Saturday, December 3, 2022

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  • Good piece. Writer should look at the website which has a lot of information on benzo issues. This nonprofit (the Alliance for Benzodiazepine Best Practices) is trying to educate the public and doctors about issues with benzodiazepines long term. (They should only be taken for 2 to 4 weeks.). The pharmaceutical reps don’t tell the doctors that and most doctors don’t know about tapering. We all need to educate them!!

  • A year and eight months have passed since they forced Marci back into the system. I don’t know how much longer she can hold on. The other patients are harrassing her and her court date keeps on getting pushed back. She now has a Twitter #Webberfree. I’m making a general appeal to help her. She needs funds to pay a lawyer. She has so much information on how messed up the forensic mental health system is – and needs to get out and write a book. She suspects that she is being held as they know she will expose how horrible the “so-called treatment” is. Please call her if you can help. 773-794-4036, afternoons preferred.

  • I had not seen that article. Thank you. The piece I remember was a front page NYTimes piece about a young man in medical school who took large dose of Adderall (despite his parents pleading to zDr to stop prescribing) and who killed himself. When will Drs learn?

  • Thank you for writing this. There are people for whom meds work and they wont believe this story. I wholeheartedly agree with checking for underlying conditions before prescribing psychotropics. AND doing genetic tests to see which meds could be effective. When will this change? I lost my daughter to meds – they made her suicidal. I hope Pat gets better.

  • For those of you who know Marci, please know she still needs support. She is now hoping to get out December 11th but that date is not sure. Please call her at 773-794-4036 or send her a card of encouragement to Chicago Read Mental Health Ctr., 4200 N. Oak Park avenue, Chicago, IL 60634. The judge wants proof of a bank account, so she could use financial help also. You can send a check to Terry Johnson, a lawyer who has helped her. His email is [email protected]. She appreciates anything that you can do. (How is she supposed to have a bank account?) Thank you.

  • Marci was subjected to psychologiccal torture in Elgin: no fresh air, sleep deprivation, regular body searches, room searches, harrassment from the staff. Clearly she was targetted as the staff did not think she was compliant. I wonder how many other “mental health centers” are like this. It is not a place where therapy takes place. Marci needs financial help and has a fundly page that was started when she needed funds for legal advice. This same fund can be used to help her get on her feet once she gets out. Please consider contributing. She really appreciates it.

  • Thank you Zenobia for this article. I post some articles on my Facebook but find that my friends don’t really respond. It’s only when you’ve been personally involved that you realize how horrible Benzos are. I believe klonopin made my daughter suicidal and she killed herself after taking herself off of it. No doctors helped her taper. In one hospital they took her from 3 mg to .5 in 6 days. So much progress needs to be made in the medical world to get the word out about short term use for benzos and for tapering protocols.

  • Does anyone know of a lawyer or psychiatrist who will donate their time to help Marci? She needs help to get out and has a Fundly legal fund set up. I encourage any of you to donate to it so that she can afford a lawyer as her public defender is not helping her. And she needs money to pay a psychiatrist in case no one volunteers their time. So please go to and look up Marci Webber Legal Fund. Thank you. She is suffering at Elgin and deserves a break. You can help her.

  • Thank you Eve. I will share your piece as I have reached the same conclusion as you. My daughter saw a half dozen psychiatrists who continued to prescribe her uppers (Adderall) and downers (klonopin). She tried getting off the klonopin but no one told her how slowly you should taper. She finally got off them and I believe her anxiety (made worse by the adderall – so much so that she couldn’t sleep the last week of her life). She took her own life a month after switching to diazepam from the klonopin. My daughter was not helped by the psychiatrists. I ended up thinking they were playing with fire, using people as guinea pigs, as they really don’t know how different people react to ‘meds.’