Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Comments by Rich Cronshey

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  • Absolutely. Right on. I’m so grateful for my humanities background now that I’m working in the field, and for the emerging trauma-informed paradigm. The prevailing meidcalized framework has no concept of mind at all, so it’s incessantly begging the question and ends up being pretty crazy-making and spooky itself. It’s authority is based on circular reasoning: you’re depressed because you have these symptoms which you have because you’re depressed. Well, ok, then. Phew!
    Also the power dynamic is problematic: if I’m the authority on your problem, if I own its proper name, then by implication, I own its solution which makes me the gatekeeper of your future, your well being. How is this not a recipe for domination? And in the absence of a concept of mind, that assumed authority is baseless. Knd of fraudulent. I think a lot of trauma survivors can smell this kind of thing a mile away. I know I can.
    Stay awesome and soldier on!