Sunday, June 26, 2022

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  • Lisa

    “I know you feel so broken today so no platitudes. I won’t tell you to have a nice day…
    Instead I simply want to say
    just hold on…
    My friend”

    My heart breaks into tiny little pieces as I read Kathleen’s story and your honest, kind, caring, compassionate and understanding thoughts and responses to so many comments!
    You are an empath helping others heal by educating and validating and I recognize the negative effect this investment of your limited energy must be costing your own health. Ya but this is all part of the human experience and I want to thank you for being an important part of humankindness.

    I entered the mental health field hoping to help people 13 years ago as a clinical social worker. I consider my office to be “chemically mindful”. I want to help people in their personal chemical reduction journey.

    And the truth is I am embarrassed and ashamed of being part of this broken medical system, which in my opinion revictimizes and abuses people in the name of money and greed.

    During the past thirteen years, I’ve been listening to people share their life stories of revictimization by the very people who should be helping.

    Many stories of overworked and underpaid employees in facilities who are understaffed, and frustrated simply trying to find a way to navigate the broken system. Unfortunately often at the expense of fellow humans who are in a vulnerable place.

    Including psychiatrists and doctors who medicate individuals who are experiencing grief and loss. Often further traumatizing by the stigma of being “diagnosed” as depressed, bipolar, anxious etc etc. We realize there is no pill that heals grief. Period.

    We naturally grieve losses of the people and things we love. This can be a job, divorce, health,
    pets, and loved ones…

    I have heard horrific stories from people who survived disrespect,abuse, and even rape in mental institutions that they or their families believed would keep them safe and help them heal. Only to return back into the community more traumatized, stigmatized and over medicated.

    I feel sickened and sad by the continued abuse that is hidden in plain sight. Our society suffers from this sickness. The sickness that accepts this continued abuse as “normalized”. Is it cognitive dissonance, ignorance, or simply not caring enough to really see, and listen to, people? Whatever reason it is wrong and needs to change!

    I graduated and intentionally decided I did not want to be part of our cultural and societal broken systems. I thought this could be achieved by working independently, as opposed to agencies and organizations funded by the federal, state, county or city governments. Wow! I was awoken from that dream world into the nightmare of reality!

    What a nightmare it is to learn that some of the biggest criminals are insurance companies and pharmaceutical corporations pushing their diagnoses and drugs on all of us. While we get sicker and they get richer. Greed, power, and control are their true natures. They do not care about our health. We are simply a commodity.

    Please remember…
    It’s ok to hurt.
    It’s ok to feel angry.
    It’s ok to feel sad
    and scared.
    Life is tough
    life is difficult
    life is random
    And chaotic
    ya but it is also precious because it’s all we know.

    The difficult part of our life journey is trusting that there is someone who will care enough not to give up.

    My hat is off to all of you in “Mad in America” a courageous group of forward thinking and awareness sharing people who have the courage to speak out and act against all this medication fuckery.

    The symptoms of withdrawal, kindling, and Akanasia are life altering.
    I believe Everyone who describes their symptoms and please accept my apology on behalf of the entire broken medical system, that I am part of, who has caused you needless, continuous, and abusive suffering.

    For these and other reasons I am in the process of closing my office and entering the next adventure of my life… retirement.

    “How can I begin anything new with all of yesterday in me?”
    ~Leonard Cohen

    Cynthia Wheeler MSW