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  • Hi,

    The stats I have referred to are government stats. Obviously all data should be read with some caution and the this data is not immune from that. Here is the link that shows us the use of anti psychotics prescriptions in Australia.
    The anti depressants are even more incredible. But as I say it is the overall rate that is mind blowing, whilst acknowledging all factors.

    Thanks for the comments

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  • HI Pat, thanks for you comment. It was a great pleasure to chat with Oryx. I do not mean to give lip service, but i do agree that if that works for you, its really important. My position is that the whole set up of mental health could be shaped, worded and democratically orientated towards any individual getting the support they identify and with the most clear information and least coercion of knowledge or intervention.
    I speak quite often of the the importance of any individual getting their choice of approach, so i think there is two seperate issues – one being the importance to an individual getting the support they choose. The other being the choices we might make and what power and clarity of truth the choices are made under.
    I am presenting at a national forum this week in Aus and was planning to comment on exactly your point… that a trauma informed approach means that we should support the journey of each person towards recovery. i did not mean this as a lip service, rather as a genuine statement.

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  • HI, thanks for your comments/questions. I think i choose to remain so close because I hope that I may be part of the journey of change. I say ‘i think’ because the question you ask is the same question i often ask myself. I am happy to say that i do not oppose psychiatry – but even the concept of ‘psychiatry’ has so many connotations!
    I do oppose not giving genuine best information, not giving people choice and autonomy whenever possible and I do oppose the fact that in the jurisdiction i work in medical psychiatrist are giving the ultimate say on decisions in peoples lives as an arbitrary notion that they are best placed to do so.
    Why do I stay so close? Because i believe under the broader label of psychiatry maybe there is an alternative toward healing? Maybe a psychiatry that is democratic and activist based and not paternalistic and coercive. I think people should take psych drugs if that works for them and they have been informed to the best that they can about the realities of these drugs, and then equally supported if they do not want the drugs any more…as for ECT… I think the deceit and frankly open unknown is very confusing. I have had ECT and I would not have it again. I understand that some people would say they have had it and think it worked. I would ask – worked for what? and that maybe the most important question

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