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  • so long as you don’t take the “Satanism” too seriously, I say that these people, Satanic Temple, are on the right track. They were giving school children card and getting them to write letters to school boards, proclaiming themselves as Satanists, and stating their objection to corporal punishment. The cards advice the youth facing corporal punishment to call the police, and Satanic Temple.

    And this was being done when often the parents had singed a corporal punishment consent form.

    Should be able to do the same thing about Psychiatry, The Chemical Toxins, and Psychotherapy.

  • Yes, seeing through the lies of psychiatry!

    Not recovery or therapy, as these are also based on lies.

    We have to develop and advance a more racial message of total non-compliance.

    How about a card people can carry which claims a religious objection to Psychiatry, Psych drugs, and Psychotherapy. The card issues a strong set of warnings. Invites one to call a number or visit a web site, if they do, they get far stronger warnings, as well as they are questioned about their name and position, and admonished that the call is being recorded, and that they will be named in a law suit, and that they party in question must be released at once, or they will have to appear in court.

  • ^^^^^^ oldhead is 100% correct. And we have had candidates run on a platform of involuntarily medicating people in the interest of public safety. It is a dismal state of affairs.

    But as JohnChristine is saying, there are all sorts of backlash movements in play. And neoliberalism is one of them. Neoliberalism is a backlash against The Enlightenment.

    The way to fight Psychiatry and Psychotherapy is to show people what is wrong about it. Show people the fallacious premises they are based on.

    Eliminate the drugs, the electroshock, the insulin shock, the lobotomy, and the government licensing of the therapy (the mind fucking)

    The kinds of things which are done without government involvement or licensing may be objectionable, but probably still best to do nothing at this time.

    Recovery programs are often gov’t mandated, trampling on Church – State Separation. These should be stopped.

  • So as I see it, the issue is to delicense the con artistry know as psychotherapy right now.

    Of course we want the psychiatric poisons off of the market. And we want to make sure that Electro Shock, Insulin Shock, and Lobotomy are abolished for ever.

    But beyond that we want to delicense the doing of “therapy”.

    So a clinical psychiatrist, psychotherapist, clinical social worker, I believe that they will have a license. We want to prohibit our government from ever issuing any such licenses.

    I know that in the US psychoanalysis was not that popular. So replaced by this Ego Counseling, I guess influenced highly by Erik Erickson. So I suppose that such a person is a Psychologist or Psychotherapist. We want to eliminate those licenses.

    And then of what Psychoanalysis there is, there are as I know many schools. Suppose we just talk now about Freud, Reich, Jung, and Lacan. Do these people have government issued licenses?

    If yes eliminate them. If not, then they are just certified by their respective institutes?

    If so, meaning that the certification is entirely private, then I see there as being less cause to try and do anything about it, even though I know that I will not agree with what they do.

    We need to stop acting like psychotherapy and psychiatry are somehow just okay.

    And we need to come up with some slate of objectives and actions which we can agree on.

  • Also, replying to Catalyzt, having raised the issue of child abuse:

    Could there be a new trial for the Menendez Brothers?

    Menendez Brothers say why they killed their parents:

    Leslie Abramson

    So the new evidence is in a book, it is a 1988 letter, one year before the killings.

    Juror’s had said, “No father would do that to his sons.”

    But now this letter would seem to substantiate it. And now with the MeToo movement, we know so much more. These boys went into prison about 1990. If they could have gotten it down to manslaughter, they would be out by now.

    If the Menendez Brothers could get their conviction overturned, that would really be something. As it is today, survivors get sent to Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Recovery, and to Get Saved. They are not taken seriously. Maybe this can change?

  • I would also point out the Boston case of one Justinal Pelletier. I was on a board supposedly devoted to the exposure and prevention of Medical Child Abuse / MSBP.

    But the people who ran it were all being influenced by the political right. So when the Pelletier matter surfaced, they all decided that Boston Children’s Hospital staff were the ones in the wrong. They said this even though the hospital never did anything which was not ordered by the Dependency Court Judge. They accused this doctor Alice Newton. There people were nuts.

    I say it was wrong that someone gave Justina psychiatric drugs. Those drugs should not exist, any more than doctors who would give them out.

    But probably, separating Justina from her parents saved her life.

