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  • Wilhelm Reich, did he renounce Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis? How about one of his followers, the occultist and chiropractor Israel Regardie, did he renounce Psychoanalysis? He had started as a Jungian, then neo-Jungian, then Reichian, then neo-Reichian?

    Deleuze and Guattari speak of Reich, in effect acknowledging him, but they also break with him.

    Want to read this:

  • “No harmful effects on social functioning.” Well that is how the mental health system defines mental illness, as that which is harmful to “social functioning”. We must not go along with that.

    Street and prescription drugs make it harder for people to feel their feelings. This alone is enough reason to never ever use them.

  • There is no such thing as ~Mental Illness~.

    We all need to feel our feelings, and on a daily and continual basis. It takes work.

    Some people will hear voices sometimes. They need to listen to them and try to understand them.

    I believe that when they are able to feel their feelings and when they are actively engaging with comrades and fighting to redress injustice, then these voices will subside or moderate.

  • FYOG, as Alice Miller used it, means that pedagogy is instructions on how to break a child. And the newer non-violent pedagogy is still just a slicker way of doing the same thing that the violent pedagogy did.

    So some were feed into the mental health system by their parents, while others had to go to it themselves as adults. But either way, Psychiatry and Psychotherapy are just enforcers trying to do what the parents were not fully able to do. Its just that the language is different, what is being done is more covert, making a patient feel that it is just their own commitment to truth and their trusting of their own feelings, which are the real problem.

  • I was disappointed in the Dick Russell biography of Hillman because it is one of several volumes. The other volumes did not seem available. I want to see if Hillman ever renounced the practice of Psychotherapy. It is a con, a predatory con. I still don’t know if he held to it and was still profiting from the misery of others.

    Giving talks for the Mytho Poetic Men’s Movement is fine with me. I don’t pay it that much heed, but Hillman is as good as any of their other people.

  • A big part of what is needed for there to be change is just total non-compliance. And this includes non-compliance with psychotherapy and programmatic calls for unconditional pledges to non-violence as a way of life, and with Recovery and Salvation programs as well.

  • The Internet is saturated with Right Wing sites. And nothing limits what these sites can say. And of course their central tenant is that the family is always good and that children are property.

    So they have been putting out a completely distorted story about Justina Pelletier for years now.

    BCH and MA child protection on the other hand cannot open their files or disclose Justina’s medical records. They BCH’s director has said that they welcome the lawsuit because then finally they can say what they did and why they did it.

    This mitochondrial illness is extremely rare. Though the Pelletier’s say a relative had it, this still sounds iffy and unconfirmed.

    What is very common Is medical child abuse, and especially when the parents have access to private practice doctors.

    I have not heard any allegation that they were feeding bad stuff to Justina or tampering with tests, but the medical records have not been opened yet.

    What seems probable was just that Justina was entering puberty, so she would no longer be the figure skating princess that her stage mom wanted her to be. So they wanted to somehow suppress her development. Mitochondrial illness interferes with how the body turns food into energy.

    A specialists at Tufts made the diagnosis. But at BCH they said that the diagnosis was completely invalid. For starters, you cannot diagnose mitochondrial illness without a muscle biopsy. This specialist says that he does not need that. This was one of the first thing which set off doctors at BCH.

    So from that point on, everything BCH did was approved by, ordered by, Judge Jamie Johnston. And this judge bent over backwards to make sure he was making the correct decisions. He appointed a special master, someone who did not report to BCH or to Department of Children and Families, DCF.

    The Pelletier’s made this worse by threatening DCF officers and accusing MA of “abduction”. Their concern for their daughter seemed most secondary compared to their insistence on defending her status as property.

    MA was displeased because the Pelletiers lived in Connecticut, and Connecticut DCF had and open file on them. But they had not done enough. Performing parentectomies costs money. Judge Johnston tried to get Justina transferred to a convalescent home in Connecticut. But Lou Pelletier threatened to sue any convalescent home which accepted her. Does he really have any concern for his daughter?

    And the daughter is not going to challenge her parents, there is the elite suburban high school, and then college, and then money for cars and washers and driers, and for babies, and then inheritance.

    So finally the court finally did terminate all parental rights of the Pelletiers, and transfer Justina to MA Foster Care.

    And normally for the good of the child, that kind of a decision is irreversible.

    But I guess someone finally talked some sense into them and I know they got a great deal of counseling, and they finally chilled out, and they did get the decision reversed. But as far as I can see, Justina getting notably worse after each parental visit, and the parents only able to engage in threats and bullying, MA and BCH did do what was right, and it may have saved Justina’s life.

  • Some people were fed into the mental health system by their parents.

    But with some no, they never had any contact with the mental health system until they were of legal age and no longer lived with their parents.

