Thursday, February 9, 2023

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  • It has been 25 years since I recovered from an episode of severe depression and repeated panic attacks. I was hospitalized 40 days. I did about a year of intensive therapy, and then I did a monthly check in with a psychiatrist. However since 2005, I have just popped the pills and lived a normal life. I take the Real Deal Prozac. Not the generic. Generics in many cases don’t work. They are not even regulated. Prozac allows the brain to regenerate brain cells. Exercise can do this as well, but not as well as Prozac does. Combined the two work very well. I was on the generic for a few years and I began to deteriorate. I went back on the Real Deal Prozac and everything snapped back into place.

    This blog exists to encourage people to use a psychologist and discourage psychiatry and medication. For some people a psychologist is a good choice. However for people like myself it will not work. I would be DEAD today. Discouraging people from at least trying medication is incredibly dangerous to some people who can only survive with it.