    The lawsuit her parents have filed is proceeding slowly, very slowly. On track no for a jury trial at the start of 2020.

    I will not try to predict the outcome, but I can assure you that most of the troubles were caused by Justina’s parents. Glad she is doing well today, but without intervention she might not be so.

    I say that there should not be therapy or other behavioral treatments on minors without court supervision. Just the fact that the child had been brought to the therapist’s office, that should alone be seen as meeting the threshold of mandatory reporting.

  • This type of threaded board, I consider to be inferior to the most common type. The more common type makes it easier to find new posts.

    We don’t want people looking for relief in Psychaitric Drugs, or in Street Drugs, or in Confessing to a Therapist, or a Life Coach, or the Recovery Movement, or in Getting Saved, or even from a Philosophical Counselor.

    We want them to be on the barricades, fighting shoulder to shoulder with comrades. It is there that people learn the most about themselves, and they learn that the injustices they have experienced are far more endemic than they ever could have imagined.

    We want 10 point programs and actions, not confessing in contained situations.

  • Catalyzt, I do not support the practices of Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis, or Psychotherapy, so I will try to answer your questions, but that does not mean that I see any legitimacy in your doings.

    So I am not a therapist, and I do not have a consulting office. But I have reported every credible case of suspected child abuse to the authorities. But most centrally I was highly involved in the case of a molesting father who was entirely supported by his Pentecostal Church. I helped to get him convicted and to get him a long sentence.

    I have also observed that those Therapists and Social workers in public employment do report to CPS. They report more stuff than CPS can do anything about. Though the bar may still be set too high, things are as they are.

    Whereas, those in private practice tend not to do this. This seems to be a central component of the private practice business model. And this comes across when some of these people advertise on this forum.

    If I encountered abusive parents who carry guns, I would act decisively, and under the right circumstances I would exercise the power of citizen’s arrest. And I do commend you for your tough stance about these sorts of things.

    Things will change for the supposedly afflicted, when they see that they are needed on the barricades.

    We should be closing down selected Psychiatrists and Psychotherapists, with the objective of closing all of it down.

    Hard to outlaw Psychotherapy, but we can prevent the licenses from being issued.

  • John Christine, MIA has no PM capability. So lets communicate further here:

    The scapegoating of children is what it is all about. See, Capitalism and the Middle-Class Family all depend on the religious doctrine of Original Sin. This is how children and adults are kept inline. And some are destined to be scapegoated early on. Psychotherapy, Psychiatry, the Recovery Movement, and Evangelical Religion are critical components of this.

    Consider this, if slaves want to obtain their freedom, would they tolerate having slave masters in their forums?

    Georges Delerue, Music for the film Dien Bien Phu

  • Oldhead, I think I hear a dig in that.

    Most people are not ready for extra legal actions, not while they seem to still have access to the courts and to the ballot boxes.

    Lawsuits are a good place to start. But I still see it as a Revolutionary Struggle because it involves so many other things which are at the core of our society, and no one knows where exactly it will all go.

    It is said that the Anti-Slavery Abolitionist movement did have to go extra legal. And this is in large part in response to the Fugitive Slave Act ( 1850 ), and to efforts to use violence, sacking of Lawrence, to force Kansas to become a slave state.

    We have had local people running for office on a ticket based upon involuntary psychiatric medications.

    If we are able to put a dent in Psychotherapy, let people see it for the fraud and abuse that it is, we might find the other side ratcheting things up.

    Gandhi was able to stay with non-violence all the way up to India’s Independence. But it could have gone other ways.

    In the last year of his life MLK was departing from his unconditional commitment to non-violence as a way of life.

  • Well oldhead, I think the place to start is strategic lawsuits. Most people will accept that as a proper way to redress a grievance. And then, the abused clients, usually people who have been abused and humiliated their entire lives, this gives them a chance to recovery something and be vindicated.

    The reason I am portraying this as a Revolutionary Struggle for Self-Determination, and drawing upon sources like Frantz Fanon and the Anti-Colonial Struggle, is that this is primarily about power and who is legitimate and who is not. This need the Middle-Class Family has to scapegoat and to employ doctors to this ends, gets right to the interpersonal rules of capitalism, to what it needs to have enforced, it is to remain in power.

