Tuesday, December 7, 2021

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  • Logged in just to confirm the over use of ECT in the Midland Nerve (which, oddly, had a “cool” “hip” “mild tweaks for the mind” kinda vibe at the time) more than 45 years ago alongside some form of insulin shock therapy that looked potentially homicidal even to 13 year old me (I was outside the usual age profile for the unit due to intellectual giftedness and premature development syndrome).

    I escaped ECT until Warwick Mental Hospital two years later when my excellent memory had caught out a social worker once too often (I never had any symptoms of depression and was never claimed to have) I was lucky, it only scrambled my memory of the previous month a lot and the previous few weeks a little bit. An odd thing…these treatment were dished out across the West Midlands region in rigid (totally OCD) multiples of 6, if you missed one you had it at the end…I missed one with flu, they left it at 5. This was performed on my 15 year old signature alone (I was too scared I’d never be let out to withhold it) this was legal, but only barely.