Wednesday, August 12, 2020

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  • Supporting folks on MIA ??? you are too far away and real support requires real $$$.
    This article of Roberts was written a year ago in 2016 and many others had questioned the use of these meds earlier BUT NOTHING HAPPENS FAST or effectively enough for those of us whom’s brain cells are atrifying……I even had read about how bad they were before I took my first pill but I was desperate enough I thought I would only be on them for a short time. ‘The cycle that captures’ and ensures huge profits for the drug companies is to increase the dose ‘until it works’ but by the time you realise it is not and will never work it’s too late. your body is addicted to something it does not want or need.
    I’m MAD/completely batshit crazy in Australia.
    Actually I’m not mad Im just addicted to first Effexor and now Pristiq. Tapering off only gets me so far then I give in.Going cold turkey made me lose the plot completely. I have to work to eat/live we all do. A part of me would love to curl up on the couch with a disability payment, get fat and eventually overdose on something quick and effective.I have been ‘hoping’ my depression would improve for 35 years.
    I constantly ask myself “Why bother”?. Am I going to live long enough to see the big Pharmas pay for the damage they have caused world wide the same way Hardy’s did? or get real physical assistance to get my creativity my passion for life back I doubt it!