Saturday, September 26, 2020

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  • I’m so excited, looking forward to seeing the film she’s featured in!

    “Medicating Normal follows the stories of five diverse Americans who took psychiatric medication as prescribed but were iatrogenically harmed. The film discusses many issues within traditional mental health including the evidence base, pharmaceutical companies role in mental health and guild interest and patient’s lived experience of taking and discontinuing medications.”

  • Speaking of “grandiose” thinking, I remember reading in Ray Coleman’s biography of John Lennon that he said to his Aunt Mimi, “We’re going to be bigger than Elvis!”.

    That was before the Beatles cut their first record.

    It would probably be wise for psychiatrists not to worry whether or not patients display grandiose thinking, unless the patient is clearly harmed – or harming others – by thinking they will accomplish great things.

  • I’ve read through the comments here. What comes to my mind is that my dad committed suicide about a week after being prescribed Restoril (temazepam), a benzodiazepine. He was having trouble sleeping. He worked nights, had recently lost his position at work, and likely was affected by economic concerns (happened in 1981, during a major recession). Also some stressors from strained relations with my mother at the time.

    And so, he was prescribed Restoril. He had no documented history of depression or mental health issues, and no prior history of suicidal ideation or attempts. He was an avid hunter, and had guns for years, hanging on a gun rack high on the wall in his bedroom.

    Yet is was about a week after he was prescribed Restoril that he decided to come home from work, without saying a word, walk past my mom, grab one of his shotguns, go out into the backyard, and shoot himself under the chin.

    That wasn’t the same situation as a mass shooting, but as I understand it, some side effects, or withdrawal effects (perhaps he decided to stop taking it?) of drugs such as this are lack of impulse control, lack of inhibitions, and suicidal thoughts.

    (This isn’t the first time I wondered about it. I first mentioned it to Monica several years ago.)