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  • Yes and the author says that they give the person a ‘choice’ of drugs, there is NO mention of drug free therapy. For me my home is a refuge, a place of safety, the physical address may have changed over the years but the concept of home and the feelings of security remain intact. The notion that ‘care’ in the community is any better than ‘care’ in a mental institution is a myth. Twenty years ago when I was briefly incarcerated I met a young man, not much older than my daughter who was there because he had suffered terrible abuse as a child and he didn’t want to be injected again with brain damaging chemicals that lasted for three months and made him feel dreadful, he was in constant pain both physically and mentally from the ‘treatment’, the ‘care’ in the community.

    Fortunately I escaped psychiatry and their corresponding drugs and have never looked back. I work full time and pay my taxes for a system that damages people when they are at their most vulnerable

    I am going to report this article as not in the spirit of MIA.

  • “…in addition to pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy, EIS includes such features as “supported employment and education, and family support,” while treatment as usual is unspecified, but usually includes medication…”

    When talking about IES the term ‘pharmacotherapy’ is used, when talking about TAU the term ‘medication’ is used, why not use the same term for drugs and make the article clearer?

    It seems bloody obvious that if you help someone who’s in a shitty environment to get out of that shitty environment then they will feel better about themselves.

  • In Carl Elliot’s book ‘White coat, black hat, adventures on the dark side of medicine’, Carl talks in depth about Bernays approach, eg getting doctors to endorse cigarettes and bacon. The approach nowadays is to target patient groups…

    “For years, the most credible authorities were physicians. That has changed, however, according to Lydia Worthington. The new authorities are just as likely to be patients. Worthington is a vice president with BuzzMetrics, a division of Nielsen, Inc., that specializes in tracking online consumer buzz. Pharmaceuticals are their largest area of growth. Worthington says that pharma companies now target opinion leaders among patient support groups in the same way that they target physicians. “In specific depression groups, there are patients who have almost as much knowledge, or more knowledge, than a medical professional, just because they are involved in this personally. And they’ve done all the research, and know everything that’s going on, and they are giving specific drug advice out,” Worthington says. “From our point of view, and now also from the pharmaceutical industry point of view, they are as important as your physician opinion leaders.” Worthington advises companies to reach out to patients who are especially influential online, such as bloggers and Twitterers. “You treat them almost the same way you’d treat a medical journalist,” she says. “They are your press.””

    Elliott, Carl. White Coat, Black Hat: Adventures on the Dark Side of Medicine (p. 129). Beacon Press. Kindle Edition.

  • I totally agree.
    Many many years ago a bipolar label was thrust upon me. I wrote to my GP explained that I had been raped as a child, that I was worried about money, I’d just sold my house moved to another city and waa completely dependent upon my husband’s income. The dot com crash was fully underway, I’m a web developer he ignored all this for a biochemical imbalance. I spent 2 weeks on dangerous drugs that he called medicine and 2 weeks coming off them.
    I am disgusted that vulnerable people get abused by those that should be caring for them. My hard earned taxes pay for this atrocity.

  • I read that book a very long time ago, even before I did my degree (the days of horse drawn carriages) and I agree with you Steve, medicine is part of the culture we inhabit, psychiatry is part of the culture our great, great grandparents inhabited, a time when women couldn’t possibly understand politics because of their biology, syphilis was rife and masturbation was a cause of insanity, the observer is participator ethos. It’s nearly 20 years since I was drugged and labelled, I did not agree with the explanation of my feelings at the time, I still don’t. Fortunately I read Toxic Psychiatry whilst going through my shit, something that was frowned upon by the medical establishment (yes it’s in my medical records!) and was only on the drugs for 4 weeks, 2 weeks on them, 2 weeks coming off them. I don’t hear voices, I don’t think I have any special gifts, I needed help not more abuse, I even had the psychiatrist come round to my house trying to push drugs onto me, if he was anyone other than a psychiatrist I could’ve had him arrested, I am a failure by psychiatry’s terms but a success as a citizen, I work hard and pay my taxes.

  • “They urge the medical humanities to rethink its grounding assumptions and acknowledge the healing powers of culture and the biocultural complexity of human bodies.”

    What exactly does that mean in terms of invented life long bi-polar and life long drug addiction?
    It’s quite easy to see in terms of heart disease, COPD and cancer as the majority of these illnesses have been caused by deluding the punters that cigarettes and sugar products are fun, healthy and a necessity.

    Thanks for this piece Zenobia, it sounds interesting although I can see the pharms jumping onto it as a way of being ‘cool’, also, it would be a lot easier to read if you translated your article before publishing, eg use the word story instead of narrative

  • It’s really hard when you feel down and don’t have the right support, be that financial or emotional. What helps me is other people, yoga, painting, walking the dog and the knowledge that my sadness is temporary and if we didn’t feel sadness we could not experience joy as our emotions are relative. Sometimes it’s good to stop searching for causes, throw your coat on and walk.

  • This is the mind of the man who lay the foundations for the ‘modern’ diagnostic system of mental illness. His text books are an absolute gas too, he gives his patients drug cocktails, isolates them and generally treats them like shit then theorises why they behave a bit odd.