  • Now this deals with certain types of therapy abuses, for example sexual, but there are also others.

    The type which gets closest to the core of what psychotherapy actually is, is transference abuse.

    I mean, what is psychotherapy really?

    1. Get the client to disclose all sorts of personal stuff, their most essential personal stuff, and do this by pretending to be a comrade. And as I see it, eliciting this disclosure is the core violation.

    2. Pretend to show empathy for what the client is saying. But this empathy is fake. Really the therapist does not side with the client, the therapist sides with the abusers, and with our larger society. The therapist has pity for the client. As the therapist sees it, what the client has suffered may not be ideal, but it is common, and so in the therapists eyes, the issue is to get the client to stuff their outrage, and to just accept that that is the way the world is. And usually they will be quick to make excuses for the parents. Really what the therapist is trying to achieve is the same things the parents tried to do, make the child submit. I mean maybe the parents were reading an out of date edition of the pedagogy manual. Maybe the therapist has written a new edition.

    3. So at some point the client sees that they’ve been led on and betrayed. This is what Freud called ‘transference’. It is the core of all therapy. If the therapist was really on your side, they’d have flattened knuckles, and bullet and knife scars. Or at a minimum, they’d have a law degree, not a therapy degree. But no, they are not on your side, or they would not be a therapist.

    4. So then the therapist will try, as the parents tried and failed, to get the client to swallow their dignity and pride, and just accept the fact that they have to conform, like everyone else.

    Therapist abuse is illegal. Fraud is illegal. Willfully harming someone is at least tortious.

    This is why I am convinced that judgments could be obtained against most all therapists, if only their is a client or two who is willing and able to do a good job of reconstructing what was said in the sessions. The reason that this does not happen today is that the sessions are private, there are no recordings, and usually no detailed records, and it all deals with extremely personal matters.

    So if people are willing to disclose, and disclose in detail, then I am convinced that judgments can be had. And then following up with sidewalk picketing, reaching out to other clients, pressuring the other building tenants and the landlord and insurance carriers, I believe that most psychotherapists could be put out of business. And people will come to see that issuing gov’t licenses to these people is wrong.

    And this is important, because what does this all depend on? The willingness of clients to come forward, instead of just accepting what happened and suffering in silence. And what will have the greatest effect on getting them to come forward? When they see that coming forward means that they stand a good chance of vindication.

    The clients, probably they are people who have been abused and humiliated their entire lives. And this is why therapists can smell them at 400 yards. So if they accuse their therapist, and over very sensitive personal matters, will they be vindicated, or will they just be humiliated again?

    I believe that if one could get to the clients, then most therapists could be put out of action. But I still would say that since this does entail a good deal of aggression, that it would be best to find a therapist who has been sued before, and where the complaint shows clearly that they have this coming. Then later on there will be more clients coming forward to out therapists.

    Psychotherapy continues because the content of the sessions is kept private, and because due to the nature of the subject matter, the client is already discredited.

    More attorneys:

  • Maybe anti-psychiatry had not previously meant abolition. Laing and Cooper don’t talk about abolition. Sounds like Anti-Psychiatrists were to conduct Anti-Sessions and collect Anti-Fees.

    But that is more like Critical Psychiatry or Psychotherapy.

    We the survivors need to protect ourselves and each other, and the vulnerable of today, starting with children and the poor.

    So we must never endorse anything except legal and political struggle, never any kind of Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis, Psychotherapy, Motivationalism, Self-Improvement, Life Coaching, Recovery, or Religion.

  • “Revolutionary Struggle” means that you accept that this is a political control and legitimacy issue, not a medial or self improvement issue.

    So you are claiming that the society is unjust, and then that the solution must be obtained by political and legal struggle.

    Frantz Fannon and the anti-colonial movement are good places to start. Algeria, Vietnam, all places to learn from, as well as our own fight to end slavery. Right now I am trying to learn about the Irish Republican Army.

    I want survivors to roar like lions, not to continue to be bleating like sheep.

  • Yes, the cognitive dissonance of Rick and Kay Warren is astounding.

    No, they did not pull the trigger, but only because they did not need to. In my opinion, they drove Matthew to his death by making him believe that he had an innate moral defect, and there for nothing to live for. They did this via the Psychotherapists, Psychologists, and Prayer Warriors of which they speak. Their interview videos about this are something to behold.

