Tuesday, January 31, 2023

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  • Yes! it was very strange!! The resident also went over her notes in a 5 minute brief on what I talked about for the last hour. I’m sitting there like….uhhhh wow when you put it like that, I’m pretty messed up heh. When I asked them about vitamins and if they could order blood work, they looked at me like I wasn’t speaking English. I literally just started going to them on Monday and extremely pleased to be going elsewhere.

  • Thanks for taking the time to reply!! The one thing my current psychiatrist did tell me is that I am a walking zombie because of the Zoloft. They did agree I need to come down. I actually saw a resident (which is fine) and then accompanied by the primary doctor. They sat there for a good 20 minutes contemplating and chatting on what meds would be good for me. Putting me on a new med and talking about adding ANOTHER one next week. I’m so over it.

    I called around to many offices in my area. I actually did find 3 integrative psychiatrists! However….they don’t take insurance and charge an arm and a leg!

    I finally found a holistic and functional medicine doctor. And she takes my insurance. She does a micronutrients test and some hormone tests. She has experience with mental health! An individual plan will be made. I am so relieved I have an option.

  • Hello, I hope that others are still around to have a conversation about this topic. I am truly suffering. I have been to 3 different psychiatrist over the last year or so. I have suffered severe post-partum depression/psychosis. I’ve been on a high dose of zoloft and klonopin. It did help me in the beginning, but then Oct 2017 a traumatic event happened. I kind of spiraled back to where I was…maybe worse including PTSD. My doctor prescribed me an antipsychotic to go with the other drugs I’ve been on. I havent slept in a week, maybe 2-3 hours per night. Yes, I have spoken to my psychiatrist and was told to wait it out because the beginning is tough.

    I do NOT want to be on these medications anymore. I understand they cannot be stopped cold turkey, but I feel like if I had a psychiatrist who can look at my body as a WHOLE and integrate nutrition and the psychotropic drugs…I will be better off.

    Would you call this kind of doctor a “holistic” or “integrative” psychiatrist? I live in South Florida. I am desperate to find someone who can look at the whole picture and not just feed me drugs.

    Thank you!!