    In either case though, the mental health system is protecting the ideology of the middle-class family, silencing its survivors, and making the survivors believe that they are the cause of the problems themselves.

    Most of the time, Psychotherapists are just apologizing for the parents, saying that they did not have the current edition of the pedagogy manual, and lecturing to you from that current edition. Sometimes they have even helped to write that new edition, which talks about empathy, nurturing, attachment, and communications skills.

    And this is the entirely consistent with what Foucault has always said, these kinds of ideas are just newer slicker ways of inflicting even greater cruelty. And this is why Alice Miller always stood firm in her opposition to all pedagogy.

  • Thank you Rachel777 for that share.

    We hear lots of people hear saying similar things. We also hear the parents saying that their child needs to be kept on drugs, otherwise they could not be at home, but would have to be at the homeless shelter. I always want to ask them how long it has been this way.

    I say that any time a minor child is being taken for any kind of behavioral therapy, that it should be reported to the Juvenile Dependency Court.

    The doctors earn a good living representing the interests of the parents. And the hiring of such doctors, instead of using public clinics, is one of the ways the middle-class family defines itself.

    So who represents the child? It would have to be someone who has authority over the parents. This would have to be the court.

    We also hear people who had never had any contact with the mental health system until after they were of the age of majority and no longer lived with their parents. Okay, but there still does seem to be hidden in their narratives a certain inability to go on with their lives. And one has to ask where this is coming from, and really what is hidden underneath it.

    Abuse is a bad way to talk about it, as it makes it sound like it is something aberrational. I prefer to talk about Child Exploitation, and this is the reason the middle-class family exists. Probably you could never outlaw such. But there are ways of exposing it and holding the parents accountable.

    But as it is today, our society still runs on lies and denial.

  • If you corner an animal and then start jabbing at it with a stick, you know what will happen.

    But if it’s the animal that walks on too legs, then you can torture it for a lifetime, and any violence will be interpreted as “mental illness” and necessitating drugs, psychotherapy, and an unlimited commitment to non-violence as a way of life.

    Like Foucault explains, the state used to punish with execution. But now that is no longer necessary. So it punishes by forcing people to go on living.

  • Yes, psychiatry is a police. Mostly it enforces the Self-Reliance Ethic, which is the substance of Capitalism and the Middle-Class Family. It is a completely bogus ethic.

    But we must not let public fears of the violence in the so called “mentally ill” drive us. This was the foolishness of Mind Freedom.

    The whole premise of supposed “mental illness” is that someone lacks a basic proper mind functioning needed to sustain them. Well part of this proper mind functioning is a willingness to use any level of violence when needed.

    So the only person who would make an open ended commitment to non-violence as a way of life, and actually mean it, is someone who does not understand the severity of what is being done to them.

    So such a commitment is wrong from the start. All options have to always be on the table. Making an open ended commitment to non-violence is admitting to some kind of mental defect.

    In his movies, did John Wayne make an open ended commitment to non-violence? Did this undermine his popularity?

    And then the other issue is, Psychotherapy is just as harmful and deceptive as Psychiatry with drugs. Psychotherapy is a con, and it hurts people by getting them to disclose their personal affairs to a total non-comrade. So you cannot oppose Psychotherapy and the Mental Health System, while still supporting Psychotherapy.

  • Boston Children’s Hospital protected Justina Pelletier from the illness which it seemed that her parents were inducing in her. Were it not for that protection, Justina could now be dead.

    Most worth reading:

    Now if her parents cared about her, they would have admitted right off that they don’t know if it is they who are making her sick. There was evidence to say that they were making her sick. But the only way to tell is the “separation test”. And this may well have saved Justina’s life. So the parents were completely wrong from the very start.

    And of course her parents were livid, because they hold right wing views. And that children are property is a central tenant of the right.

    Now yes, BCH did do one thing wrong, they gave Justina psychiatric neuro toxins. They should not have done that, those drugs should not exist. That doctor has resigned. The statements used to justify it have been retracted.

    As far as the gov’t stopping psychiatry, I am only saying that we should force our government to stop allowing the drugs, electro shock, insulin shock, and lobotomy, as well as stopping psychiatric holds. I am also saying that the gov’t must stop issuing licenses for Psychiatrists and Psychotherapists. This can be had, if we force it.

    As far as child protection, this will often necessitate forcefully separating children from their parents by involuntary means. Any time this is done, it is always under the authority of the court.

    We should also make it so that anytime a child is taken to any kind of behavioral therapy, it has to be submitted to the court. Someone has to represent the child. The doctor is a paid servant of the parents, and this is how the middle class family defines itself.

    Old book now, but still very good:

    We used to call it Munchausen’s Syndrome By Proxy, then Facetious Disorder, now Medical Child Abuse.