  • So right here on this forum today I see a blog titled “The Science and Pseudoscience of Women’s Mental Health: Conversation with Kelly Brogan”

    So they are still acting like their is such a thing as Mental Health. And they are acting like the proper way of looking at issues of disenfranchisement and alienation, is a self-improvement project/ medical issue, as the primary problem resides between the client’s ears.

    They have no interest in a revolutionary struggle for emancipation, just Recovery, Therapy, and Self-Improvement.

    So lets organize. I am a 100% committed Psychiatric Abolitionist Guerrilla.

    We can’t change everything, but we can find some targets of opportunity. I would suggest going after people who have been sued before, where the complaint and evidence shows that their is a problem. I suggest a breadth of targets.

    1. Psychiatrist in gov’t employment, puts the poor on drugs.

    2. Psychotherapist who serves middle class parents by breaking their kids, does not report to CPS.

    3. Life Coach, an extremist, who takes people’s money and dispenses bullshit, makes survivors wrong for trying to fight back.

    4. Recovery program, connected with gov’t, amounts to tax payer money promoting religion, might be in prisons..

    Find these targets, then take them down, then brag about it.

    Take them down via law suits, web site, sidewalk protests, and by getting clients to submit affidavits and maybe join in on law suits. As much of this connects to gov’t, go after appointed administrators and politicians.

    Then we will be Women and Men of Action, instead of just people looking for pity.

  • Religion is an opiate. People might have private spiritual practices, but religion is for control, for politics, and for taking in money.

    The worst sorts of religion are the evangelical, being pitched at the disposed, telling them to see their marginalization as a sign of their own moral failings.

    As they say at Guild Memorial United Methodist Church in San Francisco, “Poverty is caused by social marginalization.”

    Se instead of reading the bible at people or preaching repentance, salvation, and recovery, they let people give narratives of how they were able to fight back and restore their social legitimacy.

    The kings of things they are most often talking about are race, sexual orientation, and familial sexual abuse.

    But we need a different kind of forum is we are to stop debating endlessly and become Women and Men of Action.

  • Most middle class child abuse does involve doctors of one sort or another. Mandatory reporting was supposed to stop that. But as I learned from the Psychotherapists who advertise on this forum, their business model revolves around exonerating parents.

    And the real bite of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy would vanish without gov’t licenses.

    Relegated to witch doctor status, they are fairly harmless.

    How about we set up a Survivor safe forum so we can strategize and act?

    Thank you Rachel777!

  • Outlaw the licensing. And make a public stand of 100% refusal.

    No more gov’t licensing for Psychaitry or Psychotherapy. No more lawful prescribing of the drugs.

    The drugs are just like street drugs, either criminalized or de-criminalized.

    Publicly reject the notion that there is such a thing as “mental health”, and that it means being free from distress or conflict, or that any kind of drug could ever create it.

    And make a full denunciation of anyone who uses Mental Health Questionaires.

  • Frank and Rachel, you are both right. And how could you ban astrology, like trying to outlaw belief in things like luck, or fate, trying to tell people that they can’t dance around and call out to Jesus, hoping that he will make it rain on them.

    And yes, people look at these drugs as their saviors, just as some people look at street drugs and alcohol the same way.

    So what to do?

    Outlaw the prescribing of PsychMeds, outlaw the Practice of Psychiatry by outlawing its licensing. And most Psychiatry is not voluntary.

    Stop the licensing of Psychotherapy, and enforce with them and the LifeCoaches, mandatory reporting of suspected cases of child abuse, as currently written. That will put most of it out of business.

    A few consenting adults will still go for it, but who cares. It has no more coercive authority.

    As for the Psych drugs, maybe treat them as decriminalized street drugs?

    And never ever go along with anything like a Mental Health Questionnaire. Expose those who use these, and never publish their works. Black Ball them.

  • Slaying, it changes when we stop playing Live and Let Live. It changes when we figure out and implement methods of putting some Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists, Life Coaches, and gov’t run Recovery Programs out of business.

    Not really that hard at all. I have made some progress in these areas myself.

    And more people are suing Psychotherapists, “Transference Abuse”.

