Monday, August 19, 2019

Comments by Terry Danielson

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  • Pilot studies and research are essential in order to demonstrate that there are healing and recovery alternatives to medications, which although may work for some, at least in the short run, long term are creating iatrogenic mental illness for many others!

    Mary, I like what you are saying about the potential uses of these concrete tools to bridge the communication gap between those with lived experience and their physicians, or between progressive healers and physicians in order to concretely and in a language docs can readily understand, (they already use the tools!) demonstrate the efficacy of more healing alternative approaches to mental distress.

    I believe we must continue to strive toward dialogue with the prescribers whose first line standard of care is the use of drugs (and without full disclosure!) With the ACA (Affordable Care Act, ie: Obamacare) today surviving the Supreme Court, there will be potentially tons more patients coming onto health insurance rosters who, with the current paradigm, will be put on meds for life–so the sooner we can get moving on something concrete to try and reach the prescribers, the better, as far as I am concerned! The tools you suggest can readily be used in a pilot study/research project among progressive healers to communicate with the more rigid and hard to reach top end prescribers, and is an ongoing essential part of creating a new paradigm of care.