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  • Dr. Ruffalo, You stated that “as long as the patient consents to them (drugs), and is informed that they are not treating any known diseases, I am okay with them.”
    I am of the understanding that the purpose for prescribing a drug to a patient is indeed to treat an illness or disease … for example, antibiotics are prescribed to a patient who suffers from a bacterial infection … the right antibiotic that will kill that bacteria is prescribed to the patient to do just that. What is the purpose for prescribing a drug that doesn’t treat anything? As well, patients typically have faith in their doctor’s inclination to do the right thing – they trust that the doctor will give them what is needed to make them well. Why would you give them a drug that won’t cure anything? Informing the patient is your disclaimer to avoid accountability – and just because you inform them, that doesn’t make it okay to give them a drug that is useless. The only thing that comes out of that, is the money that is made selling the drug, because you have already stated it won’t do anything to make the patient better. I’m conjecturing that even if a patient is told that the drug you are prescribing them won’t cure anything, the patient likely figures there must be some reason for you prescribing it – or it wouldn’t be prescribed! I don’t comprehend how you can possibly be “okay” with giving a patient a prescription drug that you know won’t do anything, simply because you told that patient that it wouldn’t.

  • How can a reference to a ruler who coerced the society he was ruling, to wrongly view members of the society as “hereditarily ill”, be “dishonest?” I sought only to remind us how out of control that situation got; and how the society allowed themselves to be persuaded by a maniacal man who had a hidden agenda. I have no vested interest here, and I certainly am not a dishonest individual and I find your accusation very offensive. You didn’t even demonstrate the common courtesy to acknowledge my commendation of you for taking a stand on this issue. The Holocaust bears no similarity to the issue of illegal immigration in the United States – the immigrants who chose to enter America unlawfully are not being sought for the purpose of extermination, and that you could possibly suggest that they are, is most inordinate and just plain wrong. In California where I reside, they are the recipients of more benefits than Americans are, and thus, are far removed from being “victims” – and understand this clearly: I never said we are endangered by them. When an individual chooses to sneak into a foreign country instead of abiding by the laws that govern lawful entry, they indeed are at fault for the choice they made. By entering illegally, they don’t go through the health screening process to insure that any untoward diseases enter with them. People have a moral duty to respect the laws of any country they enter. It is a “privilege” to live in America, not a “right.” It truly escapes me how you could draw an analogy between the Holocaust and the current-day issue of immigrants entering America unlawfully – they are two distinctly different situations.

  • Excellent article, Tina – and you are a good human to take a stand and to foster interest and support.
    I don’t mean to be an alarmist, but this whole scenario brings to mind the Hitler regime and his method for handling people with mental health issues that spider-webbed out to include a whole bunch of people that had other health issues. He initially labeled them as being “hereditarily ill” to infer that anyone labeled as such contained inferior genes that shouldn’t be replicated. On July 14, 1933, the Nazi government issued its “Law for the Prevention of Progeny with Hereditary Diseases.” People with so-called ‘hereditary illnesses’ had to be sterilized, even if they objected. And the list of persons classified as hereditarily ill included those suffering from “congenital feeble-mindedness, schizophrenia, manic depression, hereditary epilepsy, Huntington’s chorea, hereditary blindness, hereditary deafness, and serious physical deformities.” People with chronic alcoholism could also be sterilized. The law established some 200 Genetic Health Courts at which teams of lawyers and doctors would subpoena medical records in order to choose candidates for sterilization. The Court proceedings were secret, and the decisions could rarely be reversed. Throughout Germany, doctors were being trained in “race hygiene.” They were identifying and zealously reporting those in their communities who had any of the so-called genetic diseases and would be candidates for sterilization. In the six years before World War II, the Nazi doctors sterilized some 400,000 people, mostly German citizens living in asylums.

