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  • I just talked to Marci yesterday. She is not feeling in a good strong place as she was just a couple weeks ago. She asked me to research how much abuse one can take until she breaks. Any letters, inexpensive cards my help her. Phone calls too. Although, she tends to only get 2 min at a time depending on what staff person is lurking.

  • Thank you for sharing. I am just escaping psychiatry/mental health. I am already so hopeful for my future. Getting harmful people out of my life has worked much better than any pill or waiting for the next one. If I hire some one to paint my house, they dont come and knock my house down. I go for mental health care and the drugs mentally disabled me. I am looking fwd to the newness of this truth to wear off. To me this is fact but unbelievable.

  • My experience has been LOVE prevents suicide. Money or no money. I have lived both. I had a loving time in a food pantry line with a friend and I wanted to hang myself from the rafters of a luxurious house when with a different wealthy “friend”. I feel money helps, but LOVE saves. My experience in the so called financially wealthiest country USA, is much more time is spent working to have all this money and there is no time for LOVE (or children) bc everyone is so stressed out thinking they need 3 pairs of shoes or 20 for some. Where is the LOVE??

  • I have been talking to Marci pretty regularly. She sounds good and strong right now. No question at all that she is not insane. She is more adjusted to this psychiatric fraud than I am. Marci told me she was attending Law School with a goal of assisting in bettering the Family Court system for families and children. That is her true self. She said her May 7 to 9 hearing went fairly well. Her lawyer and experts established she is not mentally ill/insane. The drugs so marketed as medicine pushed her into an altered state. She wants to use her knowledge and horror story to help others. I find that pretty amazing after what society/people have done to her.

  • Marcis message to all… She still wants to THANK everyone. She also wants society to know that she wants to share her knowledge of how people become dangerous. She would like to use her horrible experience to help this from happenning to others. She feels she has very useful information that can contribute to a safer society. However, she can not use this while locked away and being abused.

  • I talked to Marci for a big 3 min. In that 3 min she asked me to post her sincere GRATITUDE for everyone trying to help her. She is so APPRECIATIVE for all of the help you all are doing for her. Oddly, she sounds more stable than I am right now. The first time I called she could not come to the phone and I cried. So I literally had a pt at that hell hole tell me it only stays bad for a short time. The so called pts at this place are more stable then the public me included. But you know what let me rephrase that ( I am just escaping psychiatry) I am very stable, I am horrifically sad about what has happened to Marci, so sad I cry. That sounds better right?

    She told me she has been attacked 31 times. We did not have enough time for details, but one time she had a concussion from the beatings.
    Marci said cards or letters to her help not only know she is not forgotten but it shows the hospital she has public support.

    She also said she is seeking one more EXPERT WITNESS. I am so new at this if an expert witness wanted to help and we dont have money could we offer to pay that wittness on credit. I know people are so concerned about money in this country but if Marci gets out she will pay and I will help pay. Guaranteed we will pay. Also she said if there is media coverage so an expert who is trying to get the word out this could be a opportunity.

    So again, Marcis message to all who are helping…sincere GRATITUDE and APPRECIATION.

  • Cindy,
    I can not imagine the level of pain and anger Marci must have. I just read that you are in Delmar NY. I am 30 min from there in Kinderhook, NY. I just spent my entire savings and all of my available credit protecting my parental rights bc I was unjustly “hospitalized”. I dont have any money left to donate. I dont know if 20 dollars will do anything. I would love to help by volunteering my time. If you can think of ANYTHING I can do that could help please let me know. I can easily come to Delmar. Also, it is so refreshing to know there is someone in Albany NY who knows what you know. My entire iatrogenic bipolar 32 year nightmare (but less than Marcis) took place in and around Albany, NY. Also, if i can stop crying and control my anger over just finding out this pysch fraud, I will be going back to work soon and then make a donation for sure.

  • Someone Else,
    The more I read about the Truth about psychiatry, the angrier I get. I can not bring myself to read the link about your FBI convicted one and what he tried to do to you. I am not much of a writer, so i dont know what words to use but I am beyond glad that this did not happen to you. And I want to give you support and thank you for your writing on MIA. You guys are about the only support I have while escaping. I hope you have been able to rebuild a wonderful life for yourself after this criminal operating as a Medical doctor harmed you.