    But we need a forum safe for Survivors, where they will never have to argue as to why they reject Psychotherapy, Recovery, Salvation Seeking, and the concept of Mental Health. Because all of those things, all they are is Second Rape.

  • ^^^^^ I agree with Old Head. RW’s books are phenomenal. Total indictment of psychmeds. Zero endorsement of ideas like Mental Health, Psychotherapy, Recovery , LIfe Coaching. Nothing said.

    This forum, total disconnect, it draws people who do support Psychiatry, Mental Health, Pyscotherapy, Recovery, and Life Coaching.

    All of these are just more ways of abusing Survivors, telling them that their is a problem and a solution, all right inside of their own head.

  • If someone is promoting Therapy, Life Coaching, Recovery, or Salvation Seeking, it denigrates the narratives of survivors. It amounts to saying, your story has no validity. You are just someone who is too stubborn to just stuff it.

    And so if we keep our replies within the civil and non-threatinging envelope, then that says that what these people are doing is okay with us.

    There have to be consequences for the original abuses, and there have to be consequences for these secondary abuses, not just words, but authority being exercised from behind government licenses and in government administrative posts.

    Here at MIA, we don’t even have PM’s. We can’t even exchange email addresses.

    So our entire existences are at the discretion of moderators. Often these moderators have a vested interest in Therapy and Recovery, and sometimes in Psychiatry too. And besides just the money, it is their own denial systems.

    We need to set up a safer forum, so that we can organize and then act. A very large portion of our population is completely delegitimated, in an out of clinics and therapists offices, effectively unemployable, if not in mental hospitals, prisons, or living under bridges. And as long as no one offers any counter narrative of interpretation, then it will just be continued scorn, contempt, and pity.

    Revolution in the Revolution

  • This is what should be scaring the shit out of people:

    As Rick says of he and Kay’s 27yo son Matthew, “He had the best psychiatrists, the best psychotherapists, and the best prayer warriors in the world”.

    So after Matthew shot himself in the head, instead of being tried for Murder One, Rick and Kay started their Hope for Mental Health Ministry. And it works with UC Irvine, with its new 8 story Integrative Psychiatry building. So its Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Recovery, Born Again Christianity, and tax payer money all fused into one.

  • Yes, anything we say is subject to being seen as mental illness, the need for therapy, the need for recovery, or the need for Jesus. And it will be like this until we start to organize and protect ourselves and each other.

    Psychotherapy is still based on the premise that the therapist somehow knows more than the client, that the therapist should have some authority in reporting, and that the client is somehow living in error ( read Sin, or Original Sin ), and so that they need to confess to their therapist.

    Szazs practiced counseling on consenting adults. Okay, and we also have Fortune Tellers, Channelers, and Clairvoyants. The amount of harm which they can do is only moderate. And there is an overwhelming benefit in allowing free speech.

    It only becomes a problem when the gov’t is issuing licenses, or when it being done upon children.

    Need to look to the anti-colonial movement
    Vietnam and Algeria

    Anti-Social Family

    about Against Therapy

    Where I am, they build below market housing for the poor and the homeless, but these compunds have many of the features of internment camps, they do not meet building codes, and they have Psychotherapy and Psychiatric staff on site.

  • Yes, very good point Dragon Slayer. This forum continues to be a protected safe refuge, if not for those who dispense lethal psychiatric toxins, for those who dispense mind subjugating manipulations know as psychotherapy, life coaching, and recovery.

    And the litmus test for this is what they see as the objective. Is it Punishment for Perpetrators and Reparations for Survivors, or is to simply to subjugate and silence Survivors?

    Reparations for survivors:

    And the author understands the significance of this, because she has written on French Resistance. She is not a Therapist. Writing the forward to:

    As a teenager, in the 1930’s, Michel Foucault was sent to some kind of a Psychoanalysist. Mostly it was to ‘cure’ him of his budding homosexuality. And the only way which this could be done would be to break Michel. But Michel figured out early on what the game was, and he found ways to defend himself.

    Well, in the US today, some states have outlawed this kind of therapy, when it would be done on a child. But it still goes on. And clergy still does it, and clergy are subject to mandatory reporting.