    This last term is the best, as it does not assume motive.

    So if medical personnel do something wrong, it is Medical Mal Practice.

    If it is the parents deliberately causing the problems, it is Medical Child Abuse.

    But what about when you have many specialties of doctors who encourage children to be pathologized?

    I mean mental health, psychotherapy, autism-asperger’s-adhd, and lots more.

    Need to have someone who represents the child, and this means that they have to have authority over the parents. The only entity which can have authority over the parents is a court.

    So we have to make it this way. Our government is what set things up the way they are, and it is we who can force our government to correct the problems.

  • If someone is presenting themselves as a psychotherapist and getting people to disclose all their personal things, but they are not a fighter, then they cannot be a comrade. They are duping their clients. Its not just the collection of money, its in getting people to disclose their personal affairs. And it is also in how the therapist will present themselves as an interested party, interested in the affairs of your life. They present themselves as interested, when really they just see the client as someone who is living in error.

    Hillman tried to do right, but he never burned his psychotherapy shingle. So no, we should not deal with him or his ideas at all.

  • The only way to protect children from their parents is via the government. Child protection is one of the most important changes of the later 20th Century. Unfortunately it still seems that with Psychotherapy and these Autism-Asperger’s doctors, those in private practice use a business model which is centered on exonerating the parents. So we have to go the next step, mandatory reporting anytime a child is sent to such therapy.

    Inheritance is already subject to court authority. And whenever someone dies intestate, it has to go thru the Probate Court. I’m just calling for it to be handled as it is in most other industrialized countries.

    People can already sue for civil damages, its just that there are laws which make it hard for a child to sue their parents. So these can be changed.

    UBI, Universal Medicare, Public Housing, Free College, these are just further developments in the move to Social Democracy, they are both the fruits of and necessitated by advancing industrial technology. The US had been on track with Western Europe up through the mid 60’s. Then Richard Nixon unveiled his Southern Strategy, and broke up the New Deal Coalition and steered us in a reactionary and idiotic direction. Most familial child abuse, physical, emotional, medical, and even sexual, is justified by invoking the Self-Reliance Ethic. That ethic has always been nonsensical.

    Everything else on the list is a prohibition on what the government can do, no more licensing of Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists, or support for Recovery or Salvation programs, or Psychiatric Holds.

    Following the precedent set with Jefferson’s Preamble, by Constituted Popular Sovereignty, the government belongs to us, and we can make it do or not do whatever we want.

    I’m not naïve here, I know that the fight will be long hard and dangerous.

    Eugene Delacroix 1830

  • Drug free, that’s they way it has to be. We all need to feel our feelings, and that takes real work.

    Drugs do not “heal”. The idea of healing from distress is complete nonsense. But people post on this forum that things like LSD heal. No, all drugs do is give you an escape, for a while.

    You either deal with the source of the distress, or it just passes, or it clobbers you. But you do not heal from it because there is nothing wrong about the fact that danger and risk stimulate your feelings. Distress is an evolutionarily developed response to that which places us at risk. And anything which attacks our social and civil standing is placing our survival in jeopardy. Poverty in a land of plenty is caused by social marginalization. And as long as we survivors do nothing to punish perpetrators, seize reparations, and to protect the next generation of probable victims, then we don’t have social and civil standing. We live in the shadows which the abusers have left us, seen as ne-er do wells and as a social hygiene menace, because we do not have public honor.

  • s_randolph, I like your post, and I like your spirit. You sound like the sort of a fighter who is ready to get up off the therapist’s couch and take to the barricades. You’re the sort we all need to be able to count as comrade.

    I take a little bit of exception to your language though. But that is what forums are for, so that we can discuss these things.

    Recovery? All that means is that someone who suffers from some kind of a moral and mental failing can come back to normal. Well there is no such moral and mental failing, and there is no normal either.

    I would say that the long hard and dangerous fight for liberation starts when one rejects any and all forms of Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Recovery, or Salvation Religion, and instead joins up with comrades and begins the fight to punish perpetrators, obtain reparations for survivors, and to protect the next generation of would be victims.

    Eugene Delacroix 1830

    Safe place to post, send PM’s, exchange email addresses, strategize. Join:

  • As far as students using mental health services, I presume that that means psychotherapy.

    They should not be using psychotherapy, they should know better, they should be taught better. Our colleges should not be enabling or supporting psychotherapy in any way shape or form, and this should be a matter of law.

    “The practice of psychotherapy is wrong because it is profiting off of another person’s misery.”

  • Because of the ongoing hoax of Autism-Asperger’s, this biomedical model known as ~neurological difference~, and because of the passivity of the targeted, anyone seen as kind of out of it, in their own space, or otherwise not in submission to heard norms, stands to have their social identity stigmatized, as well to be subjected to invasive procedures such as using magnetic fields to make currents flow through the axons of the nerves in their brains. And then as this type of procedure becomes more well known, it will become common for parents to have this done to their children.