    But it gets worse than that. By the late 1930s, the Nazi government was using propaganda movies to persuade the public that those who were hereditarily ill – and therefore, “dangerous to the health of the nation” – should be exterminated rather than kept alive as “neutered beings.” The targets for extermination were objectified as “beings of lesser worth,” “life unworthy of life,” “ballast existences,” “useless eaters.” We all know how successful the regime was for achieving their goals. When we hear of horror stories like this, we always tend to presume, “that couldn’t happen here.” But I say we should always be vigilant because the cunning of the fox can be as dangerous as the violence of the wolf – and we should guard equally against both. I say this here and now because I live in California and am quite familiar with the turncoat ways of Governor Brown – I don’t trust him. He consistently writes laws that are not in the best interest of American citizens. and he has repeatedly puts the welfare of illegal immigrants before Americans. Examples: he recently hiked our already-high gas tax up 42% and our vehicle registration fees a whopping 121% – to pay to support illegal immigrants! He stated that’s what the increases were for! He’s made California a “Sanctuary State” and is actively harboring illegal immigrants, which is a violation of Federal Laws. Now he wants to give them free college tuition – but Americans can’t get it and he expects us to pay for their college! He’s about to sign an agreement to allow cellular phone towers to be installed, like, every mile or something – in residential neighborhoods – everywhere – which will put us in serious harm’s way cause of the unprecedented radiation exposure. AND, he wants to pull California out of the Union to be separate from the rest of the United States, and you can bet it’s not in our best interest. So it would not surprise me at all if he would jump on the institutionalization bandwagon and corral us all up for some made-up crazy reason.

    This article written so eloquently by Tina should be circulated by all of us to everyone – because there is such an extraordinary force behind the curtains running this country – and the ‘Powers That Be’ want America bad. Love him or hate him, Trump refused to join up with the Global union, which was a very good thing that he did – because if we acquiesce and join the One World government – I hope you all understand that our Constitution and Bill of Rights will no longer protect us, because we will be ruled by the Global government’s rules by rulers we don’t even know who are across the world – and we will no longer be under the umbrella that protects our rights now. This matters – and there is a concentrated effort to bring Trump down by the people who supported Hillary and who want to give America up to the Globalists. If that happens, there will be no “human rights laws” to protect us. Agenda 21 will kick into play, and that’s all bad. It should be noted that in the Globalist world, the name “United Nations” is referred to as “United Nations Systems” as if to infer it’s a different entity with different rules that govern it. My purpose for mentioning all this is to educate those who are not familiar with the Globalist agenda, and I can’t help but think that the forced institutionalization agenda is in alignment with the globalist agenda. I’m not saying this from a political perspective, but folks – we gotta stand behind Trump and support him in staying out of the globalist world. We must remain the America that is governed by our Constitution and our Bill of Rights which I feel will protect us from the forced institutionalization Tina spoke of here. If you doubt the veracity of which I speak, watch this video that explains Agenda 21, as I think it relates to Tina’s article:

  • Dr. Steingard – I mean you no disrespect with what I’m about to say but quite frankly, I was stunned when I learned that you are a Medical Doctor who had possessed so little knowledge about the
    negative effects of the medication called Haldol. Particularly considering that your bio states that you participate in your “community mental heath practice.” I think it would behoove you to change your focus from studying how Big Pharma’s advertising influences clinical practice to Big Pharma’s influence on millions of people’s lives through their dedication to the Almighty Buck in lieu of ethical behavior in the mental health industry.

    Ms. Steingard, I learned about the deleterious effects of Haldol around 2009-2010 – from a good friend who studied Neuroscience. The few things he told me about Haldol were extraordinary enough that it compelled me to do my own research on the drug. I wanted to learn more about this drug that was so toxic to brain tissue. Coincidentally, I encountered a patient who was taking Haldol when I was at a hospital visiting someone – and the man was clutching both sides of his head, and exclaiming, “It’s
    eating my brain!!” Needless to say, the man was escorted back to his room and I’m sure no one believed that his brain was actually being eaten. But years later, I learned that Haldol indeed destroys brain tissue – and I thought back on that gentleman – and realized he was probably right.