    How about making people understand that you can’t hire child abusers, and that our gov’t cannot be allowed to license them. How about then saying that ANY BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION THERAPIES DONE ON CHILD must have court supervision. It as after all only the court which could have any authority over the parents.

    And then we see the case of Elliot Rodger, 2014 rampage shooter at the University of California Santa Barbara. Far as I can see, he was really just trying to win the approval of his father. When things did not work for him, he listened to a Right Wing Misogynist movement, and went to an extreme violent vengeance narrative.

    How does one make sense of out it, what clues can we find? Well for one thing, his parents were sending him to a therapist. They were sending Elliot, but the parents were not also in therapy, just Elliot. And there was zero court supervision. The private practice therapist uses a business model which depends upon exonerating the parents, and on placating them, making their problem go away. When in fact, that fact that the child is in his office should automatically kick in mandatory reporting. And this applies whether or not the effected party has any kind of a license.

    And then we see that the Step Mother had kicked him out of the home, and was trying to cut him completely out of the family. There should have been legal intervention. And then the Father Peter told Barbara Walters that Elliot was “the family enigma”. and Peter’s attitude of contempt comes through loud and clear. There should have already been intervention.

    And yes, we need a new forum so we don’t have to coddle Gov’t Licensed Child Abusers For Hire, like the one Elliot Rodger’s parents were sending him to see.

    I’m Okay You’re Okay, are not going to put such people out of business. We need to look to anti-colonial and self-determination struggles which have played out around the globe.

  • Yes of course I am a 100% committed Psychiatric Abolitionist.

    But this forum gives prime space to Psychotherapists, to those who administer so called “mental health” questionnaires to survivors, to those who advocate continuing to ingest lethal psychiatric toxins while waiting for Recovery to kick in, and to those who see Recovery as the replacement for Psychiatry.

    So while I understand that we cannot make a law against consenting adults talking to each other, we must stop our government from being able to license such con artists. They hire themselves out as child abusers, believing that they can mediate between the child and the parents, when they have zero authority over the parents, but in fact have a business model which depends upon exonerating them. And they promote the idea that feeling better, being free from pain and anger, and passively complying with societal expectations are the objective. Again, they have their right to speak their views, but we must act to stop our government from licensing them. Psychotherapists, whether they believe in ‘mental illness’ or not, they still get into situations where they have a great deal of power over people. Even when they don’t believe in ‘mental illness’, they still believe that the best response to injustice is to tune out, just learn to deploy denial. They would not be a therapist, they would not have completed even one psychotherapy class, if they did not believe in this.

    And then Recovery, that is just survivors who have figured out that they can build for themselves a socially legitimated identity just by abusing other survivors.

    Again, we cannot outlaw it. But we have prisons which deploy Recovery programs, and we have County Health Dept’s who meet with Recovery movement types in day long sessions, and then proclaim their allegiance to the concept of Recovery and its applications.

    We cannot tell people what to think and say, but we can get these gov’t types who do this their pink slips.

    And while we cannot outlaw talk between consenting adults, we can enforce mandatory reporting as it is written, applying to all those who regularly work with children. Otherwise these sorts become accomplices to the middle-class family, and they go about the job of breaking children while convincing them to exonerate the parents, and with no authority protecting the child.

    I say we need to look to the anti-colonial movement, and learn how to get out from under the control of those who support the middle-class family and its psychic abuses. Where I live, local gov’t is composed entirely of such people, and they use their authority mostly to support racially based voter disenfranchisement to control who can live where, and to keep pushing up real estate prices, so that their entire jurisdiction is just an economic harvesting zone. And they always use their authority to try and turn poverty and dissent into ‘mental health’ issues.

    So we need to look to the anti-colonial movement, people like Frantz Fanon:
    ( really good )

    And we need to set up a much safer forum, so that people can say what they really feel, and so that we can come out from behind our keyboards and start taking political and legal actions.

  • Well yes of course, but also about rejecting Psychotherapy. Why do we allow our government to license these people? I mean sure, most of it is just talk. But it gives parents away of abusing their children with no consequence.

    Psychotherapy prevents survivors from being able to effectively organize, because everyone has been led to believe that the only problems are the ones we all carry around in our own heads.

  • When someone is being marginalized, they will feel it. This is an evolutionary response, as marginalization means that your life is being threatened.

