Sunday, November 28, 2021

Comments by Adaline

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  • Sanderella and Stephen G., feelindiscouraged, et all, your comments are appreciated. After the ‘Great Depression’ and economic crash of late I lost my health insurance and finally fulfulled the wish diagnosed with bipolar and schizo-affective disorders in 1978 hallucinations and a hellish struggle through life — finally detoxed off Lithium & Buproprion (and as needed sonata abilify and others and after having reactions to so many others, neuroleptics (neurotoxins all of them)), and even with the ‘low doses’ for 19 years withdrawl was an absolute nightmare and detoxing took several YEARS. Cold turkey. No healthcare at all. It came in waves and I would become a raving lunatic, manic as a banshee, then go into depressions. I was extremely lucky to have a man that took care and hung in there with me through this mayhem. I believe I may always be recovering. I am more stable now than ever.

    Having been abused since birth, I am employing a therapist to help me with PTSD, she is working with me using EMDR, eye movement deprocessing and reprogramming. It is a technique that they use to try to help veterans with PTSD. It is very simple and effective. And yes, in addition, talk therapy helps me. I would never be a blowhard and put anyone down for using their critical thinking, and trying to get benefit from ‘help.’ If you can afford it I recommend Acupuncture, homeopathy, herbalism, massage, exercise, yoga, tai chi, gardening and lots of fresh air in the woods. If you are lucky enough to be blessed with animals in your life than all the better, they can be life savers.

    Besides the whole issue of being buffalo’d in to the mental health trap, if one is not upset at what is happening to humanity, to the planet, then there is something deeply wrong with them. Endless war that enriches elite/corp/government. Nuclear nightmare for example out of Fukushima just the tip of the iceberg. Vampiritic industries that feed off/sicken/kill humans and destroy the environment to enrich themselves, vicious military, plastics, Petro-Chemical, big pharma, the list goes on, flouride in the municipal waters. Monsanto, GMOs, destruction of DNA. Weather warfar and geoengineering poisoning us, the air, the land. Forced vaccinations, rising autism. If you are not upset and sick at what is happening, something is wrong with you! Fear of losing our jobs if we say anything?? Agenda 21 – we must all at least WAKE UP to everything that is happening to us, and care for each other, because we are all one. Take care.