Wednesday, October 5, 2022

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  • Hello Vickilyn, thank you for taking the time to read my piece and for your kind feedback. It means a lot to me to hear that someone deeply appreciates what it means to be human and living in this world. I am glad you got something out of reading it. Best wishes always and always here if you ever have any questions. Cheers, Louise

  • Hello Er, thank you for taking the time to read my story and for your generous feedback. I might have stayed in Academia longer too myself. However, overall I had a good experience as a student and a teacher because my university was small and some of the lecturers I had 20 years ago were really inspiring and shaped my mind beyond words. It was mostly the PhD and my topic that pushed me over the edge. Being taught to think outside the box and then when you finally do realising that you are not allowed to. So I can see looking back how easily it happened. So it is my hope that the Website Trauma Informed World provides a framework for people to fall back on if they do find themselves in a similar situation. Thank you again for taking the time to read my piece and best wishes always. Cheers, Louise

  • Hello Angele, thank you for your kind message and generous feedback. It’s very strange how when I wanted to write something like this when I was younger, I could not find the words. However, once I began engaging with others on social media on a daily basis over a year, gradually sharing bits and pieces of Psychology along with my own lived experience and recovery, it eventually came out naturally. There is no way this piece or Trauma Informed World would have flowered without the relationship I had developed with strangers that became friends online over the course of last year. It is a beautiful example of what we are all capable of when we work together nonjudgmentally and in collaboration with one another. So I think that is how the weaving of this story came to be and I appreciate your feedback in noticing that. Best wishes to you always and if you ever have any questions you are always welcome to ask. Cheers, Louise

  • Hello Gracezw, thank you for your generous feedback. I am so pleased to hear that you found this piece moving and that you now have access to Trauma Informed World. I do not know if there is an equivalent to Woodford where you are. I have not been back to Woodford since that happened. It would be such an experience to return there after having put this story altogether so thank you for sparking the idea. There are plenty of people trying to create a more peaceful and joyful world even if they get drowned out by the mainstream narrative. I have included some of the ones that touched my life deeply on the website although I know there are plenty more around. I hope you enjoy the website and thank you again for your generous feedback. Take care alway and if you ever have any questions you are always welcome to ask. Cheers, Louise

  • Hello Vanessa, thank you for your lovely message. I was so pleased to hear from you and to read your comment. I apologise for taking so long to reply. I actually saw last year that you had made a documentary on this topic and it brought the biggest smile to my face that someone saw the importance of this issue. In the same way it brought me joy to see the Greta Thurnberg’s of the world finally being listened to and respected. I had decided not to watch the documentary because of my original Psychosis although as I was replying to you, I felt that was a copout, so I watched it the evening that I read your reply. It really was what I was trying to say ten years ago so thank you truly. I could not reply straight away because it took me back there momentarily. However, I am so glad I did watch it because it helped me to see that your documentary and Trauma Informed World are so complimentary. I chose not to focus on the divided brain for the website other than to share how my Psychosis began because I did not want anyone to experience what I had. So I have made Trauma Informed Care – safety, trustworthiness, choice, collaboration and empowerment – the skeleton of the website instead so that the reader feels safe to explore all of these systemic issues under a framework that they can always fall back on if they feel they have gone too far. So the website has a brief snap shot of how far Psychology has come, to our understanding of Neuroplasticity, Trauma Informed Care and the Power Threat Meaning Framework, as well as five trauma informed tools for survival and wellbeing. I use a range of current social justice issues as examples of trauma and links to the expert or social justice warrior in each field for inspiration, guidance, hope and social and political change. I also included the Dalai Lama, Sadhguru, etc for where knowledge melts into wisdom. After watching your documentary I realised that the people that I included are the embodiment of both hemispheres and Trauma Informed Care. Watching your documentary helped me a lot to see that this issue is very real and that Trauma Informed World provided a glimpse of a pragmatic way forward with the choice of whoever the reader trusts has humanity’s interest at heart. Also systems such as Yoga, Martial Arts, Traditional Dance, etc that were doing this all along. Also a song at the bottom of each piece to show people were singing about this all along. So I am so very thankful to hear from you and I am genuinely glad that I decided to watch your documentary because it really helped me to understand my journey and to see the website with fresh eyes. For example, your documentary helped to understand something Sadhguru once said: “If you still see me as a person, then I am not your Guru.” I always interpreted this as meaning he is just life itself, not his name, age, gender, status in the world, etc. However, after watching your documentary, it helped me see that he is also the embodiment of the right hemisphere. So thank so you very much for all of your hard work. I can only imagine how challenging it would have been to capture such an enormous topic for a documentary and I am very thankful that you did and that you did it very well. Best wishes for 2022 and I am always here if you need anything. Kind regards, Louise

  • Thank you for taking the time to read my piece. I loved reading the parallels that you were able to draw. I think we would all realise that we have much more in common than we think if were given opportunities to explore our experiences. That is one of the benefits of working in mental heath, seeing the same tragic pattern of silence or judgment, blame, punishment, shame and stigma. You quickly learn this was never about you but the way we all respond to one another and also what can be done to break this cycle. I cannot think of a more suitable framework than Trauma Informed Care because it honors the non-negotiable aspects of being human and yet equally allows each one of us to uniquely explore how to flower. I am so glad you found ways to be true to yourself. Best wishes always and thank you again for your reply.