Sunday, June 26, 2022

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  • I appreciated your response and perspective. One of your points stuck out for me.. you cant get out of terror by being terrified of it – but it brought up a dissonance: how can you not be terrified when you feel like you’ve been set on fire, living in permanent fight or flight mode? i imagine this perspective could be challenging to person who is living that reality.

    It would be lacking compassion to expect everyone to be able to achieve god-like meditative abilities through extreme panic and pain; to be able to set aside trauma for later as twisted images of your worst memories flash before your eyes, confirming all your worst fears and insecurities. The severity of the symptoms seem to vary widely, and not everyone has had exposure to methods like this. It would be the worst time to learn mindfulness or self hypnosis, sitting with your eyes closed in the middle of a burning room, waiting for the ceiling to cave in on your head.

    However.. I really appreciated your analogies about the heart medication and birth. So much of life seems to boil down to pain coping, and some if its greatest gifts come out of the ability to touch on the indestructible essence of your being through that pain.

    Your concept is a beautiful one that I would wish for anyone who is suffering, and it poses the potential for a therapeutic model that could actually help someone get through a terrifying level of pain and torture and discover their quiet strength that endures despite. I agree that it would not be a good time to start unpacking traumas and trying to change family structures, and that coping with the present would have to be the priority and primary lens.

    It is not until the gravity of this situation is acknowledged and someone important has consequences severe enough to warrant concern, that these structures can be changed. There are no effective treatments as long as there is no acknowledgement of the severity of the issue. I cannot imagine living through this, experiencing constant disbelief and disregard for my extreme suffering.. The healing starts with validation and acknowledgment- these voices on a megaphone, rage channeled at the broken system instead of self. I don’t think it would cause mass hysteria for these serious withdrawal risks and side-effects to be known and openly talked about. The cycle ends with INFORMED consent and safer practices if these drugs are going to be used.