Sunday, November 28, 2021

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  • I’ve come to prefer to write the phrase “mental disease” as “mental dis-ease” because the traditional way of spelling it suggests a biological cause that “must” be treated by psychotropic meds — meds that actually are responsible for converting mental dis-ease into a mental disease.

    There CAN be conditions of the brain that might make people behave in ways that can endanger others and/or themselves such as something pressing against the cerebrum.

    For example, a man had part of his head destroyed by shrapnel. The missing parts were replaced with a metal plate.

    After his time in the service was completed, he returned home to be a husband, dad, and elementary school principal. He was active in his church and was a pillar of his community.

    Unbeknownst to him, the metal plate was starting to press on his cerebrum. One day, he took a gun into his school where he killed a couple of teachers outright and, then ran into the woods and turned the gun on himself.

    In the case of this man, his actions were actually caused by something physiological going on in his brain.

    However, most mental disease can be traced back to a brain damaged by chemicals; electroshock; and/or invasive surgery that was used to try to “cure” mental dis-ease…