  • Also, i dont think Marci owes a society that allows and accepts legally harming peolpe like herself and her children with “medicine” anything. I know I am still very very bitter about psychiatry and I am working really really hard on myself to see the good in the human race. But for now I just want to add possibly reasons why Marci is doing what she is.

  • I recently watched a documentary on Ruth Bader Ginsburg… A very powerful message i learned from her was anger when dealing with others is so so self defeating. Myself having been tortured in these “hospitals” mentally disabled by the drugs told i am wrong by everyone about the drugs etc etc. I am free today with a beautiful healthy son, a car that takes me any where i want to go when ever I want a phone shower food whenever i want it… I can barely control my anger.

    Obviously getting the peolpe who are violating you on your side may stop them from violating you. I could not agree more. I know from experience the only way to get out is do everything they say. But if I did not have my son to go home to I would not give into their demands.

    Futhermore, it seems Cindy who wrote this article is on Marcis side. So maybe people she is fighting with who are probably in a much better living situation than her could possibly try with a little more or even a lot more empathy.

  • Thank you Cindy for truly caring about Marci. I am a psych survivor who has been made psychotic from drugs marketed as Medicine. It is easter sunday and I just called to talk and support Marci. Get this… She is on Phone Restriction until Monday and I was only able to leave her a supportive message.

    Good job Eldrig Mental health center in helping some ones “mental health” by not letting them take a supportive phone call on Easter Sunday. Criminals themselves!!!

  • What does this mean? Now they are going to align our teeth and perform oral surgery or do whatever another Medical Doctor ENT suggests bc our teachers are not as smart as us and boring us or bc our parents are secretly abusing us at home. And that interferes with our ability to “pay attention” at school? I am just so confused by all this???

  • I am too new at the truth. I want to help but dont know what to do other than point out how wrong this has been for me. i googled Joseph Biedermann. It states he works out of Mass General. I paid Mass General’s Reproductive Psychiatry Dept. a small $500 dollars bc they dont take my ins. I went there to find out if it was safe for me to stay on my “meds” if pregnant. Their answer was it is better to stay on them then come off them and then need large doses at once. WRONG WRONG WRONG. If this Joseph Biedermann is responsible for this ADHD fraud for 1 million dollars… I cant say the rest.

  • Sandra,
    I read an article you wrote about how psychiatry stole everything from you except your current home that u are comfortable in. And I just read your comment. I just want to tell you how helpful you are to me. I am new to the truth about psychiatry. So you stated that people you try to educate dont listen to a word you say. I practically cling to every word you write. There is no help in my area for recovering from psychiatry. You and people like you are the help. So thank you. I am listening and very very grateful!!!

  • Wow. I keep thanking all of u bc the truth is so new to me. You all have the right answers to my questions. I think you are so right. The diagnosing of young children with Bipolar goes right along with the ADHD fraud. I plan to keep reading all you guys are writing and keep thanking u all. I did not watch Twilight Zone but I feel like I am in one. And anyone who can help the children and teenagers escape psychiatric drugs please please keep up the fight. As a teenage survivor (now an adult) of iatrogenic bipolar this has truly truly been a living hell. Thank You MIA.

  • Cruel!!! I keep trying to make sense out of this. I think I will just stick with cruel. Thank u for clearing that up for me. Here is more ridiculousness… Now when the ADHD drugs cause psychosis they label children with Bipolar at any age. I have recently heard of Juvenile Bipolar. When I was Diagnosed Bipolar 1 in 1987 bc my parents literally drove me crazy, the field said they could not dx Bipolar until a chlid is 17 years old. What happened to that?

  • Rachel, I realize my last comment my have been discouraging to take neuro courses. Since I learned the truth about psychiatry (fairly recently) and the amount of unnecessary suffering it has caused me, I have been a bit on the negative side and think everything and everyone is corrupt and evil. I am working on that. So I actually think you could learn alot about the adverse reactions by taking neuro courses. That is how I learned what psychomotor retardation is. And my knowledge from such courses probably has been key to me escaping this hell. I thank you again for getting the truth out.

