Friday, January 27, 2023

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  • In 2005 I had the misfortune to be prescribed Lexapro. It started out at 10 mg and at one time was up to 40 mg. At that point I ended up with serotonin syndrome and in an emergency room. I have been off SSRIs for one year as of December 2016. I have not had a restful sleep for more than 2 consecutive nights during the past year. I’m not having night terrors (not nightmares, that would have been a walk in the park) for the last 2 months so I guess we can say that is an improvement. I am anxious all the time – wake up with my heart pounding, hair trigger temper, uncontrolled crying – despair. I must have once cared about something but I can’t call up the feeling for anything anymore. I don’t know if this will end. I have a therapist but what are the coping mechanisms for having your brain scrambled by psychiatric drugs. I know the psychiatrists answer is that I obviously should take SSRIs. That’s not happening. I will die before I take those drugs again. I was messed up by the pharmaceutical industry and I don’t know of any way out. I’m glad some people finally came out the other side of this mess but maybe some of us don’t make it.