Saturday, January 18, 2020

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  • Their solution to the welfare issue is Universal Basic Income which is interesting given a couple of project members have stated they know little about it so evidence seems to not matter there. Can see that it’s useful for in psychologists levering out diagnosis, there’s just the issue of the people who have to live on it. Typically UBI is proposed by those with more privilege for others.

  • Expresses many things people are argued for over decades so not entirely new.
    Very poor involvement of people with first hand experience of psych services, only 8 named, when this is supposed to be an entire diagnostic alternative for all. A 5 year project should have talked with a lot more than that and with people who have diverse experience and circumstances.
    The social justice refs verges on insulting (although the full doc is not out yet), because this appears to be solely in relation to diagnosis and social justice constitutes a lot more than that. Sadly no social justice groups were consulted alongside no service user/survivor/patient groups.
    How far this permeates beyond a very narrow clique of psychologists and a couple of international recovery speakers seeking to seize power from psychiatry remains to be seen. It might encourage some psychologists to refuse diagnosis where that is bureacratically required.
    It’s pretty much impossible to implement an entirely new system without involving government departments of health and welfare which the project hasn’t done.
    Currently we have a very neoliberal government who would simply use it to cut back and marginalise further. We would need regime change to see the best parts of this implemented.
    This is a guideline for people with experience of early attachment/trauma issues especially abuse. I think if it were promoted as such then it would be more accurate. This is not however a replacement for ICD and DSM.
    I’m no lover of diagnosis and would happily see the fall of Personality Disorder especially, as for the rest, the timing given our political situation is not great. The focus for social justice groups is keeping people alive as 43% of claimants are attempting suicide because of the processes, sometimes experienced as even more threatening than psychiatric services.
    I dislike the implication that there are one group of people who have experienced trauma of specific kinds and there’s another who are sitting in sick role. Psychologisation is no smarter than psychiatrisation