Thursday, April 2, 2020

Comments by Justina

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  • Why did it take them so long to develop this treatment approach? It’s basic stuff.
    I doubt it will take much hold here in the U.S.–four out of the six therapists I’ve seen still use the “silver lining” to every cloud approach and the “what you say is not to be trusted because you are mentally ill so if I (therapist) haven’t seen or heard or read about what you claim you’ve experienced, you are delusional.”
    I’ve always wondered why the psych world struggles so much to come up with treatments that are based on empathy. Most likely it’s because the fields of psychiatry and psychology are run by ivory-tower scientists who view trauma victims (and all others who suffer from mental anguish) as diseased specimens, rather than as human beings experiencing normal reactions to abnormal events.
    Of course, lots of these psych scientists subject animals to the most horrific experiments, over and over again, just to prove what is already known– namely that trauma causes PTSD. So, one could argue that such people do NOT have much empathy to begin with.