Friday, May 14, 2021

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  • Corrigan claims ADHD medications are “dangerous drugs” that over-stimulate children’s brains and cause malfunctioning. However, research has shown that low, oral doses (1.0-2.0 mpg/kg) of stimulants focus attention and improve executive function (Arnsten, 2006). While ADHD stimulants may not necessarily help children “become better students” (ie raise standardized test scores), evidence shows stimulants reduce frustration, improve self-regulation, and increase effortful behavior (Advokat & Scheithauer, 2013). Noting that medication mediates impairing symptoms and gives children with ADHD the opportunity to fully apply themselves in the classroom, why should we withhold medications when research (non-pharmaceutical sponsored, by the way) supports its benefits?

    I cannot seem to find evidence to support Corrigan’s claim that ADHD stimulants can “cause permanent brain damage”…if you know of scholarly, peer-reviewed research that analyzes this, I would love if you could share in a response back to me!