Friday, December 4, 2020

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  • Hi, thank you for sharing your story. I relate to it as I was also involuntarily committed to a psychiatric hospital (in Westchester, NY) and am a victim of psychiatric abuse as well. I had a legal problem with a former employer that ended up involving my former psychiatrist (long story short: my employer found out that I lied in the pre-employement physical and asked my psychiatrist to provide them with my diagnosis, which a psychiatrist cannot do due to HIPPA regulations). In a desperate attempt to cover his ass and terminate my case, he claimed that I was psychotic for believing that I had a husband (I was in the process of getting a divorce- separated for 2 years, but still legally married at the time) and made me be involuntarily committed to the psychiatric hospital. He obviously also probably told the hospital that I was a danger to myself or others, which is UNTRUE. At the hospital, I told the staff about my psychiatrist’s mistake of claiming that I didn’t have a husband and told them about my legal problem. My husband then visited me at the hospital . What happened next was surreal to me. The staff was afraid of being involved in the legal problem or being sued. They forced me to take large amounts of antipsychotic drugs that caused abnormally low blood pressure to the point of passing out and having to spend the night in a near by hospital . I remember being on very scary drugs (they never told me the name of these meds) that made me extremely agitated and thirsty throughout the day. I don’t have time to describe everything that I went through in that place, but MANIPULATION, BULLYING and EMOTIONAL ABUSE describe what happened to me. I spent 3 weeks trying to figure out how to leave that horrible place. After playing their sick mind games for 3 weeks, they finally discharged me. I never thought that I would be so traumatized by a mental health setting. Regarding my former psychiatrist, he left the institute where he used to practice and the institute refused to take my case back (I was also in therapy there) claiming that a DBT- Dialetical Behavioral Therapy- institute was more appropriate for my case. Well, they got what they wanted: terminated my case in an extremely unethical and unprofessional way. And here I am, trying to cope with the painful trauma of psychiatric abuse.