Friday, February 3, 2023

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  • I don’t understand my comment above because as I remember I read intensively about Matt’s life, his life in the past years and about his non-wavering attitude to be a happy person. I’ve read he visited/attended many conferences where he spoke eloquently about the “bad-psychiatry”. In my comment above, I even speak about his last wish and I clearly remember having seen a picture of him with his blond hair and huge smile towards the camera (on a very sunny day). And I know most of this ‘information’ I found in the comments. but as I read through them just now, none of that is found here !

    As if almost all comments through which I got to know Matt were deleted or perhaps found in another article.

    I’ve thought occasionally about Matt and the sadness I feel about this bright young man who could easily have lived longer as a human. I also miss the text that states Matt’s ‘last wish’ as I clearly say in my comment above and now only partially remember :”we should strive to never stop pointing out the bad things in psychiatry with verve!” and I recall many comments about Matt being a vibrant, happy young man who was cunning and could always crack an intelligent joke in difficult times.

    And now, it is as if I’m the only one who has read this and seen his photo because in this article + comment-section Matt cannot be found anymore besides people speaking about the loss and unbelief about his parting.

    I totally understand that my comment above looks very eerie and will confuse people who know Matt and read it. I’m sorry folks, I don’t know what happened to the article and it’s comment-section.

    Matt did inspire me and as such I’m a fierce warrior in the anti-psychiatry army (stronger, more stable then in 2017) – even when there is no-one who stands next to me or supports me (just like in 2017) and that’s sad because I keep noticing that in the UK and US there are so many receiving mass support from peers and I’m fucking always alone !

    I would really appreciate people at my side cause the only real supporting company I have are the tears rolling out of my eyes , like is happening now.

    I hate being so fucking alone !!

    [my real name is Alain Bos and I live in the Netherlands]

  • I 4 1 gratefully appreciate your comments and would love to have conversations with you, even if it is just by email (I live in the Netherlands and your comment about judges & juries suggests you live in the US, so meeting IRL will not be an option).

    You can reach me @ anti-psychiatrie at outlook dot com (yes with an ie because anti-psychiatry was already taken and this ‘ie’ is the dutch spelling too).

    I hope to hear from you !

  • Mr. Baxtor, what you are actually confirming by your comment is that there (sadly) aren’t enough competent therapists or therapons who are truly effective & supporting.

    You are in fact talking about a very slim minority of therapists otherwise the record-hall-of-psychiatry would have been filled with memorial plaques of Mental Health Hero’s.

  • That’s not a tricky answer (the second part).

    It’s the 1st part that tells me you haven’t observed these people long enough because they do change their attitudes over time.

    It’s also quite stubborn of you (almost your own version of mad pride) to repeat your mistake after being presented with opportunities to change your assumption.

    Or are you telling us you are secretly a mad-pride-guy and will show no discernment and do not want to recover ?-)

    None the less, I’ll try to finish reading your article (:-)

  • Hello Mr. Unger – I stopped reading because you were basing assumptions on the name ‘mad pride’ while treating mainstream MHC with all its diversity.

    Your 1st flawed assumption is oversimplifying that one who has pride in their madness do not want change in their life – you repeated this assumption 3 times over and I wasn’t charmed by this cutting short of the ‘mad pride’-movement (of which I heard 1st and only in this article).

    Your second flawed remark is writing about ‘people who hear voices’ , all the while I was having trouble controlling anger that was directed at you – we just talked about this telepathically.

    I just responded quite humorously on this post and tried to scare you with my wits by making a telepathic-joke with you – however for (later to be discovered) reasons I got gripped by aggression towards you but we quickly resolved the issue.

    My ‘mad pride’ doesn’t think that changing the world is impossible and I only attempt to ‘please’ other people by giving their POV affirmation when I’m able to change their minds in my direction. For this I need your article but I’m scared that you will disappoint me after I’ve read it completely.

    You see, for the past 5 years I’ve been suffering from ‘social psychological torture’ by society and I would rather die a horrible death than conforming to the mainstream hypnoses. Society thinks that by treating me for a mental illness they can create a better life for me but it’s the other way around, I want to awake society from the mass hypnosis they are under but I have to conclude everybody is still sleeping and are only pretending to be awake.

    If we are only given a little spark of madness in our life, why should we be shamed for this by being called mentally retarded ?

    friendly greetings from
    Alain Bos ([email protected])

  • Now, I really wonder why there is a double post of MadinAmerica on my facebook news-feed about the work of Mr. Double and the CPN’s double decades of hard work while this article has double to nothing to reveil about Double’s 20 years of hard work ?

    Mr. Jeff Rubbin (from Insult to Respect – has probably done double the work of Double and does not have a double vision when it concerns the DSM which he wants to transform into the CSM (the Classification and Statistical Manual of Mental Health Concerns) – CSM for short.

    [ ]

    So I was doubly disappointed when this article stopped after just a few paragraphs all the while I was getting ready to not read double but at least 10-times as much information about the CPN ! This article needs CPR asap !

    friendly greetings from
    Alain Bos ([email protected])

  • Hi Janet, merry Christmas !-)
    I really enjoyed your article and was strongly reminded by A. Miller’s book she published somewhere in the 90-ies. The drama of the gifted children (there’s an audio book on youtube) but I like your point of view and story-telling better and smoothly transfers me through the years. You got a kind of softness about you that makes looking at some horrible situations (having to sleep outside if you arrived a little late) manageable. You are also capable of showing us moments in your past where my ID would scream out loud but you perceive these seemingly very painful moments from a helicopter-view. I’ve bookmarked your website and downloaded the PDF but mention directly that I’m quick to draw my mouse but am lazy or impossible when it comes to making real decisions that would instigate real actions.
    On another note, since therapy was mainly focused on your father, you at least was granted ample time to get to know him where your mother’s behavior was the main focus of your true self who recognized her as the prison or the gatekeeper that didn’t want you to leave.
    There’s a study done on a group of about 250 men that started in 1936 or something and ended just a couple of years ago when the last person past away. The research-question was :”Do humans (or just men) become more humaine while growing older. And your father is just a shining example of the outcome of this study. I thought you might like this affirmation to add to your already strong love for him (and others around you).

    You posted this on my father’s birthday and he too had become gentler, more thoughtful and calmer in the last decade of his life and even dough he could still make you hold your breath while he would angrily shout what and who wronged (him) this time, my own sympathy for him grew with every day since he dealt my stepsisters the biggest piece of meat, than me and ate the smallest part himself. Behavioral-skill I am still somewhat obsessed about 😉

    TY for having reminded me of him this way, it may be more than 15 years ago but my sadness has not diminished – it’s the time in between these sad moments that has grown bigger….

    Happy New Year ! May good health and happiness bless your entire family in 2018 !