Monday, April 6, 2020

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  • one of the most promising alternative therapies for psychiatric illnesses I have come across yet in my research is orthomolecular medicine. I.e. giving (sometimes) high dosed vitamins and minerals to help alleviate functional imbalances or cater for vitamin dependencies. An example being the treatment of schizophrenia with niacin. Personally supplementing with higher doses of Vit D3 was great help getting off SSRIs and stopping smoking too (and I already e.g. meditated alot, and had tried hard to uncover and dissolve any illness triggers in my psyche). Whereas I do not remember any decrease of (depression induced low) libido on escitalopram, my libido has become much more alive on D3. And I would anticipate that taking any vitamins would not disaffect libido? Even though libido was not specifically mentioned in the orthomolecular books I read….