Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Comments by Samuel Joseph

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  • I don’t think Dr. Kelmenson’s statement stands on its own, but I don’t think “biology is bad” or that there is a problem with biological explanations. The problem with the bio-psychiatric model (the one we’re all “mad” about) is 1) that it is disempowering, and does not work towards health, rather “removing pathology” which is not an effective way of treating “mental health issues” or extreme moods, stress response, broken society or whatever the issue really is. You can’t treat it as pathology, because you need the whole system of the “mind/brain” working effectively to work. Meds take part of it out of commission in an attempt to “remove the pathogen.” So part of the “mind/brain” is gone. That’s not working.
    2) It’s just wrong. It’s not a “chemical imbalance.” That’s false.
    So a biological model that doesn’t have these two problems, works towards health and is actually true… Well that should be a good thing, if it’s useful to people. If it’s not they can “try what works until it doesn’t, and then try something else.” Or, just accept that it’s sometimes difficult, and act on our values. Or whatever it is that the Dr. is actually suggesting we do. You seem to have a good model, and good advice on how to handle things. Biology isn’t a problem if it provides a useful model that will lead to effective, good outcomes.

  • Oops, no problem.
    Amen… In my tradition we say, God manifested logic and verbage and is beyond crazy or sane, verbal or non-verbal.. when we bring down the ‘light,’ we need to have vessels to ‘transmit’ it to others so it is communicable, otherwise to them we are crazy.
    As you’ve described, when we have experiences and understandings that aren’t communicable, we can be perceived as crazy. It’s necessary to build “vessels” to be able to transmit that to others. Your article is an excellent vessel for conveying the ‘light’ of the insight of the paradigm you express… Continued success!

  • I love this article, and I am starting to read Ron’s excellent replies to questions asked… I noticed the link to Chris Cole actually went to Tom Whooton’s Bipolar in Order… I’m not familiar with Chris Cole, so I’ll take a look..
    Thanks for the excellent article. I say: People think if a person says he/she had a spiritual experience he is either a saint/guru/shaman or a crazy person. I think it’s not either or, it can be a whole range of both.