    I work at the forefront of technology and I tell you, if psychiatry was a piece of software it would’ve been permanently deleted years ago, we would’ve switched on the virtual vacuum cleaner, emptied the defrag bag and moved on.

  • The Kreep’s really pissed off that Germany lost the war and goes on to blame the selfish sick, Jews and women (of course!)

    “The war has carried out a terrible selection among our most able and self-sacrificing men; it was above all the unfit and selfish individuals who remained unscathed…the humanitarian efforts to support the weak and to help the suffering, sickly, and the decrepit serve to counteract significantly a systematic rearing of the fit: they load the shoulders of the able-bodied (on whom our hopes for the future rest) with ever greater burdens under which the latter’s energies must ultimately expire.” kraps Krap.

    Kraepelin is saying that only the good strong men died in the war, the one’s who couldn’t fight because they were old or sick are a burden to society and get in the way of an efficient war machine.

    “The advance of combat neurosis was aided to a great degree by the fact that during the war the requirements for the physical and mental fitness of new recruits had to be lowered time and again. More and more incompetent, mentally deficient, infirm and morally inferior persons had to be drawn into service.” continues the Kreep.

    Kraepelin also blames the soldiers who suffered shell shock for Germany’s loss of WW1.

    “It is impossible to know how many imbeciles, epileptics, psychopaths, criminals, prostitutes and vagabonds are the children of alcoholic and syphilitic parents and have inherited the inferiority of their parents. Of course, the damage will in part be compensated for by their poorer ability to survive. But unfortunately, our ever-expanding social welfare programmes have the effect of impeding the natural self purification of our people. We have little reason to hope that, in the long run, our ability to regenerate ourselves will be strong enough to neutralize the ever growing dangers that threaten our germs.” curses Kraepelin.

    Kraepelin says it’s a fact that poor people are born with nasty infections, mental illnesses and poverty. He’s really pissed off that the German people have a social welfare programme and want to help the poor but perks up a bit when he states that the sick have less chance of surviving because of inherited infections and poverty. He then goes on to scare the German people implying that they’ll all become weak and deformed because the sick people will mix with the blue blooded people and create sick babies who will destroy the human race.

    “The well-known example of the Jews, with their strong disposition to nervous and mental illnesses… certainly also leaves its distinct imprint on the race.” curses Kraepelin.

    Kraepelin states it’s a fact that Jewish people are born with mental illnesses, he is setting the scene for the holocaust, for the mass murder of the ‘mentally unfit’, criminals, prostitutes and next the Jews.

    “In part it was the women who proved to be ill-prepared for the prolonged state of war and who tormented their sons and husbands at the front with their complaints and at times breached the trust of those in the field.” krap kraps Kraplin.

    Blame the women again.

  • Anyone read Emil Kraepelin’s Psychiatric Observations on Contemporary Issues written just after WW1?

    Here’s a couple of quotes…

    “While one can accept or reject the legitimacy of the nobility, there can be no doubt that the fathers of the old noble lineages at some point distinguished themselves in relation to their countrymen by their special qualities. And history teaches us that more than a few of their progeny (offspring) produced a long line of superb personalities… One can furthermore assume that their positive traits were inherited and thus that later generations of an old family line which had defended its position over the centuries has, to a certain degree, retained those characteristics which once facilitated its rise.” croaks Kraepelin.

    Kraepelin believes that royalty are genetically superior to us common as muckers and they have inherited ‘special qualities’, which is a prime example of blue blood thinking. Blue blood thinking is rampant in fairy tales and biological and genetic psychiatry. According to fairy tales all nobility, kings and queens, princes, princesses, lords and ladies, have blue blood, they are biologically different to the poor, they are cleverer, beautifuler and their inherited wealth is because of their inherited blue blood. He also thinks that the human race has evolved because of the survival of the fittest, that it’s only through war and violence that people progress.

    “On the other hand it seems obvious that the ancestors of those belonging to the lower classes possessed, in general, no traits equipping them for extraordinary achievements and hence could not pass such traits on.” craps Craplin.

    What the grandfather of psychiatry is saying here is that our great, great, great, great grandparents had no blue blood so couldn’t possibly do anything amazing, important or worthwhile, they passed on this worthless blood to their children, aka us who also can’t do anything amazing, important or worthwhile. Well, that must be the reason why I’m skint.

  • This is reminiscent of how the slave traders remained in business for so many years, when the abolition movement got going the traders organised a media campaign, they paid writers to promote slavery and printed many thousands of pamphlets describing how each happy slave family had “a snug little house and garden, and plenty of pigs and poultry”, they also gave tons of money to newspapers to print pro slavery articles and to promote the health benefits of sugar.

  • Dear Robert you’re missing the point
    Before slavery became illegal it was unthinkable that the world could exist without it, most people believed the economy would collapse as so many jobs depended upon the slave trade. Before women won the right to vote most people believed that women’s brains could not understand politics and their brains would collapse.
    My personal view is that we need to disentangle medicine from mental health as medicine looks at what’s inside a person, it looks at their biology whereas what is needed is a discipline that looks outside, at the culture, values and beliefs that are prevalent. A degree in medicine is about as useful as a bull in a China shop when it comes to navigating human experience.
    We need a catalogue of abuse, not a catalogue of ancient bullshit.