Friday, April 16, 2021

Comments by Sissy Fried

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  • You can add me to the list of chronic pain sufferers who had to reduce my medications because of the opioid epidemic and the new policies that have been the result of it. My primary care physician’s nurse called me to tell me they were taking everyone off of Fentanyl, which is my primary med for pain. (I take 3 Percocet a day or less for break through pain.) I cried hysterically and asked if she or the doc remembered that I attempted suicide twice because before the medication all I did was lie in bed and pray for death. The nerve pain and acute arthritis pain were torture. I have dying peripheral nerves the full length of all of my 4 limbs and have zero joints ( including most of my spinal column) not effected by OA. I have severe degenerative bone changes in my limbs and I am atrophying. I am losing use of all of my limbs. No diagnosis, because it is prolly due exposure to radioactive pesticides. I have never broken one rule of my pain contract and have no issue with yearly piss tests. I’m fortunate that I have had these symptoms (That’s NOT right!) for 12 years and the same doctor for 12 years. So, she’s seen me plenty at a pain scale level of 10. She said the very large practice she is in is forcing everyone to cut their meds. She told me 3/4 of the MD’s are quitting pain management. But, i don’t get a high. All these meds are going to help the pain, no other effects at all. I told her I would drop a med that I only used 10 times a year (in winter) when the pain is torturous. So, I compromised; 10 days in hell is worth the little bit of quality of life I have now. The point is… I should NOT HAVE BEEN FORCED to change my regimen when I never abused my Rx in any way. WHY??

    Why are they targeting patients with no record of abusing their meds EVER! We are easy targets and the ones who will commit suicide in droves or be driven to the street to get pain relief. In the name of the epidemic, we must constantly remind people that there are people who can’t live or reasonably function without treating their pain! We are not criminals or drug addicts and the narrative in main stream media, from doctors, the government is punishing people who face the hardest situations in life. We must advocate to save our own lives. Band with others you know who have opened up to you about their experiences with their pain mgt doctors. We must advocate for ourselves because our country just forgot we even exist.