  • Hillman passed away October 27, 2011. This is what I had thought.

    I have listened to lots of his talks. He was big in that Mytho Poetic Men’s Movement. I still might read some of his books.

    But this does not mean that I go along with it.

    I read:

    This is a huge book. But there are supposed to be other volumes.

    Just like with all forms of Psychotherapy and Recovery, there are no actions against perpetrators. I see the whole enterprise as just a form of escape.

    Suppose Claude Berr had taken his feelings of distress, and done some sessions with a Psychotherapist or a Psychoanalyst?

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Supposed everybody tried to handle in justice inside of the therapist’s office?

  • Sorry, but I have read some about and by James Hillman, interesting to a point, but I still do not go along with it.

    Its not punishment for perpetrators and reparations for survivors. Hillman does not have flattened knuckles or knife and bullet scars.

    Its just more making survivors believe that the remedies are in themselves.

  • And here he is John Elder Robison himself, being readied for his transcranial magnet zap:

    Powerful magnetic fields, which change rapidly with time, induce currents in the axons of the nerve cells inside of his brain. He feels that this makes him “normal”. But it only lasts for a while, then things return to how they were before.

    So because of his books and advocacy, parents are driving their kids to the doctor right now. Autism-Asperger’s has been a phenomenal gold strike, and child predators are booming the find in every way which you could imagine.

    Robison accepted the Asperger’s diagnosis as an adult. And this was after it was laid on his son. In his 3rd book Robison talks about watching his son be used and subjected to what Alice Miller called The Narcissistic Wound, on a daily basis. It’s just that Robison has no understanding of this. And then they took him to the Yale lab, founded by a major supporter of the Eugenics Movement, and got him labeled. It was after this that Robison went and got himself labeled too. Since he has emerged as a major proponent of Autism-Asperger’s. To listen to him write about it, talking about the design details of rail locomotives and the giant diesel engines for container ships, Robison would have us believe that most all of the thousands of people who work in these fields must have some degree of Autism-Asperger’s, and the same for those with NASA.

    Robison needed this assessment because it exonerates all perpetrators, like his two extremely abusive parents.

    And then Robison’s son and Alex Plank have gone on to set up an Autism-Asperger’s oriented forum called Wrong Planet. Robison has tried to deny this, but in his third book he endorses said forum.

    On Wrong Planet people are not allowed to question the reality of Austim-Asperger’s, especially this ~defect disorder neurological difference~ understanding. Those who try to talk sense about it are quickly banished.

    Alex Plank was diagnosed with this ~neurological difference~ known as Asperger’s 20 years ago, at age 9. So back when he was in high school he started making speeches about it, to educate everyone, and to give himself a kind of identity which exonerates perpetrators.

    To be completely honest, when I first saw videos of Alex Plank making these kinds of speeches, I thought to myself, “Nerdy Kid”.

    Okay, but that applies to lots and lots of people, and especially at that age. And of course I am including myself in this too. Adolescence is often hard. Don’t know that it has to be, but often it is. I mean Muggle Schools which use bullying to socialize, and the ones really behind it being the teachers and the parents, it can be really bad.

    So John Elder Robison and Alex Plank have very conformist social views, one is obliged to measure up to normative societal expectations. Robison says, “They don’t owe you any special exemptions.” And then so you can see how important a concept like this Autism-Asperger’s Spectrum then becomes.

    Listening to Alex Plank’s speeches, I would say that his primary message is just that this ~neurological difference~ is absolute objective reality and that there is no way of challenging it and that you hence must accept it.

    Now, Alex Plank is livid about what has been going on in France, not really taking Autism seriously, and dismissing this ~neurological difference~ idea entirely. But France has elected a neoliberal government, and so even if people did not see how much neoliberalism depends upon Autism-Asperger’s and on other things like that, I am sure that now they are coming to understand. Changes are being made in France. I think they will be subjecting children to the same kinds of behavioral tortures which children are being subjected to in the United States.

    I don’t know if this really qualifies as an Anti-Pedagogy Manual, but it is interesting:

    They talk about getting a child to sleep through the night. They talk about a “pause” before responding to the cries of a child who awakens. They talk about how American parents are actually waking the child up in how quickly they respond.

    I read some of it, and there are differences in thinking, and in temperament.

    By Anglo-American standards, I feel that most French, at least most Parisians, would be considered autistic.

  • I don’t think MIA posts or articles should use diagnostic terminology. In my own posts I do my best to avoid it. When I have to use it, I also do so in a way which makes it clear that I do not go along with it, and that I urge no one to ever cooperate in any way with such.

