Thursday, June 17, 2021

Comments by Shiv

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  • I had 3 and half episodes of schizophrenia, and I tell you it is Hell. I have been to hell and back. When you are suffering its not the problem. Real problem begins when you realize that you are suffering and need to come out of it. Electrical convulsion therapies now BPTs and Ultra BPTs do help especially at the sever stage. Initially I wasn’t responding to any medicine. But later on Clozapine+Respridone combination worked for me. I got rid of positive and negetive symptoms but cognitive problems persists. Do not think they get cured completely. Main problem is people donot understand why I was behaving that way since they do not understand the disease. Society doesnot understand the disease and stigma associated with it. They still think schizophrenics are split personality or what is projected in movies. Fact is we are more likely to harm ourselves than others and it is the major problem for the patient. If somebody want to study me as a volunteer I am ready. That is the only way I can help those suffering from this terrible disease.