Sunday, June 26, 2022

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  • Maria,
    I just happened to see this… years after you wrote your piece. Today it is relevant to me as my daughter died, by suicide, 6 months ago today. She suffered for a long time with a rare illness and was in chronic pain. Everyone knew that she would not get better, but one doctor was determined for her to get off the painkillers, very very heavy duty ones,cold turkey so he took them off her 25 year old body and sent her home. By day 5 her body had so much pain and she had been assured that it would get better in another day. It didn’t. She felt like herbody was on fire, so she shot herself.
    We contacted attorneys, but were told that we couldn’t sue on behalf of young adult children over 25. Now everyone tells us that we are much bette since she is in no more pain. No she isn’t, but I miss every waking moment, every text, phone call, every flush of her PICC line that I did. I am broken, as is her father. I love our precious friends,but I can only be told that it will get better so many times. It’s a lie… it wont. At least not after just 6 months. So, I weep, remember, talk to her, weep some more. I’m blessed to have a patient husband. But now… I’m just mush inside