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  • Here is a quote from a book by Bertrand Russell (1872-1970) (a philosopher famous for his work in “social reform’-described as one of the “architects of modern society’) “The Impact of Science on Society” written in 1952.(pg.61-62)
    “It is to be expected that advances in psychology and physiology will give governments much more control over individual mentality than they now have even in totalitarian countries. Fichte laid down that education should aim at destroying free will , so that, after pupils have left school, they shall be incapable, throughout the rest of their lives , of thinking or acting otherwise than as their schoolmasters would have wished…..DIET , INJECTIONS., and INJUNCTIONS will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible.”
    It was all planned!!

  • Do you believe what the media is spewing out about the “attack on the Capitol”?? THAT is propaganda. The golden rule in practice in politics :”Who ever has the gold rules”
    The powers that be are simply working to pit citizens against each other -that is part of the Marxist agenda. Marxism has been taught in all the schools in this country- and the present “educated” elite are acting as programmed.
    Anyone who wants to think and reason things out for themselves-who believes in the conscience and granting freedom of choice to the individual is the enemy.
    Freud who had a Jewish background was an atheist. I believe, as he said,- there are dark forces at work people(at work in governments/organized religions/educational and medical institutions: through the minds of individuals having succumbed to the “dark forces” But
    they do not HAVE to control us That is why we were given a conscience and a will-the power to choose. Obviously Freud himself succumbed to the dark forces within himself ,his philosophy in life that caused him to make nicotine and cocaine his god, his refuge. The meaning of the word “worship” is: anything to which you give the highest worth. “Sigmund Freud was a heavy smoker with a 20-cigar/day habit. In 1923, a diagnosis of squamous cell carcinoma of the palate was made, for which he underwent a lengthy ordeal which span a total of 16 years. During this period, he bluntly refused to quit smoking. Freud consulted many specialists (otolaryngologists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, prosthodontists and general surgeons), during the course of his ordeal with oral cancer. He underwent 34 surgical procedures before his eventual death in 1939 through euthanasia.( It is possible that the lesion that progressively and very slowly eroded the splanchnocranial structures of Freud was not a bona-fide cancerous malignancy, but rather, the necrotizing effect of cocaine use that has been previously reported to be responsible for some massive facial destructive lesions.)
    I do not choose to listen to or adhere to any of the ideas of this man.
    I see people in their comments saying socialism is the answer. Socialism is a transitional state between capitalism and communism. Do you mean a Marxist, Leninist socialist state-or socialist state like China? “educated liberal opinion is today more or less unanimous in its agreement (with) Marx’s basic thesis” on the flaws of capitalism. But this is true only if “educated liberal opinion” simply does not care about tyranny.

    But Marxism in practice didn’t work out so well. Communist regimes produced the greatest ideological carnage in human history, killing more than a hundred million people in the last century. The seeds of tyranny were there from the start in the idealogy.
    The United States started out as a REPUBLIC-“a state in which the supreme power rests in the body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by representatives chosen directly or indirectly by them” A democracy is basically MOB RULE. The next step is communism.
    I am grateful, at least up until now, that in this country-despite what my parents-( who were devotees of the medical system) and what the medical (psychiatric) system ,false religions and abusive people have inflicted upon me through my own weakness and ignorance-I was able to run from it-and try to learn how to strengthen the damaged/weakened frontal lobe of my brain-which is the seat of spirituality, morality, altruism, the will(the power to choose), empathy and the conscience.
    Anything that damages/bypasses the frontal lobe of the brain will ultimately take away the individuality , the personality, the very being of the individual. Psyche drugs/alcohol/drugs in general-(prescription and non prescription) processed foods, certain forms of music and media-any form of hypnotic influence-which includes almost all media(TV is called the “home hypnotist”), city life, pollution, etc…….
    I have not had to take any drug for over 30 years-i live in my own simple home in a quiet/peaceful environment-lots of trees and singing birds a place to work and grow things .I still try to reach out and help others if I can despite my damage. I wanted to provide a place of refuge for likeminded people who need to heal- but I have found that most people do not want to face the truth , especially about themselves. They would rather drug/numb themselves through some addiction or just let the media mesmerize/turn off the rational mind -to somehow bypass their own reasoning powers to avoid the pain of trying to face reality(yes I believe there is reality. There is right and wrong. There is cause and effect-every (thought, word and) action has a reaction)People would just rather follow the dogma of some powerful leader/political or religious or entertainer To just go with the flow, follow the crowd trying to escape the reality of being responsible for their own choices. I was raised doing these things and have lived much of my life doing most of the above. I do not consider myself better than anyone else-I know there are far stronger/better people than myself-and I want to follow their example. I want to fight for something better, in my thoughts/words and actions. Something enduring that I believe I have had glimpses of.
    Laws-physical and moral are meant to protect us from what is harmful. We can choose to seek truth and find those boundaries. We don’t have to let evil take over. We can exercise the most important gift we were given-the power to choose. Choose good and not evil. And if you fall-get up and keep choosing good-you are worth it. There never was and will never be a person just like you. It is upstream but Love wins

