Tuesday, March 28, 2023

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  • Thank you for this article. It is reflected in our military as well. Our soldiers are drugged on the battlefield and are drugged once they get home. There have always been wars, but the suicide rate among the military is the highest it has EVER been. Soldiers didn’t used to come home and kill themselves like they do today. I took an SSRI once. OMG! It made me so sick mentally and physically. These drugs come with consequences that none of us want to face.

  • I just couldn’t let this article go without a comment. I know for a fact that these drugs can cause mania, violence etc. And here’s why. I had a good friend and neighbor who’s sister’s husband had lost his job and he was down in the dumps (like we all would be). After looking for a few weeks for a new job and getting nowhere, he was feeling really down. It was totally situational. Let me first tell you about this man! He was a good man, a good husband and a good father. He was well educated, had 3 almost grown children.

    His wife suggested he talk to someone (a psychiatrist) to try to get through this bad patch. In hindsight, that’s the very worst decision he EVER made to agree to that. He did see a psychiatrist and of course, the first line of defense was to put him on antidepressants. He hated how they made him feel so instead of the doctor taking him off, he added to them, kept switching them and messing with them. He did not feel like himself. He tried on numerous occasions to go off these drugs, but by then, his normal brain chemistry had been wacked out by these drugs and he could not find a way out. One night, after going off these drugs, or trying too for days, he came home in a manic state (totally and completely out of his life long character) and stabbed his wife 12 times. After the horror of it and him realizing what he had done, he called 911. He did not end his own life, but many many do once they realize what they have done,. She survived. He was arrested, placed in a state controlled mental hospital, given one shock treatment after the other because he was questioning and resisting the long list of pills they had him on. Needless to say, they destroyed this gentle man. The drugs first and then the state. He came out 3 years later like a zombie. His wife and family took care of him with the help of home care and he was eventually put into a home. My heart broke for him and his family and it enraged me how this can happen.

    The psychiatrists at the time took no responsibility for what happened to this man and stated he had an underlying bipolar disorder which was a total and complete fabrication. So a word of warning. What can start out as situational depression (and yes, it can last a while until the situation changes) can end up destroying you if you are not careful about your own treatment. Psychiatry is not psychiatry anymore. They are simply drug pushers and frankly it is very lucrative for them to be. They turned all these made up disorders into quasi diseases in order to get paid by the insurance companies for their services, and that’s a fact. Be careful before you swallow that first pill. This man isn’t the only person I have witnessed become something they never were on these drugs. Throughout my life I have had periods of anxiety and depression. It’s life, it happens but I will NEVER EVER take one of these drugs. I tell myself that I’m human, I was built to feel things and sometimes the things we feel are not always pleasant. I’ve become quite resilient. It’s not allowable by the psychiatric field to feel God given feelings anymore.