Wednesday, July 6, 2022

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  • Thank you so much for this story! My father was just admitted to a behavioral medical center for “evaluation” because he has been combative with some of the staff at his assisted living facility. (He only gets upset when they try to get him to shower). The facility got him admitted to this behavioral medical center on a 5150. I visited him last night (the first day he was there) and he was happy and “normal”. He spoke well, wasn’t unnaturally confused (he has dementia-he’s 83 yrs. old). I spoke with the psychiatrist who is treating him this afternoon, and he told me he has put my dad on Risperdal, and he was doing well. Once I googled Risperdal, I got upset by what I read. My father has Type II diabetes and he’s on meds for high blood pressure!! Plus he has dementia! When I got to the center tonight to visit my dad, I spoke with the nurse to find out (again) what antipsychotic drug my dad is on. Confirming what I had heard, Risperdal. I told the nurse he shouldn’t be on that because he has diabetes and high blood pressure. She said she would let the doctor know my feelings. When I saw my dad, he was lying in bed, he couldn’t say words because they didn’t come to his head; he was confused-saying he hoped my mother wasn’t mad at him (my mother has been dead for 22 years, and before he took this drug, he knew this!). After reading your article, I’m definitely going to make sure he gets off this drug!! I’m so mad at this “doctor”!!
    Thank you, again, for sharing your story.