    I consider it to be immoral to use mental health questionnaires.

    Generally it is considered immoral to use data from the Nazi medical experimentation. I see it the same way for mental health questionnaires. They are a coninuation of the eugenics movement. Even if someone else administered them, I say that no one should be writing or publishing articles which use their data.

    In administering such questionnaires, sufferers are being exploited. They should be getting taught not to ever comply. So hence, articles written or published which use the data are immoral.

  • The parents need to find the locus of Autism ( Original Sin ) in their child.

    And the children who have come of age accepting this, they need to make people believe that Austism is real, lest they have to face the alternative conclusion, which is too horrible to consider.

    So who suffers for this? Its the children of today, getting subjected to torture regimes, being blinded to the sorts of things they have survived. Usually it seems to be that the child is an embarrassment for the parent.

    This Jayne Lytel is a frightening woman. Munchausen’s parent if ever there was one.

    What comes through loud and clear in her book is the revulsion which she and the husband feel for their second child Leo.

  • Here, machine translated:

    You can see the intense international pressure to make France see autism as a real ~neurological difference~, and that it is the parents who run the associations, in order to protect themselves from blame, and that it is those who accept the ~Autism Identity~ and want to exonerate any and all perpetrators, who are the most intense and adamant about holding on to such a nonsense identity and on getting other children saddled with it.

    Sami Timimi is adamant, no biological markers have ever been found, and there is a reason for this, they don’t exist.

  • Here, Françoise Dolto, this is what makes the American Austism Promoters livid.

    Here, only 75,000 accessed, but probably 700,000 autistics. So most have not been accessed. Horrible, Horrible, Horrible!

    So what do they have, ABA and PRT therapy, with aversive and rewards, and teaching children to read with electrical shocks?

    No, this is how it is done in the United States.

    In France they have a network of special 0 – 4 years day care centers where psychoanalysis consists of supervised play therapy.

    Here, the text of this article shows the rage in the American Autism Advocates. Hard to see though in the pictures what they are so angry about.

    A special 0 to 4 years daycare, and where the parents are welcome to be there too. How could anyone object to that?

    Well, these American Autism Advocates are people like Alex Plank. He has been standing up making speeches about Autism-Aspergers since he was a teenager. That there is this ~neurological difference~ and that such special treatments are necessary and that there could be no perpetrators behind this are core components of his identity. And he runs a forum. On his forum you cannot question the reality of Autism-Asperger’s as neurologically based disorders.

    In France they don’t seem to see it this way, seeing it more as the result of stress and negative experiences, and probably something which can be grown out of.

    I read the writings of these American Autism Advocates, and they tell me all the things that they thus are not able to do. But in the stories they tell, and even in that they wrote such books, they are showing me that not only can they do such things, but that their abilities are far above average. And the turning point in their lives always seems to be the point at which they no longer live with their parents.


    Frances is being subjected to international pressure to see this as the English speaking world does, as necessitating child torture to obtain compliance.

    Whereas the French really see the whole thing as no big deal. This Charles Melman sees what is being called autism is simply the result of a non-accepting early childhood.

    Here, though machine translated:

    I’m not endorsing psychoanalysis because it is not redress, it is merely manipulating the sufferer. But compared with how Autism is treated in the US, behavioral tortures, psychoanalysis would be a big improvement. It’s still a fixmykid doctor, but its a kind of fixmykid doctor which will terrify parents. According to Peter Breggin, all of the US Autism Groups are really just defensive formations of the parents. And then, redress might come later.

    Ironically, the Lacanian approach to autism argues that autists are autistic because we fail to pass through a developmental phase that Lacan calls “the mirror stage.” This is the point at which the infant (in Lacan’s view) recognizes itself as a being separate from its mother by virtue of recognizing itself in a mirror. In Lacanian parlance, autists are “self-absorbed” because we fail to get through the mirror stage properly; we somehow fail to develop into a stage capable of self-reflection.

    I still know that Sami Timimi and his co-authors are correct, “Autism does not exist”. But the French Psychoanalytic approach is still a big step up from the American interpretation.

  • Decades ago I had looked to Chidren’s Defense Fund as leader in child protection. But in the years since they seem to have shifted to only economic issues, not child versus parents issues.

    Here, Southern Poverty Law Center could have stepped in. But they see mental health services as a right, not as something which aides parents and which children need to be protected from.

