Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Comments by Michael Fox

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  • As a frontline clinician I have come to the view that most problems presented by children, be it mood, anxiety, behaviour or the fictitious ADHD, are rooted in the problems of their care-givers. ‘ADHD’ symptoms frequently arise when the key care-giver, usually Mum, has a trauma based mental health problem which impacts on her capacity to express love and warmth, and/or makes it difficult for her to put behavioural boundaries in place. (Trauma based mental health problems are a lot more common than we imagine.) Often “ADHD” symptoms are an expression of psychological trauma in the child, and reflect a determination to avoid thoughts and memories of emotionally painful events through pressured activity.

  • Glad you told your story Kat….sounds like you are finally on the right track. 25 years of meds have not served you well. Your problems began with trauma and unfortunately mainstream services haven’t begun to understand even the meaning of trauma and its role in mental health problems. They don’t ask about trauma because they do not, and can not, treat psychological trauma. They have one job. To treat imaginary biochemical imbalances.