Wednesday, December 7, 2022

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  • Has anyone considered that criminals use insanity for the purposes of hiding their crimes, and destroying witnesses? The tools to distort reality and use psychiatry for legal defense are broad and widely available. And yet we continue to be more tolerant as a society about drugs and we are specific as to which people we advocate for in domestic violence.

    Understand that I live in San Antonio TX, the largest city for violent crime right now in America and we have massive problems with police dropped cases and a very low number of police officers on the street. In this environment, forced drugging and lack of police presence is shutting off a system that already has overcrowded prisons and no long term mental hospital system. It is getting so bad that unseen crimes are leading to “seemingly random” violence. The psychiatrist are apathetic to many and often over sympathetic to those who are into drugs. Give it time and we’ll be the next Detroit.

    If you want to know why it’s like this, it’s quite simple. Widespread access to drugs by street sources and over prescription has lead to the tools for psychiatric abuse becoming widespread. And yet, we’re asked to be tolerant.

  • You aren’t wrong.

    I knew psycotherapists who thought “Eminent threat” was a valid way of thinking. What makes you think they don’t use that for their own purposes from time to time?

    Worse one though is when I was forced into therapy due to family coercion and when I told the Psychiatrist I was angry about it I was declared a threat to the Doctors while declared “delusional” about being forcibly drugged at home.

    And how do you know the doctors reality from your own delusions? You don’t. You only know what he has written on the paperwork and his ability to alter you conscious mind. The only one in the end who looks more and more dangerous is you.

  • I see a lot of people blaming medication, blaming big pharma, and blaming capitalism. You have a point here, but there is a bigger one you are missing: it is not about capitalism. The Phillipines is not a capitalistic society, nor was China. It is not about socio-economic status though it does come more towards the bottom. Rogue Psychiatry and medicine comes from all walks of life.

    The common denominator for all situations where drugs are an issue is lack of regulation and law enforcement. It has everything to do with people not watching for when the unscrupulous would get into the system. Sadly, this can include doctors, drug dealers, or anyone else, and the fact that such methods as psychiatry and drugging can be used by anyone.

    The only thing that weeds out domestic violence and forced drugging is law enforcement. The prisons are getting smaller, and the Police are getting smaller while people avoid punishment and beg for a system where people can confess their crimes, be forgiven, and forget them without any further consequence… except perhaps for the person who turned them in in the first place. So then people won’t want to report crimes.

    No, it isn’t just an issue of corruption. It is that moral apathy is taking over and the system is failing because the individual is no longer standing for his freedom. We’ve grown too soft on criminal activity and people are being forced into tolerance for anarchy. The only people who win that are those that have the resources to survive.

  • The key problem with psychiatric abuse is that drugs are the most common denominator. Whether or not it comes from mental hospitals, or domestic abuse at home it is my view that drugs and mental modification are to inherently dangerous not just because of how effective it can be, but how easily the methods can be tampered with. The human soul is fragile… and I’ll explain why I look at it that way.

    One is that every prescription drug has a street equivalent. Crystal Meth relates to Adderall. Clonazepam has similar effects to Peyote. Heroine isn’t too far from Fentanyl. Those examples have either the same active ingredients, or similar effects. Two, all psychotropics play with dopamine by either changing methods of acting, neutralizing it, or in extreme cases preventing it’s synthesis. When I was a child I remember talking to a brain surgeon and thinking the same things about repairing things around the house. If it wiggles and it’s not supposed to, you apply duct tape. If it needs lube, you apply WD40. If it does not need to be fixed, you do not screw with it. The brain is certainly far more serious than a squeaky hinge, or a leaky faucet. And yet we are just as careless with it.

    And yet the ability to unhinge the human mind is accessible by everyone in America, as well as the tools to do so. Psychiatric records are accessible via the Dark Web. Back before deinstitutionalization in 1963, mental hospitals knew how to deal with lack of self care and other issues caused by family members who acted kind and loving while poisoning someone in the closet. The closing of that hospital system eliminated a major filter against psychopathy in American society, and the reduction of prisons and jail diversions is removing a societal safeguard on the other side of it. We keep asking for less criminal penalties, while simultaneously crime rates increase. You do not get less crime by pretending crime doesn’t exist – be it by changing the definition or by not looking for it. But only in the mind of psychiatrists would reality be something that is tangibly alterable for the sake of emotional comfort.

    It was the Nuremberg Trials and dissimilation of the Nazi eugenics programs of the mid 1930’s in the late 1940’s that establishes that genetics do not cause mental disorders. They are caused by stress, and the altering of perceptions. Yet, our modern society continues to remove burdens of proof by lumping people together based on socioeconomic status, genetic relation, and psychiatric histories; this has only limited validity. We might as well go in with both feet and declare it a genetic cause at this point and just drug everybody.

    Insanity is certainly a legal defense, but it has become a hammock for criminals – easily induced before a crime and corrected later via access to medication and more easily corrected the sooner than later. It is also a sad way for victems and witnesses to crime to be discredited and declared delusional. The only people who can now access the legal system are those who either have no known history of drugs, or have control of them. What is society to do with this power vacuum filled in by criminals where law enforcement continues to close prisons and reduces the number of Police?

