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  • Thank you Mr. Whitaker for standing up for those of us who very nearly died from having trusted men like Lieberman with our lives. So many are fighting for their lives right this minute to get free of psych drugs. Here is to all of them. Please keep speaking the truth loudly. Your voice is very much needed.

  • This!! This type of action is exactly what is needed. Please let people know what they can do to help or get involved.

    I also feel it is important to ask if the author and others on the board of the Sunrise Center have investigated the reality of the psychiatric withdrawal experience on the physical level and have you learned what it takes to heal the body from the drug damage? No amount of counselling is going to stop the horrific physical affects from occurring and I am interested to know if you acknowledge this reality. I fear that if this reality is denied and you expect people to heal up because of counselling, you are sadly mistaken and will only cause more harm to victims of psychiatry. Please advise on this topic. Thank you.

  • Dr. Shipko, may I ask how you were able to see and acknowledge the harm done by anti-depressants? Sincerely I want to know, what turned the light on for you? I am interested to know that because if that small opening in your belief system was there, allowing new information in, I’m hoping it will be the same avenue of entry to allow you to see and acknowledge the harm done by benzodiazepines if you will only open yourself to it.

    Last year I invited you to visit and read. Did you ever do that? It would be better to join the forum, (probably anonymously) because then you have access to the protracted portion of the forum which is hidden from public view.

    How on earth do we get you to hear us?

  • I can’t get involved in an intellectual debate or even read indepth into your “how to do it right” internet materials because I have a rather severe brain injury from psych drugs. Right now my brain and body are screaming in pain and I’m losing perspective because this has gone on for 6 years with few breaks (which are blissful). I don’t think it’s true that I ruined it for “everybody”. Maybe for you Donna because my post raised a negative reaction for you and for that I’m sorry.

    If you offer love and kindness out of guilt that is not the kind of action I’m asking for. I’m not telling anyone to do anything but asking those that are well in mind and body to have their laughs but please also reach out to support those suffering. It was a plea for help and apparently I didn’t speak it exactly how you would have me speak it. Maybe you could give lessons to people on how to scream and wail politely so that it doesn’t disturb anyone.

    Perhaps this is how the screams remain silent ones because of responses like this? The message I’m getting from you is “Go away and suffer alone because I don’t care and neither does anyone else because you aren’t asking “properly”. We just want to laugh and giggle and write blog after blog and post after post and you all can suffer and die as far as we’re concerned. Just don’t disturb us with reality.”

    I have no idea why I responded to this post “Sunday Humor: Arguments for “Chemical Imbalance Not Otherwise Specified”, normally I keep my thoughts and feelings to myself. Every now and again it gets away from me and I speak out. I tried to read the article to get to a place of laughter too but was unable to see the humor and that made me mad that I’m stuck in this humorless dungeon. I apologized for my serious mood and asked for forgiveness. I love to laugh and I love to give love and support, those two things have given me a reason for existing. I feel I’m getting more and more disconnected from that place of ease within myself as I see nothing real changing here on MIA, nothing real being done that will help those in horrific suffering. We are thrown to the wolves while people here endlessly point out the failures of Psychiatry. That is really frightening for me.

    If it does nothing for you to offer comfort, encouragement and solace, then don’t, you are not who I was addressing. Likely you too are not in the right place at this time, I hope you get there one day too. I do hope someone here is in the right place to hear me and respond to my plea. That is all.

  • Very hard to see the humor when you feel like you’re dying every minute of everyday from having bought into the lies that are being sold to society. I wish the hell of psych drug withdrawal would end so I and countless others could laugh again.

    Recently I spoke to a 24 year old woman who is tapering off Klonopin. She said to me “How do I know I’m alive when I can feel no earthly presence?” Her biggest concern is that she can’t feel her eyes moving and her parents are forcing her to see a therapist that is telling her she has a personality disorder. She’s afraid that her brain is swelling and no oxygen is getting in there because she can’t feel her breath.

    Forgive my very serious state of mind. We need real practical help and support to survive the toxic, chemical assault upon our bodies. Right now all we have is to cry out in pain to each other on facebook and online forums to be validated and encouraged that we can do this. We can’t go pick up groceries for someone, do their laundry or dishes, or hold their hand, etc. as we are all spaced so very far apart.

    I ask you, if you are well in mind and body, find someone in your community going thru this and offer real life assistance with their day to day survival. Thank you.

  • I’m now thinking it’s called depersonalization. He mentioned ECT and 22 years of psych drugs. We have the drugs in common but not the ECT. That sensation comes and goes now with different levels of disconnect. I hope he reads this to help him understand that he’s not alone and that it will get better with time.