  • Proposed Objectives:

    1. No more government licensing of Psychiatists or Psychotherapists.
    2. No more government support for Recovery or Salvation Programs.
    3. Mandatory Court Supervision anytime a minor child is being taken to any kind of behavioral therapy.
    4. No more Psychiatric holds.
    5. Psychiatric medications outlawed, along with lobotomy, electro shock, insulin shock, or psychiatric committal.
    6. As it is in other industrialized countries, equal share inheritance for offspring, no more disinheritance.
    7. Offspring can sue for punitive damages when there is evidence of the tortious causation of harm.
    8. Universal Basic Income, Universal Medicare, Free College, Robust Public Housing Program.
    9. All children always have access to drop in and overnight group home, like Foster Care, but also like Israeli Kibbutz.
    10. Free pre-school and day care for all children, not compulsory, following French model.

    Interim actions intended to promote the above:

    1. Putting as many Psychiatrists and Psychotherapists as possible out of business.
    2. Suing as many parents as possible for child abuse, and to overturn disinheritance.
    3. Suing psychiatric drug makers and the institutions which dispense these drugs.
    4. Street protests and filling court rooms.
    5. Clear position papers and public education program.
    6. Offer people chance to sign non-disinheritance contract, and sibling equal share contracts.

    Join here so we can plan and then act:

    I suggest that in the later Foucault lectures talking about BioPower and BioPolitics, and in Alain Badiou’s 1982 “The Subject”, we can find excellent theory and terminology.

    Part of the idea is that where as states used to keep people in line via the threat of execution, today people are kept in line by withholding permission to die.

    That is really bleak, but look at people who are fodder for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Recovery, and Salvation, isn’t it obvious that they are just waiting to be given permission to die?

  • His church is full of familial child abuse. The way you can see this is by listening to the scapegoating. Most everyone there has at least one scapegoat child, and they lay out their stories about all the Christian pity they are showing. And in his sermons their Pastor always takes them through litanies of life’s hardships. One of these is always, “What to do when you child is turning away from the God you worship.

    And really, their Pastor has to do this, because they have to take in a lot of money each week, in order to be able to pay for the steady supply of helium cylinders needed to keep their god inflated.

  • Rick’s Hope4MentalHealth only makes sense if you believe that mental illness is real, and that a lack of happiness is indicative of it. Remember, his religion is really just escapism, that methanol laden 9am New Wine.

    So Rick says, “Everyone needs RECOVERY”. So the need for Recovery is the new Original Sin.

    He is making a lack of Mental Health into another expression of this Original Sin.

    The entire thing is extremely creepy, and yes it is being used against children, as it was against his son Matthey.

    “…The best Psychiatrists, the best Psychotherapists, and the best Prayer Warriors in the world.”

    Very very few could have survived that. I see it as homicide in the first degree.

  • Rachel, People are being destroyed by government licensed psychiatry, by government licensed psychotherapy, by government licensed recovery programs like Rick Warren’s, and by government licenses salvation programs like Rick Warren’s.

    Wonder why survivors have no social or civil standing, but instead are looked upon as a social hygiene menace? Its because when people abuse us, nothing happens to them. There are no consequences. In fact, more often than not, we just keep coming back for more.

    Do you think its merely because of the goodness in the hearts of kings and presidents, and because of the concern which they have for the well being of their subjects, that nation states outlaw murder, rape, and robbery?

  • And of course the American Autism proponents are infuriated because in France they don’t seem to see autism as being real, seeing it more as an induced state.

    So the American advocates are terrified of this. What they put out about France is total nonsense. It is in the English speaking world that children are being labeled with Autism-Aspergers, and then tortured with ABA, and just by appeasing the parents who want to find the locus of original sin within the child.

    And it sounds like in France, they are seeing the behaviors which the English speaking world associates with autism, as being a probably result of sexual abuse.

    This Alex Plank and the guy behind him John Elder Robison, are really creepy. It is entirely a political position, people who need the Autism-Asperger’s label to exonerate perpetrators and to sustain the self-reliance ethic.

  • ^^^^^^^ And of course, talking a child to the psychotherapist is probable, when there are tensions between parent and child, and when the parents can afford a private therapist. As I can see, non-reporting and non-probing for causes is a standard part of the business model for such fixmykid private therapists. They like to play God, even though they really have no authority over the parents.

    Sexual Abuse of Sons By Mothers — A Former Therapist Shares

  • Rachel777, I agree with your position about Rick Warren. I think the death of Matthew should be investigated as a possible 1st degree homicide.

    No, I am not an attorney. But what that means is that I can do all the things attorneys are not supposed to do. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    What we need here though are attorneys. Even if we have to send some people to law school ourselves, we need attorneys. This is a civilized society, supposedly. But tell that to a child being driven to a Psychiatrist or Psychotherapist.

    As a civilized society, most redress can only be had in a court room. And as long as we have access to the court house and the ballot box, most people will not be willing to go outside of that envelope.

    So we have to try our best to solve problems through the court house and ballot box.

