Saturday, December 10, 2022

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  • If mh wasn’t hell bent on pathologizing behaviors and enforcing social control, there’d be legitimate inquiry into why there are variations in individuals’ ability to tolerate the pressure to stay in the socially required dissociative state.
    The cardinal (social) sin of attempting to buck off layers of dissociative state very quickly is “psychosis.” I think there are those of us who are unable to digest the dissociative state and make it feel or look good. It like a reaction to an offending toxin where the body purges the toxins as best it can, but it doesn’t look like “health” to the uninformed.
    The inquiry might describe different determinants such as trauma dosage, privilege, and cultural differences as to why there are different modes of resistance and healing from normalized zombie states.

  • I haven’t read the 300 page WHO guidance report but have read Robert Whitaker’s summary and listened to Mad in America podcast interview with Michelle Funk.
    Did the report actually call out Psychiatry on its misappropriation of medical angnosogosia? Psychiatry’s “angnosogosia” reminds me of a joke John Read told: They say they have a drug that will make you agree with your psychiatrist.

    I think the WHO’s guidance report officially ends blaming the failed mental health system on the least powerful people in it. That seems to be the trend which I see in different areas, not just “mental health,” if it doesn’t get censored.

    According to Michelle Funk, the work has just begun and with demand from countries. I can remember when we couldn’t have these conversations and barely among ourselves much less a paradigm shift with trainings in different countries and proposed policy and legal changes.