    So when this happens, you will feel distress. So enter the Psychotherapist. Their job is to try to sell you on their denial system. They want to make you believe that the reason you feel distress is that you are not practicing denial. You are not punching pillows and venting histrionically. You are not practicing healing or forgiveness. And you are not listening to the wise council of your therapist.

    If your therapist did not have these denial systems, then they would have to face their own pain. And they do not want to do that. They are committed to the premise that fitting into society is the only thing which is important.

    And your therapist wants you to believe that the pains you have experienced are isolated anomalies, and that you should be able to heal from them, and then fit into society. But what they say is completely untrue. The things you have experienced are merely the hidden dark side of our society, things which shows how fake it all is. And you find this out when you attempt to obtain redress. You keep getting shunted back to therapy and healing.

    But there is nothing which needs to be healed. It is not a personal, moral, or medical problem. Rather, you need to politically organize and fight back. You need to restore your social and civil standing, so that you are no longer marginalized. The way you do this is by fighting back and by scoring some victories. Alone, no, very hard. We all need to find comrades.

    Even if the original perpetrators are beyond the grave, you still have these secondary violators, like therapists, psychiatrists, life coaches, and evangelical churches. All of these people are committed violators. They prey on those who are already marginalized, because that way they will not be told off.

    So rather than hiding behind our keyboards, lets find some areas where we can agree, so that we can deploy a Political Unit, and an Active Unit. These are after all, political and legal matters, not self improvement or medical matters.

    We must organize, and we have to do this someplace where we can talk freely.

    Otherwise, its just more Recovery, and all that is, is just survivors abusing each other.

    Great book, just republished, shows how the awareness of childhood incest which came out of the feminist movement of the 1970’s, got transformed from a political and legal project, into a Recovery and Therapy project in the 1980’s.

    We need to organize and start fighting back. We need to score tangible victories, not just find ways to numb out.

    Why are there no consequences for these doctors who are putting children on mind destroying drugs? Why can parents send their child to a psychotherapist, without the matter being reported to authorities as suspected child abuse?

    Why do local authorities get away with treating poverty and homelessness as mental health issues?

    Why do fundamentalist churches get to encourage child abuse by teaching that children need to be broken?

    And why do adult survivors of all such things do nothing, except to keep on seeing their therapist and keep on taking their medications?

    Why when someone gets thrown into the mental health system, are their not rapid response teams which come into action?

    Why don’t we recognize that most all of these problems come down to economics and child abuse, and then the survivors who should know, doing absolutely nothing?

  • Yes, of course Psychiatric Drugs. Really to me, they are just the same as Street Drugs, and they often serve as gateway drugs. Even drugs is not strong enough of a term. Really it should be intoxicants, or intoxicating poisons.

    But lets not just type of our keyboards. Lets politically organize and take legal and political actions.

    No more Psychotherapy, Recovery, Getting Saved, nothing like that.

  • Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis, Psychotherapy, Lifecoaching, and lots of other stuff too, all they do is teach people to live in denial and not to rock the boat. The client gets convinced that the pain comes from only the original incident, not from the fact that our entire society, including the psychotherapist, support the abusers. So they don’t understand that they feel pain because they are still being unfairly marginalized, and they will remain so until they accept denial as the remedy.

    People accept this kind of abuse, and so they become incapable of revolution. They see their problems as simply their own problems, being of their own making.

    A child felt that they had to submit to the authority of their parents, so they got psychically maimed.
    So an adult feels that they are at fault for not complying with societal expectations, and so they submit to the interpretations and judgements of their psychotherapist. So they get further harmed, in what some have called second rape.

    Republishing of a great book:

    Shows how in the 1970’s feminists made us aware of familial child sexual abuse, and they made this a political issue, and they taught people to see it that way. But then by the 1980’s this was getting converted into some sort of a problem inherent in the survivor. So we had 12 step recovery, psychotherapy, psychiatric medications, and of course evangelical Christianity.

    Here, Susan Faludi, author of “Backlash, the undeclared war against American women”, saying pretty much the same things:

    Anything which might be dealt with in the office of a psychotherapist, should be dealt with in some other arena. Usually it will be political, legal, or revolutionary.