  • I am new to the truth about psychiarty. And so thankful to all of you on MIA. I am getting familiar w your name Rachel777. I have a Masters Degree in Physical therapy that included many neuroscience courses. However, do you have any idea how medical students psychiatrists and ones that say they are board certified in neurology can miss the 10 th grade High school biology concept of homeostatsis? Or the 10th grade high school biology concept the the human body needs our CNS to run it. So taking anything that is going to depress our CNS is going to impair ones ability to function. With this in mind I wonder if neurobiology is making things way more confusing and complicated than it needs to be??

  • I am new to the truth about psychiarty. And so thankful to all of you on MIA. I am getting familiar w your name Rachel777. I have a Masters Degree in Physical therapy that included many neuroscience courses. However, do you have any idea how medical students psychiatrists and ones that say they are board certified in neurology can miss the 10 th grade High school biology concept of homeostatsis? Or the 10th grade high school biology concept the the human body needs our CNS to run it. So taking anything that is going to depress our CNS is going to impair ones ability to function. With this in mind I wonder if neurobiology is making things way more confusing and complicated than it needs to be??

  • Teresa,

    I re read your article and realized the escape freeing etc is not as uncomplicated as it was for me. I never had and court or forensic orders. I am just so so sorry for u and Tama. And as many i wish u could do an action to help. But i cant. I can tell u though as a peer who has struggled about 30 years with drug induced suicide ideation, the LOVE i felt for various family members at different times was the only reason I did not act on the suicide thoughts. I wish I had more to offer.

  • Thank u for caring. My escape from psychiarty has been a very lonely and misunderstood time for me. I wanted to add for Teresa and any one else… I live in a small upstate NY town and I found no one here that undetstood the error of the chemical imbalance theory. So the therapist I contacted off of MIA resources is out of Chicago. I have never met the man in person. We did phone sessions. So if no one in your community gets it, the phone was all i needed. I am not exaggerating. After 32 years of seeing an entire lifetime of idiots from age 15 to 47 years old this man new exactly what i needed to do to fix my “Bipolar”. One of his smartest statements to me was stay away from psychiatry and u will be alright. And he told me he learned from Dr Breggin. I never met Dr Breggin. I nor my insurance has ever paid him a penny but this beautiful man has saved me from another 30 years of internal torture and physical abuse 8and physical torture in psych hospitals/torture centers. Thank u to him and all of u is such an understatement.

  • Thank u for the support. I am literally only safe to talk this truth to people like you. I have had to leave my entire family except my son and all my friends except one. I think every one thinks the world is going to end if i dont take my medicine. So i stay away and am beyond grateful to people like u.

  • Just wanted to add how insane this all is. When u try to tell psychiatrists that they are not curing a chemical imbalance they are creating one w the drugs.. they call me insane. The truth is it is completely insane but i am on the sane side of this fraud. So they just wont see it as u do Teresa. It is still some what unbelievable to me. But my proof is once i fixed my life and left my brain chemistry alone I have never felt better. And I want to thank every single person who has worked to get the truth out.

  • Teresa, I am so sorry for your suffering. I agree w the other comments. ARGEE w everything the cruel idiot professionals want to hear until he is free. Then find the right help. For 32 years psychiatry had me and the last time i got locked up was bc i told them medicine doesnt work for me it just lobotomizes my brain. The only way i got out was to once again agree that i had a chemical imbalance and take the drugs marketed as medicine. This is written in my chart as I gained insight into my illness. I got out and I am very thankful to Mad in America. I contacted a wonderful therapist off the MIA resource list and he has helped me fix my life in 1 year what the other assholes could not do in 32 years. I stongly suggest as the others have get him OUT FREE ESCAPE if it is possible. My shit was never court ordered. Then get the right help. Also I escaped this by learning of Dr Breggins work (bless his beautiful heart) and one thing he said is dont waste any time playing the blame game. At this point the blame game is counter productive. My heart and hope goes out to u and your son.

