Thursday, June 17, 2021

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  • >I don’t want to live in this world the way it is, period. With or without mandatory drugs. I didn’t know this was such a radicalized group. Maybe it’s not for me.
    Also, multiple question marks aren’t necessary. I see what you are saying.
    I do think that some people do have “superiors”–such as very young teenagers who want to kill dozens or hundreds of people, and actually complete their plans.
    Also, dangerous and violent domestic abusers who refuse counseling and kill and maim family members. Sorry if that offends you.

  • >streetphotobeing

    You are completely wrong about my life. Those instances were few and far between and they were caused by my bipolar disorder and trying to escape the mess I’d made of my life.
    I am not an alcoholic and haven’t had a drink in many years and do not care about that part of my life.
    Bipolar disorder is a real disease. You sound like the people in Western PA and Ohio who insist that “those” people who are overdosing consistently, sometimes daily or twice a day, are choosing that life.
    My perception of my illness is just as valid as your solution.

  • >registeredforthissite

    I can read, and I do know that there are harmful effects to having bad mental health providers; in fact, this has happened to friends of mine.
    My experience has been mostly positive, and I am able to advocate for myself. I am not schizophrenic nor numbed nor do I feel “drugged.”

    I am positive that my life would have turned out to be more productive and satisfying than it presently is. That is not to say I’ve had a “bad” life, but I would have liked a different one.

    There is no way I could tell my life story in this small comment box and I don’t believe anyone would be interested in reading it.
    I see that you are all talking about being forced to take drugs, and that is an entirely different subject, which I also see that there are two sides to. I wrote initially because I objected to what I saw as criticism of pharmaceuticals in general and NAMI–which is an extremely helpful organization and whether or not people need medication, and I strongly believe that they do. I do not wish to argue.

  • I seem to be the only one with a different viewpoint here.
    Although I can’t recommend Abilify as the cure-all here (I found it miserable and could not tolerate it), I am perfectly happy to be on my “cocktail” of meds for my bipolar disorder II, BPD, and anxiety.

    These drugs–whether from a farm or Big Pharma or a mad scientist’s basement–have saved my life. I no longer drink until I black-out, I no longer go home with complete strangers from bars (neither do I drink anymore), and I am making better decisions (although I still struggle to have normal interactions with people–I fear I will always say inappropriate things and hurt people and drive them away. A recent ex-friend said I was too “intense”).

    As I am 53 years old, I don’t see another way to control my behavior. And yes, I go to therapy (when I can find a good one) and that has helped me see how skewed my view of relationships and how I insist that people conform to my way of thinking.

    Does no one have a similar experience to mine? Perhaps if I had been diagnosed when my symptoms became noticeable (around ages 5 to 10) and had been shown another way to communicate, my life would have met its potential rather than being a series of emergencies and deep depressions and very, very poor decisions (before being medicated).