of mental distress and suffering.

    I completely disagree with this statement. While poverty, discrimination, and violence are undesirable situations; they rarely make one mentally ill. The so-called ” mental health system ” with its massive dope pushing of highly toxic Psychiatric Drugs on millions of people worldwide, is the real cause of mental illness, period. This should be an easy concept to understand. It has taken a very long time for people to understand it. Of course, Mainstream Media ( Lamestream Media ) , primarily financed by drug companies, keeps putting out disinformation about ” mental health ” and blocking the Truth, every chance it gets. ( Take note KateL ! )
    The Special Rapporteur doctor also talks about ” Survivor-User led initiatives “. He should know that most people who recognize that they are Survivors of the so-called ” mental health system ” would not want to have anything to do with people who consider themselves ” Users ” or ” Consumers ” or even Lovers of the ” mental health system ” . People like that would be completely repulsive to a real Survivor.