Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Comments by Winnie Woodland

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  • Dr Hickey, I for one think most medication research has gone in the direction of biochemical/synapse misfiring. I would like to see the Endocrine system studied, separating male and female sense of depression and look at the alternate therapies/supplements. Mary Ellen Copeland is a great resource, and Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic did a protocol study on light therapy; and the Stanley Center for the Innovation Treatment of Bipolar Illness based in Texas have done a number of protocol studies on Omega 3 Fatty Acids and Vitamin E.

  • Have you ever heard of family systems therapy? There is a book by Rabbi Dr Edward Friedman called Generation to Generation that outlines it. My therapist and I worked on this for a bunch of years with great success. Also realize that the tongue is the beginning of the nervous system and talking often helps a person realize their own answers.

  • Ben, as an old timer, patients being taken off any medication did it inpatient in a hospital. I 1983 health insurance companies came up with DRG,s, or Diagnostic Related Groups and set a money cap on how much they would pay for any medical care, not just psychiatric. So for me any inpatient was 21 days and during that time one was put on a medication, and stabilized before discharge. They also titration starting with liquids, and when necessary inpatient had a medication wash where one was tapered off medication and better ones replaced them. They also used to prescribe medication in liquid form, but again insurance didn’t want to pay for it! Insurance companies have change the DSM manual in order to not pay. Fund for the NIMH and NIH, have been cut by Congress so drastically that research not funded by pharmacial thus being ‘unbiased’ is virtually ended. But I also don’ look at the private sector’s research as an attempt to create ‘cash cows’, but you need as a political scientist to deep dive into our federal legislative and SCOTUS, to expose a lot.

  • I think your athletic ability is wonderful, and as a mediocre swimmer I envy you! Been swimming for 55 years and do the breast stroke, but I feel great afterwards! I have thought for a long time that mental health medication has only gone in one direction, that being brain synapses misfiring serotonin or other bio chemicals, and few are exploring the endocrine system and the idea that mental illness is in some cases metabolic. The endocrine system principally controls hormone production and excretion, and is the Pitiuary gland in the brain, the thyroid, the heart, the pancreas, and the ovaries/testicles. There is now research into autoimmune disorders such as Polysystic Ovarian Syndrome, diabetes type 3, Hosomoto disease of the thyroid and the list goes on! Are ‘mental or emotional’ illnesses autoimmune disorders? I don’t know, but as we strive to end the stigma in the mental health profession, let us look at all the other systems in the body!