Tuesday, March 19, 2019

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  • Dr. Gotzsche, as you move on I THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for fighting this good fight for people like me, drug induced bipolar. I dont know anything about the organizations you have been part of. I do, however, believe you are part of them to SAVE people. Please add me to your list of people your work has saved. And thanks to your work, they will never get my son by saying he inherited depression or bipolar from me. I am sorry that the horrible people are doing this to you. I would like to see them live the life of a psychiatric survivor and see if they change their evil ways. Again THANK YOU.

  • There is alot said about forgiveness. I have not educated myself on that yet bc i have just spent the last 6 months reading enough to discover the fraud of chemical imbalance. Where i am at right now after losing several years to psychiatry is that i dont forgive them. i have learned from them that humanity is mostly evil. I have learned to keep the hurtful people out of my life and i manage my emotions better. I still wish i was taught this as a child instead of lobotomized and sent back to a hurtful world. Now though i am very hopeful and optimistic about the future. I hope your son can be too.

  • I wanted to add that I am deeply sorry this happened to you Christian. When I first read this I responded quickly with me too. I am not someone who tries to make things about me. So my deepest sorrow goes out to you. I can not even imagine the conditions in Germany. I dont know much about Germany but the very little i know demonstated inhumanity. It appears you have healed from this i hope and i thank you again for assisting in putting an end to this for others.

  • Thank you for sharing. I have just learned the truth about psychiatry. I always new the physical abuse part was wrong. Now the entire chemical imbalance I have learned to be wrong. So the jerks who tie us down throw us in a seclusion room and won’t let us out until we take drugs that cause diabetis and disrespect us and assault us are so VERY WRONG . Does any one know why we can not sue for medical negligence/malpratice? My statue of limitations has not run out. In Dec 2017 I was held against my will tied down injected and not let out until I agreed I had a chemical imbalance had had to take Prozac and Trilifon for life. All wrong!!! Thank u all for spreading the truth. So many don’t know.

  • I thank Martha for her writing. I don’t think this psychiatric/mental health system in humanity is going to end in our life time. But I feel people like all of you sharing is able to pull a few of us out of this living hell. As it has for me. I was saved from bipolar and then I helped my brother save himself from schizophrenia. We did this all with info through the internet with all you Mad in America people, Dr Breggin and Jim Gottstein. For now keep spreading the truth. It is helping some. And I thank ALL of you. Love the comment that yes construction workers build homes.

  • I empathize with you. How does anyone think you can help emotional distress with physical abuse and torture. When I was 15 in 1985 I was brought to a psych hospital. I have my medical record and I stated to the criminal psychiatrist that I felt lonely and unloved. So they put me in a straight jacket threw me in a seclusion room and had me take thorazine to shut my brain off for 3 months while I sat in a chair drooling. We are coming so far sarcasm. They no longer use straight jackets . Now they just have 4 secruity guards and if you are lucky the police hold you down while they inject you with tranquilizers. I don’t know how that is an “appropriate treatment plan”. for complaints of feeling lonely and unloved. Anyway,. I applaud all of your efforts to try and stop this.

  • I would like to publically thank Dr Peter Breggin. He is the most beautiful person I have ever learned about. He has been trying to educate the world on love for his entire adult life. I just learned that the chemical imbalance theory is wrong. His you tube videos explain my so called bipolar disorder perfectly. I wish you tube was around in 1985 when this nightmare started for me.

  • March 20 is soon. So so proud of you for filing legal case. On your side all the way!!! I may follow your lead in the USA. Be tough. The psychiatrists are licensed criminals. Horrific damage that are getting paid large amounts of money to do. Go Bryan!!!

  • Sandra,. I am so so sorry you were tortured by a medical practice. I have a very similar story. Bipolar with 30 kinds of meds from age 15 to 47. Medication induced torture. Now I too am free but I have just learned about this 2 months ago and instead of being mentally I’ll I am in some kind of shock. In today’s language and to keep it short WTF!!
    I so hope you find joy and peace in your life from now on. Lori Costanzo

  • I am attempting to sue my ex pychiatrist for medical malpractice for treating me for a chemical I’m balance that I don’t have. Would anyone know if this has been done successfully yet? Dr. Breggin the kind soul has been trying to educate the world on love and caring for people and the idiots have not listened. If they get sued for medical malpractice for misdiagnosis and mistreatment with meds, they might start paying attention and stop harming people.