Saturday, February 27, 2021

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  • Thank you for this article. I am also a person who has shouted “Rape!” while 4 to 5 people rushed into a room where I was kept in isolation, to bring me to the ground and hold me down while forcibly removing my pants and underwear to inject me. This happened repeatedly, all while I was under evaluation and before I was ever admitted to a hospital. Once they locked me in, they also locked the door to the adjoining bathroom so that I had to urinate on the floor. They had locked me in after I left the room (like a normal doctor’s office room) to walk down the hall and look out the window – not because I was dangerous, but because I didn’t realize that, as a non-normal person, I wasn’t allowed to leave. I was surrounded (by men; I am a woman) and forced back in. The violence followed. I can see no justification for any of these actions except for the convenience of the staff. Some time later, I wrote to my local Omsbudman to report physical abuse of a sexual nature, also stating that being forced to defecate on the ground like an animal was an abuse of my basic rights. I stated that I had previously experienced sexual assault and that the actions of the mental health staff had retraumatized me. In response, I was told that the county facility responsible had since been privatized, and so an institution that did not exist could not be held accountable. I feel continued rage that unethical sexual violence against me is seen as justified in the eyes of the law, and terror that it could happen again because I know just how powerless I am as “the other.” I would also like to mention that the medication I was forcibly injected had no discernible effect – only a very few medications are effective for me, and that wasn’t one of them. However, I will now have a lifelong fear of mental health intervention.