  • The most rapid brain development is in the first 3 years of is said that character is mostly formed in the first 7 years. In this “society” people have been indoctrinated into being workers/producers-human resources to keep the economy going. What if it was taught that, if you are going to have children-to love and teach and nurture them is your most important job? To instill in the child that they are loved and of value and help them realize and develop their talents. The family is the basic unit of society. It is there, I believe, that preventing mental illness is possible. My father was a Doctor-his career was his life, my mother was trained as a nurse -but then had 5 children, She was bitter about having had to give up her career-became an alcoholic . After a suicide attempt at age 16 they put me in a mental hospital where I was forcibly injected with Thorazine tied down, locked up-tortured. There are sadistic people that work in those places.That was just the beginning of 18 years in and out of the system with no where to turn.My parents(although wealthy) put me on SSI when I was 19 so they would never have to support me-my mother said I was “too sick” to be in their home as she descended further into her alcoholism I didn’t know what love was-only that I some how deserved to be punished for just existing.
    Where is love? I believe it exists-but my pain is all I seem to know.People talk -but I am always alone. maybe it’s brain damage from the ECT I was given.

  • You seem to have no respect for the fact that Dr. McLaren actually WORKED in the field of psychiatry for almost 50 years and , from the interview, it appears that he prevented a lot of suffering for many people-keeping them out of mental hospitals, not using ECT, etc.-actually CARING for people-even at financial loss to himself.
    Richard D. Lewis-you sound very intelligent-but what have YOU done to actually help anyone being damaged /destroyed by the system.

  • It has been said that “The love of money is the root of all evil.”
    Evil- lies, steals and murders.
    As long as evil exists there will be people who profit from the weakness and suffering of others.
    The change must happen within the individual heart-a desire for Truth. Real knowledge is liberating.
    To the extent that Mad in America has created a platform that brings to light the real experience of those who have suffered so terribly under these systems and those working in it who see the evil and have really tried to help the suffering-those brave enough to speak the truth which is so hated by all who want to hide behind the lies in the darkness-a great service has been done. Problem is there will always be the confusion of the input of those (some intentionally) who introduce more deception- confusing and complicating the basic issues. The most educated are usually the most indoctrinated.
    It may appear that evil is conquering but there is a much greater power-at work in the minds: thoughts and actions of those who choose it. Love .This requires the giving up of selfishness-it is not cheap.
    All the material benefits, power, fame-whatever people may “gain” from giving in to evil will be swept away-it’s only temporary.
    In the end love wins. Love is not a feeling-it is truth put into action. It is always desiring and acting for what is in the best interest of others based on truth. It brings life, health , and freedom to develop and exercise the amazing potential, gifts, talents that are there in each individual. It rejoices in uplifting others-not using, degrading and crushing them.