    Here, Yale’s David Blight tells how things went when the Abolitionist Movement realized that problems were never going to be solved through the court house or the ballot box.

    But we are not there yet.

  • At least our government is not licensing Fortune Tellers, Psychics, Channelers, and Faith Healers. So the degree of harm which they can do is limited.

    Got to stop our government from licensing Psychiatrists and Psychotherapists. And got to stop our government from supporting the Recovery and Salvation Industries.

    We need to come up with a slate of actions, and at least some kind of a position statement.

    Everyone, lets talk here, post, send PM’s etc.

  • Even if patients are giving informed consent, that does not make it okay. These are government licensed medical personnel. They are not supposed to be the providers of vanity procedures. So even if a patient begs for it, they are not supposed to ever administer any procedure which does not serve a valid medical need.

    We must stop our government from being able to issue licenses to Psychiatrists and Psychotherapists.

  • Yes, Paine is most interesting. And I agree that Psychiatry and Psychotherapy are much like Christianity.

    And so this is what should really scare people, the two joining together:

    And government and the Recovery Movement have already joined together with Warren’s Celebrating Recovery Program, offered in most state prisons.

    5 min, Second Chance Grace Place, and Everybody Needs Recovery

  • I actually explained in writing to the DA that it really was just a case of mid-life crisis. That was what got him into the psychiatric system, and he believed what they told him. And that convinced him that his life depended upon drugs and on not feeling his feelings.

    It was that and his Christian Fundamentalism, because such a person is not supposed to be having any mid-life crisis, they are supposed to already have all the answers which they need.

    I showed the DA clips of “The Arrangement” 1969.

    Flying an airplane in circles around a high rise.

    My Pentecostal Molester did do crazy things with cars, things which effected the rest of the family.

  • Really it was his Pentecostal Church which was standing behind him the whole time. That, and just the fact that there were all sorts of unresolved problems in his life. Rather than trying to deal with them, he listened to the white coats and learned to tune out to his feelings. So he took it out on his children, the girls for sexual molestation, and one son being feed into the mental health system. The other son sided with the parents, and he brought his college girlfriend with him and they sat on the defense side, and he testified against the eldest daughter. He did this in a really stupid way too.

    The other son, being feed into the mental health system, he had a hard life. But he definitely did not side with the parents. He has since taken his own life, shot himself in the head.

    The wife, she is still calling the girls liars.

    The psych drugs did not cause any of this, but they did encourage people afraid to feel their feelings, and this makes people really strange.

    I attended the entire trial. I couldn’t form any conclusive opinions about the case just based on the police report, though it was very well written. You wouldn’t believe how this guy just about lost it in the court house hallway when I showed up for jury selection.

    I did notice how when they gave a written survey to the batch of 80 perspective jurors and asked about familial sexual molestation, none of them said they had known of any of this within their own families. Either people don’t want to be honest or they are in denial. Based on statistics, it will be in most families.

    Remember, after the Menendez Brothers trial, they surveyed jurors and they said that no father would do that to his own sons.

    Our whole society is in denial, and the defense attorney appealed to anti-feminist and anti-government prejudices.

  • Steve wrote, “The problem I see with “Disability Rights” is that by even engaging them, we are allowing that being “diagnosed” with one of these pseudoscientific “disorders” means we are “disabled” in some way.”

    I agree with you, disability rights is treacherous at best.

    [Removed paragraph for moderation]

    I believe that this is due to disability money, that often this is why people go along with it.

    I think we have to go instead to a Universal Basic Income system, no needs test.

    Sami Timimi has said that the explosion in Autism assessments is because of neo-liberalism, a political posture which wants to dismantle the welfare state, and replace it with these disability assessments. It is a resurgence of the eugenics movement.

    Well, what we need instead is UBI + a strong public housing offering.

  • Peter Breggin, in his Toxic Psychiatry (1991) has written that people are depressed because they are leading depressing lives.

    I take it that more often than not this will come down to career and marriage problems.

    Now I know a guy who was in such a state. He sort of lost it and ended up in a Psychiatric hold. They convinced him that he had a ~Brain Chemical Imbalance~ and that he needed to be on drugs. So his present addiction to alcohol merely advanced to psychiatric medications instead.

    And he did nothing to remedy his career or marriage problems. He just started sexually molesting his daughters. And he did this with what had to have been clear knowledge of the wife.

    It was because of mandatory reporting that when the youngest girl, 13yo, 8th grade said something to a youth center counseling intern, that an investigation started and he got arrested and charged.

    He confided to me about the pending case, assuming that I would be on his side, and on the side of all of his church members. He never said anything which directly indicated guilt. But I was blown away by the amount of energy he had invested in scapegoating his eldest daughter.