  • Dr. Gotzsche, as you move on I THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for fighting this good fight for people like me, drug induced bipolar. I dont know anything about the organizations you have been part of. I do, however, believe you are part of them to SAVE people. Please add me to your list of people your work has saved. And thanks to your work, they will never get my son by saying he inherited depression or bipolar from me. I am sorry that the horrible people are doing this to you. I would like to see them live the life of a psychiatric survivor and see if they change their evil ways. Again THANK YOU.

  • There is alot said about forgiveness. I have not educated myself on that yet bc i have just spent the last 6 months reading enough to discover the fraud of chemical imbalance. Where i am at right now after losing several years to psychiatry is that i dont forgive them. i have learned from them that humanity is mostly evil. I have learned to keep the hurtful people out of my life and i manage my emotions better. I still wish i was taught this as a child instead of lobotomized and sent back to a hurtful world. Now though i am very hopeful and optimistic about the future. I hope your son can be too.

  • I wanted to add that I am deeply sorry this happened to you Christian. When I first read this I responded quickly with me too. I am not someone who tries to make things about me. So my deepest sorrow goes out to you. I can not even imagine the conditions in Germany. I dont know much about Germany but the very little i know demonstated inhumanity. It appears you have healed from this i hope and i thank you again for assisting in putting an end to this for others.

  • Thank you for sharing. I have just learned the truth about psychiatry. I always new the physical abuse part was wrong. Now the entire chemical imbalance I have learned to be wrong. So the jerks who tie us down throw us in a seclusion room and won’t let us out until we take drugs that cause diabetis and disrespect us and assault us are so VERY WRONG . Does any one know why we can not sue for medical negligence/malpratice? My statue of limitations has not run out. In Dec 2017 I was held against my will tied down injected and not let out until I agreed I had a chemical imbalance had had to take Prozac and Trilifon for life. All wrong!!! Thank u all for spreading the truth. So many don’t know.

  • I thank Martha for her writing. I don’t think this psychiatric/mental health system in humanity is going to end in our life time. But I feel people like all of you sharing is able to pull a few of us out of this living hell. As it has for me. I was saved from bipolar and then I helped my brother save himself from schizophrenia. We did this all with info through the internet with all you Mad in America people, Dr Breggin and Jim Gottstein. For now keep spreading the truth. It is helping some. And I thank ALL of you. Love the comment that yes construction workers build homes.

  • I empathize with you. How does anyone think you can help emotional distress with physical abuse and torture. When I was 15 in 1985 I was brought to a psych hospital. I have my medical record and I stated to the criminal psychiatrist that I felt lonely and unloved. So they put me in a straight jacket threw me in a seclusion room and had me take thorazine to shut my brain off for 3 months while I sat in a chair drooling. We are coming so far sarcasm. They no longer use straight jackets . Now they just have 4 secruity guards and if you are lucky the police hold you down while they inject you with tranquilizers. I don’t know how that is an “appropriate treatment plan”. for complaints of feeling lonely and unloved. Anyway,. I applaud all of your efforts to try and stop this.

  • I would like to publically thank Dr Peter Breggin. He is the most beautiful person I have ever learned about. He has been trying to educate the world on love for his entire adult life. I just learned that the chemical imbalance theory is wrong. His you tube videos explain my so called bipolar disorder perfectly. I wish you tube was around in 1985 when this nightmare started for me.

  • March 20 is soon. So so proud of you for filing legal case. On your side all the way!!! I may follow your lead in the USA. Be tough. The psychiatrists are licensed criminals. Horrific damage that are getting paid large amounts of money to do. Go Bryan!!!

  • Sandra,. I am so so sorry you were tortured by a medical practice. I have a very similar story. Bipolar with 30 kinds of meds from age 15 to 47. Medication induced torture. Now I too am free but I have just learned about this 2 months ago and instead of being mentally I’ll I am in some kind of shock. In today’s language and to keep it short WTF!!
    I so hope you find joy and peace in your life from now on. Lori Costanzo

  • I am attempting to sue my ex pychiatrist for medical malpractice for treating me for a chemical I’m balance that I don’t have. Would anyone know if this has been done successfully yet? Dr. Breggin the kind soul has been trying to educate the world on love and caring for people and the idiots have not listened. If they get sued for medical malpractice for misdiagnosis and mistreatment with meds, they might start paying attention and stop harming people.