  • Thank you for your article. How very tragic that even those with people around them who love them get swallowed up in the mental ‘health’ business. And those who care watch helplessly while the “experts” prescribe drugs and expose the ‘patient’ to attitudes/ideas/environments/substances ,etc. that alter the delicate machinery of the brain.
    Every person is an individual-there are always causes for any kind of illness. It takes time and truth and caring to search out those causes and get to the roots-not just try to suppress/cover up the symptoms. Reasoning from cause to effect takes a higher intelligence Some causal factors may not be changeable, but usually many are. It takes time to heal. It takes the right environment and care. A broken bone takes proper setting and time and nourishment to heal. A broken heart/mind can also surely heal with care.
    If the people around a person suffering mental trauma are toxic and are unable or unwilling to see their part in the trauma-that creates a prison difficult to escape from. The people the suffering one depends on are happy to bypass any personal accountability with the ‘chemical imbalance” lie. Their secret will never be found out-often even to themselves-they put on such a good show.
    “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”
    Hearing truth is freeing. It cannot change what has happened in the past-but it can remove some of the confusion, shame, guilt, etc. the victim of the mental ‘health’ system may be carrying. And for one who has witnessed someone they love be destroyed by this system such as Jennifer-it must be very healing to channel their grief in a way that offers relief to others needing to hear the truth.

  • I can identify with Kathleen. If you start out with a family that is unable to love you how can you learn to give and receive love? It’s like you are desperately searching for something you’ve never experienced. Something in me just does not know how to connect. The rejection and abandonment-even hatred from those who were supposed to care for you causes a sense within that some thing is very wrong -but everyone tells you it is you. My father ,a doctor, my mother a trained nurse(and an alcoholic)- with 5 children they didn’t want to have and I was the scapegoat. When I tried to end my life as a teenager(16) they committed me to a mental hospital-and the sadistic psychiatrist immediately started me on Thorazine. I begged them to stop -my face was contorting-all kinds of indescribable symptoms-my body a prison-now I LOOKED crazy.I thought I was being punished for being the BAD person I had always been told I was. But they just started tying me down and forcibly injecting it into my veins. My doctor father said (very matter of factly) that I would probably be locked up for the rest of my life. I took a lightbulb-smashed it and cut my wrists trying to be free-this was only more grounds for them to keep me there. My father said I was in the hands of the “experts”. They had me classified as gravely disabled and put on SSI so they-my parents- although becoming increasingly wealthy, would not have to be burdened financially by my existence. The mental”health’ system-profiting from and continuing and perpetuating the the suffering of those trapped within it. I spent the next 18 years of my life trying to escape it-continually being sent back-I wandered into a religious cult to be exploited(working 18 hour days for no pay) -trying to find a place to belong. Sometimes after a breakdown and hospitalization-living in an apartment alone on an SSI check-trying to recover not welcome or wanted anywhere.
    Perhaps- in order to get well-a sensitive soul needs compassion and love. Instead of injections/being locked up/isolated/ridiculed/abused-and a psychiatric label placed upon them-( their identity)-perhaps they need the loving guidance they never received as a child -the opportunity to develop their own gifts, to have a sense of the wonder of life. To learn how to give and receive love. To be able to feel like they belong, that their life has value ,that they have something to contribute. To have nourishing food(a healthy microbiome),sunshine, fresh air, exercise-instead of drugs and processed garbage food that ravages the body, hospital wards with 24 hour artificial light that suppresses melatonin, crammed in with other tortured souls for the crime of having a life that expresses the truth-there IS something VERY WRONG. Today I woke up to my 66th birthday. I have never been able to escape this hell. I was thinking of assisted suicide. The world is a stage-it seems to be an ocean of lies. I feel the ability to bond with others was not developed in my formative years and the resulting hellish experiences with the system and life in this culture has prevented developing it. I believe the ability to bond and love is dormant- I always hoped I would find help-in a person, a group or circumstance where there could be healing that all my efforts to be healthy and giving would lead me to connect and heal someday .But all the years of being shunned by my “family”, of attracting abusers in my desperation to escape my isolation and experience of total abandonment, of trauma induced breaks and repeated hospitalizations -being drugged and detained against my will. Of trying to start over , but just getting more damaged along the way. I stayed away from drugs/alcohol-pursued health/God/nature-but my damage led me to be trapped in binging and purging of(even “healthy’) food to try to cope with the horrible isolation and abandonment i felt /the traumatic memories that I could not escape or express.(The brain images of bulimics/binge eaters look worse than cocaine addicts.) When I tried to express my experience-no one could relate-they would reject me /refer me to some mental “health” expert -for a time slot with a big fee and no help-or even worse-further damage. My experience still being I have no where to go in this world-no one knows or cares. There is no welcome in anyone’s eyes. My attempts to give love seem to be a joke-the isolation and abuse have built up such walls of defense around my heart I just can’t seem to break through.