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  • My beloved son died at the age of 46 due to the negligence of a psychiatrist who over prescribed Cloziral and Citalopram. The drugs reached a toxic level in his body, which was the cause of his death. A jury of 8 women and 4 men found her guilty of malpractice this past May, 2018. He was diagnosed as having a schizoaffective disorder. Prior to his emotional problems at age 18, he was slim, athletic, and ate a balanced diet. Once he got on the drugs, he eventually gained over 150 lbs. It is the psychiatric drugs that are killing those being diagnosed with mental illness. And the combination of these drugs, called polypharmacy, are especially harmful. The diet theory is misleading. It is not the diet, it is the administration of psychiatric medications that pose the major threat of harm/death to those diagnosed with mental illness. I have written an article on this that appeared in an earlier blog on MIA.

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