  • Fabulous!!! I have that disconnect too that that man talked about, between the frontal cortex and the emotional system . Makes it really difficult to figure out how I feel or what actions I need to take. I need help from trusted friends to know what matters to me and how to deal in life. What is that anyways? I hope it heals as the rest of my brain and body heals from 20 years of psychotropics. Five years off yesterday and have come a VERY long way in my healing process.

    Great job Daniel!!!

  • It appears to me that this whole discussion that Leah wanted to discuss with us has been derailed. I’m not interested in convincing Kate to my way of thinking, she can think what she wants.

    Can we PLEASE get back on topic. Leah asked: Comment on this blog or contact me here to send me examples of what you would like to see in your community instead of IOC and coercive, traumatizing interventions. Tell me about the specific kinds of supports you or loved ones have found helpful, and what you would like to see more of.

    I’d like to see a campaign to educate medical doctors on the harm done to people by psychiatric drugs and forced treatment. Could that education be legislated???????

    I’d like to see these same doctors educated on how to help people come off these horrid drugs appropriately to reduce harm. I’d like to see Clinics and Withdrawal Retreats/Accommodations where those affected can be taken care of on a practical level while they fight for their lives.

  • Thank you for your reply Leah. This modern day catastrophe has been met with a modern day solution … the internet. People cyber cling onto each other to stay alive one more moment (not exaggerating) in psych drug withdrawal. The total lack of support from the medical system is criminal.

    Perhaps you could refer your family friend to interactive forums which I’d like to add to your list if she’s fed up with being victimized. You can obtain information and guidance as well as find supportive friendships. The majority of us have had to abandon doctors because it’s almost impossible to find one who knows what they are talking about when it comes to psych drug withdrawal. We just use them for the RX’s and don’t even let them know that we are in fact tapering. Underground railroad is very accurate. I keep seeing the comparison between the Holocaust and Pharmacaust.

    There are also plenty Facebook support groups for this purpose. Exciting times are these.

    I’m not concerned about accountability or justice for these so-called “professionals” but I would like them to open up and see what is really happening on their watch and get with the unprogram!!! If by some miracle they can do an about face and actually listen to, believe and help people, now that would be a gift to humanity. They too have been brainwashed to believe the same hogwash the rest of us did. ie. “You have a chemical imbalance and have to be on these drugs for the rest of your life, just like diabetics do.”

    My best to your friend, I wish her strength and determination to get free of Psych Drugs and Psychiatry and be the authority in her own life.

  • Hi Leah … I do so much like the idea of David and Goliath and thank you for taking action on a legislative level. I do hope you are joined by many.

    I want to speak on behalf of those of us who were harmed by psychiatric drugs that were entirely inappropriately prescribed. (See note.) There are thousands upon thousands of us that I know of, whose only support is online forums to come off these horrific, brain disabling drugs and stay off. It’s hard for me to write because although I managed to come off 20 years of a large drug cocktail almost 5 years ago, I now have brain damage and find it hard to trust that I’m getting my message across clearly. I’m trying anyways.

    An alternative that I would like to see added to the list would be support for us. Presently there is none that I know of. In fact many of us are further harmed by doctors and psychiatrists when we make this choice for ourselves. Coming off these drugs can be the most horrific journey that could ever be imagined, mentally, emotionally and physically. In fact, it’s a miracle that I’m alive and I have heard that same statement repeated over and over by many others.

    I so wish I had the mental ability to do what you’re doing. I have a hard time doing my bank statement and I was an accounting technician for part of my career. I am extremely traumatized by what has happened to me and the many wonderful people I know that are going thru this too. We need help to survive instead of being abandoned to do or die.

    Note: When I talk about inappropriate prescribing I offer myself as an example. One suicidal thought shared with someone while in a woman’s shelter after leaving my abusive husband of 10 years, got me 20 years of heavy drugging and a Bipolar label. Subsequently I lost the ability to manage my own business and ended up on disability. I’d still be living that drugged up, numbed out life if I didn’t finally have one clear thought “These drugs are not helping me!”

    (I hope I make sense and even more I hope that I recover so that I can actively join in this movement for change. Go Leah Harris and Marianne Williamson !!! I’m very proud of you both. )

  • Lisa D., wow you did a startling, amazing description of what these truly nasty, ugly drugs do to everyday folks. We do discover our extraordinary strength and capacity to endure relentless mental and physical torture in the process of becoming free. We discover that we aren’t everyday folks at all but incredibly powerful beings, Warriors as you said.

    I know you wrote this remarkable letter in the midst of deep suffering, that is quite the gift you have offered here to the MIA site and to all who read your words. Bless you and may you find one moment of peace and then another and then another . . . . .

  • Thank you Ted so very much for taking an active interest in learning about the horror of withdrawal from psychiatric drugs which Lisa D. has so accurately described. I am deeply moved that you did that.

    If anyone else has an interest in doing likewise, please send a request to join one of the several Facebook support groups on this topic such as Protracted Withdrawal from Benzodiazepines and Antidepressants . You will be pre-screened before admittance to the group to protect the members security. Alternatives would be reading on forums like or Surviving

    Ted, I am very grateful for your demonstrations of compassion and leadership in our movement. We are damn lucky to have you on our side.

  • Needinghelp … I feel for you. It’s so very wrong what “professionals” are doing to innocent people every damn day. I could have the same name as you but I found the only help available is online from others going thru the same thing. We can’t make the suffering go away but we can hold hands as we go thru it.

    I also recommend visiting

    Whatever you do, don’t add anymore drugs not even the oh so nasty benzodiazepines as Dr. Shipko suggests, that is just another road to hell.

    Shame on these doctors and their arrogant callousness and ignorance of what these drugs do to some (lots of) people.

  • I’m very sorry for your suffering Stan, both from the withdrawal and from the isolation caused by the lack of understanding by others. I guess this is why people get told they have to stay on the drugs for life because actually taking these drugs cause such changes in the brain and body that if you stop you will feel the damage of those changes. Perhaps we feel the damage for life? That’s a scary thought.

    Anti-depressants maim and sometimes kill. That much is clear. The same can be said for benzodiazepines which Dr. Shipko is all too willing to prescribe. Wish he would educate himself further on psych drug damage.

    All the best Stan, I too am over 4 years off and still hurting badly and disabled. At this point we have no choice but to keep going forward with our decision to come off the drugs because going back on is not a solution nor is going onto a different psych drug. May you find peace and joy anyways.

  • Hi Stephen,

    I’m so sorry that you are experiencing these horrid things in your body. If any psychiatrist tells you it’s your “underlying disorder” or “it seems these drugs have uncovered the previously unmanifested Bipolar Disorder” tell them to go fly a kite. Ha!! Isn’t that a nice visual that they would be out flying kites and being peaceful and joyful instead of labelling and drugging people till they die? The whole world would be so much better off.

    When I read these stories, my reaction is that psychiatry needs to come down like the Berlin wall. This should not happen to ONE MORE PERSON EVER!!!

  • I’m sorry John, I don’t know your story or anything of you or what you have gone thru as a psych drug survivor. In another life, with another brain, I’d be interested but there are so many thousands suffering that those are the ones I try to give my energy to if I happen to have any. It sounds like you survived intact and I’m really happy that you made it out okay.

    I do need to validate what Altostrata stated ‘It’s quite common that people who have no personal experience with withdrawal syndrome cannot imagine its sometimes bizarre neurological manifestations. I can assure you, it feels nothing like a normal state of mental distress.’

    This is why those of us suffering withdrawal syndromes stick together … we have an understanding of the bizarreness that no one can get that hasn’t experienced it. It is not a new level of mental distress, it is a damaged CNS. I’ll try to explain because I think this is what you’re contesting, I could be wrong and don’t understand your comments.

    The first year off, after my year long taper, my entire body felt as if it was being electrocuted 24/7. I hardly slept that first year and yet I survived every torturous moment of it. It’s like putting a coat hanger in an electric socket and you can’t let go. Since then I feel that I have been healing from that damage and it’s taking it’s sweet, precious time. I hope you’ll try to understand and if you don’t that’s okay. Fortunately we have each other that understand and the lucky ones of us have family members and/or friends that believe us. I don’t need you or the world to believe me … I know, other psych drug survivors know and that is enough.

    Each of us still suffering have been affected in different ways. For instance some people have nerve pain in their feet and legs, whilst others have it in their head and neck. Other systems seem to break down also like the GI system, the heart, the thyroid etc. I may be naïve but I choose to believe what people tell me that they are experiencing. I think I’d rather be me, without doubting what others are reporting.

    I have brain damage, meaning, I don’t even know if what I’m saying fits in with what you and Altostrata are saying but I’m putting it out there anyways just in case I’m seeing it correctly. If I’m not please forgive. I have a hard time with reading and have cognitive impairments that I never had before.

    Another example is that some people have tinnitus and dizziness that don’t go away, I was lucky to not have those. Some folks have the GI stuff really bad and can’t eat normally anymore. I do have difficulty breathing as the muscles in my chest are squeezing so tightly. I could go on and on listing various symptoms. When you have been compromised in this way, it’s utterly exhausting trying to explain what you’re going thru. I also can’t take stress or confrontations and am amazed that Altostrata can do what she does running her site. Apparently she is not brain damaged like me for I couldn’t do it but I 100% believe that she suffers with her own unique set of symptoms.

    I wonder if we haven’t been fighting this so long that we just get tired of reporting and explaining to people who haven’t experienced it. People choose to believe it or not. With each other we don’t have to and often don’t want to as we live to distract from our suffering and just work on supporting the other. Understand?

    I hope I haven’t embarrassed myself with these comments. I just am tired of feeling like a dead person and have a need to put myself out there from time to time. Hopefully I don’t draw any arrows as I’m hurt bad enough. We’re all in so much need of empathy and compassion for our lonely plight and daily battle to merely survive. Some have that capacity and some don’t. I hope like hell I make sense.

  • I appreciate you responding Dr. Shipko. Regardless of my suffering, I made the correct choice for myself by coming off the drugs. I am a real human being now, not a drugged up, numbed out zombie who had no life. At least now I stand a chance. While I did know the withdrawal would be difficult, I had NO IDEA just how horrific it truly would be. Added to the inhuman level of suffering is the discovery of the immense betrayal by the medical profession. I have come a very long way in my healing and I do feel that parts of this are permanent but not the relentless horror show part. I may have been robbed of a large amount of IQ points that I’ll never recover but judging by the substantial reduction in the nerve pain from the electrocution I endured and the bizarre intrusive thoughts, derealization and depersonalization, I do believe this condition will become liveable.

    While I don’t wish to be confrontational I do want to point out that this particular brain damaged “citizen scientist” seems to know more about adding more pharmaceutical drugs to fix this than a Pharmaceutically trained doctor such as yourself. I do hope you hear me when I tell you how deadly dangerous benzodiazepines are for many, many people, taken as prescribed. I have seen thousands of people’s lives ruined by taking this drug. Please open and learn the truth by reading Benzobuddies to get started. The manufacturers of that drug type recommend that they be taken for no more than 2 – 4 weeks and yet doctors disregard that advise. There is a very strong reason for it.

    There really is hope though, because the human spirit is incredibly powerful as I discovered for myself every moment I endured hell on earth.

  • Oh man, I should not have read this. I am one of those waiting and hoping for recovery after coming off 20 years worth of anti-depressants, mood stabilizers, anti-psychotics and benzodiazepines, a little over 4 years ago. I have no choice but to keep going. I refuse to swallow anymore of that poison.

    I do want to let Dr. Shipko know that withdrawal from benzodiazepines is every bit as horrendous and damaging as anti-depressants. They will give temporary relief perhaps but introduce a whole other level of hell. All you have to do is go to and read. There is a protracted group on the forum with over a 100 people in it, that is hidden from public view. Those people are off the drug over 18 months and still suffering very badly. Please don’t ever think that benzo’s are an answer to anti-depressant withdrawal. It’s just not true.

    It was at least somewhat hopeful to hear that Dr. Shipko considered opening clinics to help us. I really hope he doesn’t walk away from that possibility. There seems to be nothing that helps this as he has discovered. We do however need validation and the comfort of hope.

    I purchased “Numb – the Documentary” and watch it often to comfort myself that what I am going thru is real as is doubted by the majority of medical professionals that I have seen.

    I hope my fellow psych drug survivors that are living on hope don’t see this article because hope is ALL we’ve got to hang onto.

  • I am one of those folks who have brain damage from 20 years of multiple psych drugs. At present I am over 4 years off all of it. I have a hard time understanding the real message you are giving here Matt. It’s not okay to say you were badly harmed and severely wounded by being a compliant patient? I understand that some psychiatrists who posted here have left. I am guessing that they don’t want to hear how badly they have hurt and even killed thousands of innocent people? I think that is quite common that perpetrators don’t want hear that and they certainly don’t want to take responsibility for doing so. The prisons are full of such people.

    Is there a special way to talk to your abusers that won’t make them run away and allow them to hear what you’re saying without feeling threatened? I have much respect for those who admit that their life’s work is a sham and they are very sorry that they chose that profession. I have even greater respect for those who have the honour and dignity to face that and change direction by actually helping people withdraw safely from the drugs. I like that very much. I am full of forgiveness for such people.