Friday, September 17, 2021

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  • Remember that commercial for the stop smoking drug Chantix. What was one of the side effects? Suicidal thoughts. This is called substance induced depression. Yes the prescription drug can make you feel suicidal. But Phd’s want to promote the idea that suicidal thoughts can be psycho analyzed and be gone for good without meds. Psychologist are like any other profession, they want your money. And will denigrate those that compete with them.

  • Schizophrenia is a brain disease. There are competing factions who wish to promote their idea of how mental health should be treated. I noticed many of the articles are written by non-MD’s. Their not medical doctors. My psychiatrist (who correctly diagnosed me) considered the field of psychology a waste of time, and I believe him. I comes down to, “both sides want your money” on this issue.

  • I would be dead if it weren’t for Triavil. Most of the posters here have never experienced mental health problems like I have. Yes, it is a brain disease that is treatable. The author of the article is not an MD, and I have no idea how he became an “assistant professor of psychiatry” without being an MD. Unless someone here who’s qualified can educate me.

  • I’m sorry for your husbands problems. Consider that its possible he has been misdiagnosed. I was misdiagnosed for 4 months until I went to a good shrink who knew what he was doing.

    Yes, there are negative side effects. Most of the time, I appear quite normal to other people and they think there nothing is wrong with me. Without the proper medicine, as I said before, I would probably be dead years ago.

    Just to ad. I have been to multiple psychiatrists, and have not always been diagnosed the same way. There is much MD’s don’t now about mental illness. With the availability of the internet, some patients actually know more about their problem than their doctors know.

  • The authors ignorance is astounding!!! I have schzioaffective disorder, and the problems only stopped with the correct PILL!! I was prescribe Triavil, and my severe depression and suicidal thinking along with the tactile hallucination I was having stopped. No amount of so-called psychotherapy would do any good. Fortunately, the first psychiatrist I saw recognized my problem and what meds to prescribe, or else, I would probably be dead now. The author obviously has never experienced mental health problems.
    This is the statement is what I am referring to:
    “They are told they have a “biogenetic brain disease.” None of these are truly borne out by research or ongoing in-depth clinical immersion experiences.”

    Yes, schziopherinia is a biogenetic brain disease. I am a perfect example of it. I don’t care if the term schzio is dropped or not, but portions of the authors statements are totally incorrect.