    It should be noted that the extent of my formal education was high school. I have learned more by looking for the learning and self-education than I did in the public educational system. That said, it truly escapes me that you could have gone through four years of undergraduate study plus four years of medical school to acquire your MD degree – not to mention the years of residency you surely put in – and still have no real knowledge about the perils of Haldol; to the point where you were wary about believing the well-researched information in Dr. Nasrallah’s article! You even refer to his paper that
    contained the (valid) information that “Haloperidol (Haldol) is bad ..” as “new knowledge”!! Truly, what were you thinking? I realize you wrote this article in 2013, but my goodness; I learned that Haldol was “bad” years before 2013.

    Haldol is a “Neuroleptic.” In your reference to Dr. Nasrallah’s article, it seemed to be news to you that the 2nd generation neuroleptics are safer than the old ones like Haldol – and then later in your article, you actually state this:
    “The current evidence suggests there is no differential efficacy between the older and newer neuroleptics.” I don’t know where you’re getting your information, but everything I’ve read just today is that the newer ones are not as harmful as Haldol. (From my perspective, no neuroleptic is good.) What I’ve learned is that the only reason they still prescribe Haldol is because it’s cheaper than the new ones – which actually doesn’t make much sense since Big Pharma’s primary directive is the Almighty Buck.

    But of paramount importance, are the ramifications of consuming a neuroleptic like Haldol – which I shouldn’t need to educate a medical doctor about. Since you claim to have read Dr. Nasrallah’s paper, you learned that older generation neuroleptics incuding Haldol cause grave effects on the brain, such as apoptosis, necrosis, mitochondrial damage; much more. I have read about the devastation caused by Haldol in other papers as well, and Dr. Nasrallah’s data was the same – and he referenced twenty-eight studies reporting the various destructive effects of Haloperidol on brain tissue that were published in
    prominent Neuroscience journals, based on work in animal models, cell culture, and post-mortem human tissue. There’s a great book I came across that is definitely required reading for you called “Brain-Disabling Treatments in Psychiatry: Drugs, Electroshock and the Psychopharmaceutical Complex.” (Author: Peter R. Breggin, MD) One of the chapters is “Deactivation Syndrome Caused by Neuroleptics.” The author cites research going back into 1980’s and even as far back as 1937 – so again; it really escapes me how you admittedly possess very little knowledge that Haldol is bad. Perhaps if you hunker down and start conducting real research by reading white papers instead of asking viewers to tell you about articles they think you should read, you’ll garner reliable and credible data. I mean, really; getting your information from articles people think you should read??! What’s wrong with that picture?
    A medical doctor should already be well-versed on where to obtain reliable information.

    Your apparent lack of comprehensive education is very similar to many people who profess to be medical doctors today – it seems that what the universities are teaching you is not dedicated to learning cures – doctors today are only taught “treatments” not “cures.” They are not schooled on many things they used to be. My own doctor had never heard of the unprecedented Fukushima event! Keeping oneself aware of current day events that have the widespread propensity to negatively affect the health of the entire country is an imperative every medical doctor should be doing. Doctors should be educating their patients on suggested supplementation to repel potential illnesses that the presence of excessive background radiation can cause. But, my doctor was totally unaware of the Fukushima event! Doctors don’t really seem to address preventative measures these days either.

    In addition to the required reading I suggested to you above, I’m giving you the link below, to a must-watch video – it will provide you with a wealth of information about the collusion between the psychiatric and pharmaceutical industries, and what they have collectively focused on since 1967. They’ve turned it into an industry that rakes in over one-third of a trillion dollars every year! Watching this video is the most important thing you will do this year – do it for your patients – do it for you:
    “Making A Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging” here’s the link: