Wednesday, December 1, 2021

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  • I agree with most of what he says but he doesn’t have a balanced perspective he says the difference between him and others in psychiatry isbthat he views the brain as normal and others see it as a tumor that needs to be treated it is ignorant to say all brains are normal I agree that many people are labeled mentally I’ll when really they aren’t they are just going through maybe a fase but there are people out there who’s brains aren’t normal and the thoughts and emotions they have does point to an illness I can say firsthand that my brain wasn’t normal I dealt with extreme emotions as well as psycosis when I was young I knew there was something wrong you shouldn’t deny that a brain can be abnormal it’s a part of the body and any part of the body can be sick and yes that goes along with the brain as well not all are experiences are just the normal human experience some people are truly mentally ill but unfortunately alot of them are being treated with toxic drugs that in the long run can make things worse for them mentally emotionally and physically! that’s the problem with psychiatry they are not helping the problem with their pills and various so called treatments they are just making it worse and destroying people’s brains psychiatry is a sick profession I’ve always been a skeptic of psyciatrist and the ways in which they treat their patients by over medicating them with toxic drugs