Saturday, May 25, 2019

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  • As you know Dan, the Florida Self Directed Care Program was based on finding alternatives to treatment and recovery. We were tired of a system that was based on the supply meeting the demand instead of the demand meeting the supply. We are able to create our own menu of services instead of those limited by a providers menu. Self Directed care isn’t just a program but a new way of life. Our participants are able to create their recovery plans that are focused on quality of life not just survival. It’s amazing how healing a dose of self direction, self determination and choice is. I suppose if it came in a bottle we wouldn’t have the resistance we find still today to keep the program running. I have always found it confusing that there is such an emphasis on experimenting with numerous medications and yet not many physicians are willing to experiment with taking people off of them. Medications that are used to control behavior instead of treat the symptoms is what has angered me over the years. People say things are changing get over it…considering I have Tardive Dyskinesia its a bit hard to get over knowing that these medications that cause it are still widely used. I’m really weary from years of advocating for cost effective and successful initiatives like Self Directed Care not being more widely accepted unless you go through the expensive costs of having it researched as a best practice program. My greatest fear is that without specifics of self directed care being part of the new health care system that the program will be reduced to only what Medicaid will reimburse…pills and doctors. I appreciate all you have done and continue to do to transform our mental health system to a more individual and family focused system. It is always a pleasure working with you.