Wednesday, August 17, 2022

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  • After the history that psychiatry has earned, it would be hard not to bash it. It has a decades, perhaps centuries long history of degrading people, brain damaging people, and even torturing people. All the brain damaging drugs, brain damaging psycho-surgery, brain damaging electroshock… its use in harassing and controlling political dissidents, whistle blowers, and people who speak up against psychopaths and cheating spouses etc… I mean… Expecting people not to bash an institution with such a track record is asking for a bit too much.

  • 1) They do need the nutrients. The glyphosate sprayed on the food most people eat chelates nutrients so that we cannot absorb them. This does lead to problems. And there are also other issues which lead food to being much less nutritious than it once was.

    2) Yes, kids are being abused by being needlessly labeled and by not being allowed to live as they should and also by being stuck in the abusive crap hole we know as public school, which is really a form a child abuse and I am not being hyperbolic when I say that. The excessively restrictive environment leads to punishing kids for simply being kids.

    3) You don’t need to label them to give them nutrients. These are things we should all be taking. And this does give us a way to at least get away from the current dope centered paradigm which causes brain damage and stunts their development. If you can save people from the brain damage pharma drugs cause, and benefit their health at the same time by deflecting to this nutrient stuff, then we should definitely start pursuing this nutrient stuff. It actually improves health and it gets rid of brain damaging pharmacy. That is a pretty good trade off even if some still decide to label people.