Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Comments by Rev. Luke A Shootingstar

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  • I was astounded to see that you included, auspiciously,
    many references in your work that I have as well, Will,
    in my own literary works.

    The most obvious was a reference to one important
    aspect of the multiple meanings to why I rally around
    the name “WIN” as a group identity, with my allies.
    You did seem to capture it “well” there. WIN is
    an acronym and the win-win; a steady stream
    of successes is so valuable in our shared Life.
    “Wellness Initiative Network,” is harnessing
    the force of realizing Sustainable Wellness
    as a Way of Life in our communities…
    interesting ’tis, that SAMHSA has
    a Wellness Initiative also…one of
    the best things they’ve offered us.

    In the National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery
    Googlegroup listserve, we’ve been discussing this
    topic often. I pronounced the thread of exploration
    an extension of the production that came out of NCMHR
    for presenting a set of 10 points as alternatives to H.R. 2646
    “The Helping Families is Mental Health Crisis Act.”

    The thread of exploration that elaborates upon the 10 Points
    I refer to as “Peering Beyond,” and the extension for
    the Realizing Wellness as a Way of Life point, I call…
    .. : * : .. “The Way Forward” .. : * : …

    I live in Portland, Oregon, and have been
    attempting connection with you for
    a good many years, off and on…
    I daresay it has not been easy
    to make your acquaintance yet.

    Perhaps this comment will be welcomed…?

    ( (( When a bell is rung )) )
    …others nearby resonate…
    …with the same vibration…