Monday, August 8, 2022

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  • This article is so spot-on! Everyone in my circle talks about this quietly amongst themselves…but are somehow scared to speak out. I have been reprimanded more than once for “undermining” a psychiatrist in various work environments for merely uttering simple facts about the brain to patients.

    Most recently I’m alarmed at children in the foster care systems. I know from first-hand experience they are being taken from their families and are almost immediately put on psychotropic medications by court-appointed child psychiatrists! The parents have no rights in the ordeal–the foster parents take them to the appointments, get the diagnoses, and initiate the medications. And are paid more monthly for having the child on them. I also worked in an inpatient facility where the same thing happens, and children and teens are regularly dropped off and admitted to psychiatric facilities where they are literally assessed in 10 minutes of time by a low-quality psychiatrist and medicated.

    I am a PhD Psychologist, working under a license in professional counseling with clients who are genuinely interested in feeling better with anxiety-related symptoms. I am also an Army Veteran and am very frustrated with what I see going on with my fellow Veterans. So much of my work is sorting through the ridiculous-should-be-illegal mixtures of counter-intuitive medications they are on…from psychiatrists and family doctors who have 100% refused to return my phone calls.

    I have so may stories to tell. I think those of us who actually are knowledgeable about the brain and psychology are full of stories such as these. Not sure what we can do against the U.S. #1 profitable industry other than plug along saving one brain at a time and educating as many people as we can, one by one.