    It’s only a matter of time before more and more of America goes “open season”. As it is, in places like the Phillipines drug activity and unchecked criminal behavior lead to the election of a man willing to declare martial law. In that climate, 1/3 of all drug dealers and users are being eliminated by vigilanties, supported by millions of people who are so disgusted that no one even bats an eye at the death of a drug user. In the late 1860’s the Chinese rebelled against the British Empire for forcibly drugging their population for forcive labor. Nazi Germany was both at once – where there was an outcry against prostitutes, drug use, and it lead to the criminalization of the mentally ill and their elimination as Hitler lumped in descenders with the genuinely degenerate.

    Give it time… and enough people angry enough. America will sooner or later follow suit.

  • Arguably, most mental disorders are an issue of toxins plus stress. When you cannot perceive reality correctly due to a short-term toxic reaction (including drugs and toxic chemicals) you are left with an unexplainable and traumatic experience which you cannot place. Barring drugs, being traumatized with gaslighting can be devastating but it’s less effective. Having such experiences repeatedly leaves you with more and more you cannot explain. Your mind will reach for anything that makes sense, and then you are left looking crazy. Sadly, this is a desired effect sometimes for criminals and domestic abusers. We ruled out genetic cause for mental disorders in the 1940’s at the Nuremberg Trials.

  • Any psychiatric ailment can be induced via poor handling, drugs, and physiological ailments. The difference is Psychiatrists have far less oversight than they used to and far better tools at their disposal to block legal liability. A Psychiatrist I knew said to me, “Responsibility is cheap. Liability costs.” If your doctor mistreats you and causes you to get upset, then hits you with a sedative bad enough to induce memory loss or other affects, your credibility is shot and he walks.

    For those reasons, you do not walk into a psychiatrist’s office without a tape recorder. You do not go to a psychiatrist who has been involved with your family previously or other individuals you know. You never allow a Psychiatrist into your home, particularly if he brings sedatives with him. And more than anything, do not see a psychiatrist in a jurisdiction that has sovereign immunity. He controls his office, he controls his paperwork, and he controls you with medication. If you violate any of that you are not compliant with therapy.

    You can also refuse a psychiatric exam at a facility and in theory it should not as far as I’m aware impact your care, unless the facility specifically states it will not see you without a psychiatric exam. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS. If you have filed a complaint against a hospital and they demand to see you for a Psychiatric exam you are offering them the chance to declare you delusional and conform you to the said diagnosis with over-sedation and medication. NEVER RETURN TO A DOCTOR ONCE YOU COMPLAIN – no matter how you might be socially stigmatized, or legally threatened or feel entrapped. At its absolute worse, you do not allow a Psychiatrist to approach you away from the office. Sedatives are easily placed in syringes which are easily concealed and could be used upon you at any juncture.

    The only way you can protect your mental health is extreme situational awareness.

  • Agreed, and in this day and age it should be impossible that a Psychiatrist doesn’t start there.

    They don’t look for jaw misalignments. They don’t look for toxins. They just hand you a bottle of pills based on behavior. Modern medicine is lazy. Sad thing is every diagnosis has a counter point.

    If you disagree but don’t voice your opinion too loudly you’re “Passive-Aggressive.” If you strongly disagree, you’re oppositional defiant. IF you do agree, congradulations you have a bottle of pills!

  • I live in San Antonio Texas, an area where many illegal immigrants have shown up over the last 30 years. Here lately, illegal immigrants have started to skip over our city, and I think I know why.

    Most illegals who come in and overstay their visas tend to blend into the ethnic community which they come from. Hispanics in this case, do take advantage of other hispanics by using them as domestic servants, and / or prostitutes while they are hidden from authorities. To prevent the migrants from going to authorities they are often given sedatives and other medications, easily obtained from the same trafficking network which brought them here. During amnesty, reporting a migrant in order to obtain Federal Aid for those the person was living with was a money maker. A migrant wasn’t told about their freedom in many cases; and if they became aware, oversedation was used in order to break memory formation and recall while simultaneously gaslighting the person in order to keep them close.

    It was right to end amnesty for these reasons. Sadly, this form of domestic abuse is now cultural in San Antonio and effects us at all levels. While Psychiatric offices for drug treatment are showing up all over the city, domestic abuse in San Antonio has continued to rise into violence as well as apparently rising psychiatric rates. Simultaneously, SAPD has refused to assist ICE and other immigration officials in deporting illegals, leaving them further at risk for exploitation by their own community. Yet, local hispanics as well as the country of Mexico continue to advocate for unrestrained illegal immigration on the pretense of human rights.

    Ultimately, it’s just going to get worse here. Since SAPD is enforcing things less and less (and community resentment of the Police is rising) and relying on psychiatrists to handle domestic abuse, people are left with a far worse sense of fairness. All the victims are left with is a bottle of pills, while the abusers which have better control over the situation walk free and find other people to use once they’ve totally used someone up.