    Well, one does not ignore the Burning Bush. I got involved in the case right away. Circumstances gave me a much larger role than I ever could have imagined. These cases are highly political. Wouldn’t expect that, but they are. Most of the jury pool is completely unprepared to deal with such. And there is a whole cadre of lawyers who have made it their life’s work to use anti-feminist and anti-government prejudices to make it impossible to enforce any child protection laws.

    As it is though, this guy is now serving a long sentence in our state penitentiary.

    Very good book. She explains how important child protection and mandatory reporting are. She also explains that most of the time it is impossible to catch and prosecute people who have money. The exception though is child sexual molestation. But the upshot is that only with child sexual molestation will there often be highly capable and aggressive defense attorneys.

  • That they would get you in front of a psychotherapist, it is either voluntary, or it is because they already have some sort of power over you.

    And then as far as questionnaires, it is the same, they must have some sort of power over you.

    I feel that it is highly immoral to write or publish articles which are based on mental health questionnaires.

  • Yes, I know that something like that would be a huge benefit!

    Problem is though, throughout all aspects of our society, those who have the greatest need for a lawyer are always those with the least ability to pay. So where you have public interest law projects, they focus their efforts in the areas where they are most likely to be successful. Nothing wrong with that. But it means that we need to come up with forms of defense which do not depend on having free lawyers immediately available.

    I am inspired here by this group “Satanic Temple” which goes into the states which still allow corporal punishment in the schools. Sometimes the parents have even signed a consent form.

    Satanic Temple encourages children to write letters to school boards, stating their religious objections to corporal punishment.

    Now, in my opinion this is more of a bluff, than something with real legal pull. But nevertheless, it is still well worthwhile. You are teaching children how to protect themselves. And then it is only one small step to go from standing up to school administrators, to standing up to parents.

    And then in instructions, Satanic Temple lists things to do if facing corporal punishment. These include calling police, and calling Satanic Temple.

    Once you teach a child to even attempt to stand up for themselves, then you have made a big difference. Corporal punishment is intended to psychologically humiliate. Once a child knows that others see it as wrong, then it will no longer have the intended effect.

    So while no one is really questioning the propriety of police arresting people for things like Disorderly Conduct, these psychiatric holds are something entirely different. So a card, stating the religious objection to psychiatric drugs, psychiatry, and psychotherapy, it will help. And then the card can direct the reader to a web site and a phone number. The web site will give some very stern warnings. If they call the phone number, it will be even worse.

    Eventually we will want to be ending the careers of many psychiatrists, therapists, and hospital staff.

    But you always want someone else to do the tough talking for you, rather than trying to do it yourself.

    The authorities will always try to turn discontent into a medical problem. And what is the real issue? Its just that someone is not complying with the demands of the Middle-Class Family, the Self-Reliance Ethic.

    So we have to look at how children are scapegoated, and why it is gotten away with. One way is Medical Child Abuse, including Mental Health. Another is disinheritance, the end game of the Family System.

    In most every other industrialized country it is very very hard to disinherit a child.

    In British Columbia you just call Trevor Todd in Vancouver. And their nation’s highest court has upheld this requirement of equal share inheritance, even when no need is demonstrated.

    In the Civil Law Countries, the disinherited child does not even need a lawyer. And this includes Latin America, and increasingly countries on the Pacific Rim.

    The one hold out is the United States, where everyone can go on and on telling sob stories about their scapegoat child, and about all the tolerance they are showing, and then back it up with disinheritance. Few challenge this because they are silenced lest they could be subjected to the same.

    Everybody, just register here, easier to talk on this because we can post quickly, send PM’s, and exchange email addresses:

    Once there is some consensus, we set up what ever people think is best.

  • Alabama approves ‘chemical castration’ bill for some sex offenders

    This is excessive, this kind of stuff does not work. We can’t just exterminate, incarcerate, or chemically eviscerate all the bad people and then expect that that will make us safe. Just does not work like that.

  • Right now the mental health system seems to be used as a way of denying that simple fact that we need to go to Universal Basic Income, rather than trying to pathologize the poor.

    Self-Reliance is a bogus ethic, and over coding, just a way of serious messing someone up.

  • We currently are indoctrinating children into the underclass even before they reach adolescence.

    They are being used to service the middle-class family, and the Mental Health and FixMyKid Industries.

    And what it all comes down to, as far as I can see, is the bogus ethic known as self-reliance.

  • In the case of John Elder Robison, what comes through clearly in his books is that he needs the Asperger’s assessment, in order to exonerate perpetrators, like his parents, and he needs it to defend his conservative socio-economic views.

    Alex Plank needs it for basically the same reasons. And Plank is one of those enraged because in France they don’t really take Autism-Asperger’s that seriously.

    If I were to say any more about either of these two, it would not be nice.